Crossword Clues for ROANOKE

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Clue Source Date
Sounds like mountain-ash and oak can be found on island off North Carolina (7)
English colony, founded in America in 1585, that disappeared under unknown circumstances (7)
"Lost Colony" of NC
Two tree species, it's said, in Virginian city The Telegraph Toughie 01 Dec 2022
Southwest Virginia city LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2022
Virginia's so-called "Lost Colony" LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2021
Virginia's so-called 'Lost Colony' The Washington Post 27 Jun 2021
Virginia city Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Blue Ridge Mountains city Newsday 19 Jul 2019
Home of the Virginia Museum of Transportation The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Lost Colony's island The Washington Post 05 May 2019
Lost Colony's island LA Times Daily 05 May 2019
Lost Colony's island
'Lost Colony' of 1580s Virginia Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2018
"Lost Colony" of 1580s Virginia
Lost Colony's island New York Times 28 Jan 2017
Lost Colony's island
Island site of Britain's first American colony
Virginia city or river
The Star City of the South
Virginia city
City WSW of Richmond
Colony founded in the 1580s
Ill-fated Virginia colony
"Lost Colony" of the 1580s
Ill-fated colony
City in Virginia
Lost New World colony
America's first English colony
Virginia city
Virginia city
First English colony in America
Virginia city
Virginia city
___ Island, N.C.
___ Colony (first English settlement in the New World)
With 38 Down, Blue Ridge Mountains city
Its nickname is "The Star City of the South"
Virginia tourist center
Ill-fated colony site
Virginia city
Virginia Dare's colony
Island where the British first settled America
Virginia city
Lost Colony island
City of central Virginia
__ Island, NC
Ill-fated colonial site
Island where Virginia Dare was born
Albemarle Sound island
Va. city or river
Colony site: 1585–87
Island off N.C.
City once called Big Lick
Raleigh's island: 1585.
Virginia river.
Virginia city.
Island of Raleigh's colonies.
City in Virginia.
Gateway to the Shenandoah Valley
City between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mts.
Blue Ridge city.
Island of Raleigh's attempted colony, 1585.
Virginia naval station.
Site of largest rayon plant.
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