Word "ROBIN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
small Old World songbird with a reddish breast
erithacus rubecola, old world robin, redbreast, robin redbreast

Part of Speech:
large American thrush having a rust-red breast and abdomen
american robin, turdus migratorius

Crossword Clues for ROBIN

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Clue Source Date
Common garden bird The Times Concise 12 Apr 2024
Like Martin, he's flighty (5)
Redbreast bird
Russell Crowe film, ... Hood
And 5 Down. England Test cricketer who hit 175 against West Indies at St. John's, Antigua in 1994 (5,5)
England Test cricketer who hit 175 against West Indies at St. John's, Antigua in 1994 (5)
Bird often depicted on Christmas cards (5)
Bird symbolizing the start of spring New York Times Mini 26 Mar 2024
Errol Flynn played the title role in the film, The Adventures of ... Hood
Roberts of Good Morning America
Bird or boy's name (5) Puzzler 18 Mar 2024
Bird associated with Christmas (5)
Songbird sort
Bird almost getting dressed (5)
Redbreasted bird
Small Old World songbird, Erithacus rubecula (5)
Red-breasted songbird Puzzler Backwords 28 Feb 2024
Sherwood Forest outlaw, ...Hood
"When the red, red ... comes bob bob bobbin' along"
Red-breasted bird Puzzler Backwords 23 Feb 2024
Red-breasted bird Commuter 22 Feb 2024
Small songbird Eugene Sheffer 22 Feb 2024
A Reliant three-wheeler that's fit for a king! (5)
1980 Olympics men's singles figure skating gold medallist (5)
Reliant ___, three-wheeled car (5)
Apt name for a bird watcher LA Times Mini 17 Feb 2024
Round bird? (5)
Gotham sidekick runs over trash can The Sun Two Speed 11 Feb 2024
Redbreast The Sun Two Speed 11 Feb 2024
Redbreast Mirror Quick 10 Feb 2024
Role on "How I Met Your Mother"
Batman's bird? Mirror Cryptic 10 Feb 2024
Dressin' the bird
Steal from home a bird The Times Quick Cryptic 09 Feb 2024
___ Williams, actor (5)
1996-97 WBC super middleweight champion (5)
Some probing to find Kermit's nephew (5)
Springtime songbird Newsday 05 Feb 2024
(and 23 Across) Symbol of winter: bird with barer notes when shivering (5,9)
Batman's crime-fighting partner
Nephew of 4 Across gets the bird (5)
Batman's sidekick broke biro on first night Mirror Cryptic 24 Jan 2024
Redbreast Mirror Quick 24 Jan 2024
This little bird has no rib!
Small bird Mirror Quick 20 Jan 2024
Batman's bird? Mirror Cryptic 20 Jan 2024
With 35-Across: creator and star of 12-Across, who said goodbye to her show at the Emmys on Monday after four seasons; it had been nominated for four Emmys along the way
Bird getting dressed, losing tail
"Boy Wonder" of comics New York Times 14 Jan 2024
Classic Reliant three-wheeler that made a comeback in 1989 (5)
2011 and 2012 Austrian Open Kitzbuhel singles tennis tournament winner (5,5)
Bird pictured on a traditional Christmas card (5)
He's like Martin in his flightiness (5)
Outlaw said to have a name for banditry
Comic actor Williams New York Times Mini 18 Dec 2023
Bird dressin'? (5)
Bird with blue eggs Universal 13 Dec 2023
Batman's protege
Batman's boy friend LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2023
Legendary hero of 'Brit' 70038 (5,4)
Civil rights icon Parks
Batman's partner runs over trash can
"Good Morning America" co-anchor Roberts LA Times Daily 04 Dec 2023
____ Cousins, ex-ice skater who led judging on Dancing On Ice 2006-2014 (5)
Take home bird (5)
Batman's sidekick New York Times 21 Nov 2023
Actor ___ Williams of "Mrs. Doubtfire"
Bird pen fixture with round ridge opening tipped over The Guardian Cryptic 13 Nov 2023
"The Princess Bride" actress Wright USA Today 10 Nov 2023
Common thrush Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2023
Red-breasted bird The Telegraph Quick 25 Sep 2023
Bird The Telegraph Quick 18 Sep 2023
Bird on Christmas cards? The Telegraph Quick 17 Sep 2023
Red-breasted songbird Universal 05 Sep 2023
Batman's crime-fighting partner
Bird associated with spring LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2023
Burgle home to get bird The Guardian Cryptic 10 Jul 2023
Bird created by sculptor after a change of heart The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2023
Batman's sidekick USA Today 30 Apr 2023
Redbreast The Telegraph Quick 23 Apr 2023
Bird that's a symbol of spring USA Today 09 Apr 2023
Bird symbolizing the arrival of spring New York Times 20 Mar 2023
Spring songbird Newsday 14 Mar 2023
Batman's sidekick
Batman's partner Newsday 01 Mar 2023
Quivers on the radio New York Times 25 Feb 2023
Sign of spring Newsday 12 Jan 2023
Bird — investigating having wings being clipped The Times Cryptic 08 Dec 2022
Gotham City hero Thomas Joseph 29 Nov 2022
"Good Will Hunting" actor Williams
Songbird The Telegraph Quick 19 Sep 2022
Spring singer Newsday 02 Sep 2022
Wright of "House of Cards" LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2022
Bat boy? New York Times 11 Aug 2022
Heroic outlaw (with a hood) The Guardian Quick 29 Jul 2022
Batman's sidekick The Telegraph Quick 25 Jul 2022
Flyer to take from home The Times Cryptic 18 May 2022
Bird associated with spring Universal 04 May 2022
Possibly mug popular singer The Times Cryptic 13 Apr 2022
Hatchling from a blue egg USA Today 07 Apr 2022
Bird beginning to roost at home, enthralling old boy The Times Cryptic 17 Mar 2022
One born to become a super sidekick
American ___ (Wisconsin's state bird) Universal 26 Feb 2022
Common songbird The Times Concise 24 Feb 2022
Spring bird Thomas Joseph 27 Dec 2021
Bird, black and gold, rising over one end of garden The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Dec 2021
Bird that lays blue eggs USA Today 30 Nov 2021
Redbreast The Guardian Quick 10 Nov 2021
Springtime songbird Newsday 25 Oct 2021
Blue egg tender Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2021
Batman's partner Newsday 27 Sep 2021
Newswoman Roberts New York Times 25 Sep 2021
Highest-grossing movie of 1922 Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2021
'A Black Lady Sketch Show' creator Thede USA Today 31 Aug 2021
Bird The Telegraph Quick 27 Jul 2021
Name of old boy, one in service The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jul 2021
Bird with blue eggs USA Today 19 Jul 2021
Outlaw Hood The Washington Post Sunday 11 Jul 2021
Batman's sidekick
Day was one men overturned skip
Bird produced fleece locally that's popular Irish Times Crosaire 19 Jun 2021
One tweeting point men put another way
Small friendly thrush Irish Times Simplex 21 May 2021
Blue egg tender Thomas Joseph 15 May 2021
___ Buckley, Steve Harrington's close friend who was once stranded in the Upside Down dimension
Singer associated with spring Newsday 21 Apr 2021
Common British bird The Times Concise 06 Apr 2021
Springtime songbird Newsday 22 Mar 2021
Bird runs over waste receptacle
Batmobile passenger Newsday 25 Feb 2021
Singer Thicke of "Blurred Lines" or actress Wright from "House of Cards" who share the same name
Small thrush The Telegraph Quick 01 Feb 2021
Batman's partner Newsday 11 Jan 2021
Gotham sidekick runs over trash can The Sun Two Speed 07 Jan 2021
Small songbird The Sun Two Speed 07 Jan 2021
Friendly winter bird Irish Times Simplex 30 Dec 2020
Small songbird Eugene Sheffer 16 Dec 2020
Blue egg layer Thomas Joseph 24 Nov 2020
Small brown thrush Irish Times Simplex 12 Nov 2020
Chirpy sort almost putting on ceremonial dress
Givens of "Riverdale" LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2020
Givens of 'Riverdale' The Washington Post 08 Oct 2020
Sign of spring The Washington Post 27 Aug 2020
Sign of spring LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2020
___ Duke actress who plays Wendy Kurtz in the Canadian TV sitcom "Schitt's Creek"
Bird with blue eggs Universal 04 Aug 2020
Sidekick in Gotham The Washington Post Sunday 02 Aug 2020
Batman's sidekick Jonesin 14 Jul 2020
Redbreast The Sun Two Speed 08 Jul 2020
Sherwood hero to steal from one knight The Sun Two Speed 08 Jul 2020
Caped companion Wall Street Journal 28 May 2020
One of the Bee Gees Jonesin 19 May 2020
Layer of blue eggs Wall Street Journal 06 May 2020
___ Wright, actress who played Jenny Curran in the 1994 movie "Forrest Gump"
Dick Grayson's alter ego The Washington Post 09 Apr 2020
Hood of lore Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2020
Dick Grayson's alter ego LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2020
Flighty type gettin' dressed?
Batman and ___, DC superhero duo who are also called the "Dynamic Duo"
Spring bird Thomas Joseph 27 Jan 2020
Sign of spring
Batman's sidekick
The Caped Crusader's sidekick USA Today 15 Nov 2019
Leader of the Merry Men, for short USA Today 05 Nov 2019
Sherwood hero to mug one knight The Sun Two Speed 24 Oct 2019
"___ Hood," movie starring Jamie Foxx which will release in the month of Thanksgiving this year
Red-breasted thrush Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2019
Batman's sidekick Universal 03 Sep 2019
The late two buck bird? Canadiana 02 Sep 2019
Steal popular bird
Crime-fighting sidekick The Washington Post 10 Aug 2019
Crime-fighting sidekick LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2019
Bird to steal one nest, to begin with
Red-breasted garden songbird that's the state bird of Connecticut
Batman's sidekick
Milne's Christopher USA Today 27 Jun 2019
Milne's Christopher Universal 07 Jun 2019
Redbreast at large in Sherwood Forest? The Sun Two Speed 22 Apr 2019
Yount in Cooperstown USA Today 16 Apr 2019
___ Williams, guest actor who appeared in "Friends" as Tomas
Steal popular bird
___ Hood, character from English folklore who made Sherwood Forest his home
Day was one men brought back skip
Red-breasted thrush
Batman's sidekick
Crime-fighting sidekick
Leader of the Merry Men, for short
Member of the Teen Titans
Milne's Christopher
Milne's Christopher
Batman's sidekick The Washington Post 24 Dec 2018
Batman's sidekick LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2018
Spring singer The Washington Post 12 Dec 2018
Spring singer LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2018
ABC host Roberts Jonesin 20 Nov 2018
Ward of Bruce Wayne Universal 28 Oct 2018
Redbreast The Telegraph Quick 22 Oct 2018
Batman's sidekick
Batman's pal Newsday 17 Oct 2018
Batmobile passenger Jonesin 16 Oct 2018
Closely examining wingless bird
Batman's aide
Bird associated with spring The Washington Post 06 Aug 2018
Bird associated with spring LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2018
Batman's sidekick
Man's name The Times Concise 27 Jul 2018
Superhero's sidekick not finished dressing The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jul 2018
Small backyard bird that shares its name with Batman's partner
Bird with rook and duck on waste container
Dynamic Duo member USA Today 13 May 2018
Beginning to relax, old boy at home may be seen in the garden The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2018
Bird returns gold to garbage can The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2018
Batman's friend The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2018
One comes to gardens endlessly researching
Bird The Telegraph Quick 19 Mar 2018
Batmobile passenger USA Today 13 Mar 2018
Christmas bird takes a lot of covering
Batman's sidekick Newsday 20 Feb 2018
Songbird or jazz performer Phillips Canadiana 29 Jan 2018
Seasonal bird The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2018
Batman's sidekick
Ward of Bruce Wayne
Dynamic Duo member
Spring singer
Bird associated with spring
Examining exposed redbreast
Bird gives out — opening batsman gets a nick (edge)
Avian harbinger of spring USA Today 07 Dec 2017
Puttin' on academic wear? Hood, for instance The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Dec 2017
Harbinger of spring, for many The Chronicle of Higher Education 01 Dec 2017
Steal from popular boy
Redbreast The Times Concise 05 Sep 2017
Batmobile rider USA Today 26 Aug 2017
Member of the Dynamic Duo Universal 17 Jul 2017
Wright of 2017's 'Wonder Woman' Jonesin 13 Jun 2017
Spring singer Newsday 25 May 2017
He's renowned for stealing from missing baron, not the good
Hood of folklore LA Times Daily 05 May 2017
Hood of folklore The Washington Post 05 May 2017
Endlessly dressing bird
Batmobile rider Newsday 12 Feb 2017
Legendary comic Williams Universal 06 Jan 2017
Masked assistant Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2017
Legendary comic Williams
Avian harbinger of spring
Batmobile rider
Hood of folklore
Member of the Dynamic Duo
Harbinger of spring, for many
Take home Christmas card feature? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Dec 2016
Flier that's yellow turned up on container
Caped sidekick of 1960s TV USA Today 11 Dec 2016
Bird — one in Lincoln green? The Guardian Quick 30 Sep 2016
Boy: 'Wonder about nickel, boron and gold?'
Superhero sidekick runs over by trash can
Caped sidekick The Washington Post 08 Sep 2016
Man shortly dressing formally
Spring sign Thomas Joseph 16 Jul 2016
Oscar winner Williams LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2016
Seasonal singer Newsday 11 Mar 2016
Endlessly dressing feathered friend
Batman's assistant The Times Concise 15 Feb 2016
Secret identity of Dick Grayson New York Times 11 Feb 2016
Spring harbinger Jonesin 19 Jan 2016
Hood of renown USA Today 16 Jan 2016
Hood of renown
Secret identity of Dick Grayson
Small songbird The Telegraph Quick 27 Oct 2015
Williams who voiced a genie Universal 09 Oct 2015
Adolescent sidekick LA Times Daily 07 Oct 2015
Sidekick of 1960s TV New York Times 03 Oct 2015
Fancy dressing no good for this bird The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jul 2015
Songbird The Telegraph Quick 29 Jul 2015
Half of the Dynamic Duo New York Times 08 Jul 2015
1940 DC Comics debut LA Times Daily 03 May 2015
Sign of spring Newsday 30 Apr 2015
Bird beginning to roost on old rubbish receptacle The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Apr 2015
Bird that lays blue eggs LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2015
Batman's partner Eugene Sheffer 23 Mar 2015
Late comic Williams Universal 08 Feb 2015
Certain superhero sidekick USA Today 01 Feb 2015
Williams who voiced a genie
1940 DC Comics debut
Adolescent sidekick
Bird that lays blue eggs
Cape-wearing sidekick
Half of the Dynamic Duo
Certain superhero sidekick
Sidekick of 1960s TV
Chris O'Donnell's "Batman Forever" role
Sign of spring
Batman's partner
Merry Men's leader
Late comic Williams
Endless dressing-up is now sure to be on the cards again
Shortly to steal from writer turned
Outlaw plunder at home
"Tear It Up" Trower
Dick Grayson's original nickname
Half of the Dynamic Duo
Springtime songbird
Sign of spring
Red-breasted bird
Singer in short clothing
Batman's favorite bird?
"The Evolution of ___ Thicke"
Batman sidekick
'80s band Cock ___
With 46-Down, cohort of Little John
Batpole user
Bird to carry off home
Dick Grayson, in his youth
Wacky Williams
Batpole user
Dick Grayson, at times
The American one is in the thrush family
Bruce Wayne's ward
The American one is in the thrush family
Red-breasted songbird
Familiar songbird
HLN anchor Meade
Maid Marian's man
Hood of renown
Dick Grayson's alter ego
Bird of spring
Red-breasted bird
Bruce Wayne's ward
Rockin' bird of song
Songbird with a reddish breast
Michigan state bird
Harbinger of spring
Batcave figure
Harbinger of spring
Early bird
Redbreast, e.g.
Bird that comes "bob, bob, bobbin'"
Canadian "How I Met Your Mother" character
He rode shotgun in the Batmobile
Michigan's state bird
Crimefighting sidekick
Marian's love
Marian's love
Dick Grayson's alter ego
Batman's buddy
Batman's partner
Early bird?
Harbinger of spring
Dick Grayson's alter ego
Spring harbinger
Youthful comics sidekick
Dick Grayson's alter ego
Early bird
Mork portrayer
Batman's sidekick
Youthful comics sidekick
Spring harbinger
Tuck's leader
Boy Wonder
Sidekick of Howard
Blue egg tender
Sign of spring
Batman's associate
Burt Ward role
Connecticut's state bird
Harbinger of spring
Batman's buddy
Worm seeker
Maid Marian's man
Harbinger of spring
Small songbird
Spring bird
Old World bird
Herald of spring
Radio personality ___ Quivers
Masked crimefighter
Hood of stories
Herald of spring
Spring harbinger
Burt Ward role
The Caped Crusader's sidekick
Dick Grayson, at times
Round ___
Round ___
Red-breasted songbird
Role for Errol
Hood of renown
Sherwood denizen
Batman's sidekick
Hood of renown
Spring harbinger
Chris O'Donnell role
Costner role
Batman's pal
Williams of "Mrs. Doubtfire"
Batman's sidekick
Marian's man
Caped sidekick
Mrs. Doubtfire portrayer Williams
A Hood
"For bonny sweet ___ is all my joy": Ophelia
___ Goodfellow: Puck
Burt Ward role
A.k.a. Dick Grayson
Crimefighting sidekick
Marian's beloved
Spring sign
Williams or Hood
Comic Williams
Harbinger of spring
Repeated Chris O'Donnell movie role
Williams or Leach
A Hood
Falstaff's page in "The Merry Wives of Windsor"
Bruce Wayne's ward
Reiner's favorite bird?
Legendary Hood
Batman's partner
Actress Givens
Batman's bird?
Spring herald
Novelist Cook
Spring bird
A thrush
Spring harbinger
Comic actor Williams
Batman's aide
Actor Williams
___ Hood
This is sometimes round
Hood who wasn't bad
___ Redbreast
___ Goodfellow (Puck)
Milne boy
Layer of blue eggs
Spring greeter
Spring singer
Round ___
Pitcher Roberts
Blue-egg bird
Hood of note
Spring sign
Relative of 7 Across
___ Goodfellow
Batman's pal.
Boy's name
Symbol of spring.
Passenger in 36 Down.
Batman's accomplice.
Sign of spring.
Ragged ___, plant of the pink family.
No. American thrush.
Migratory thrush.
Large thrush.
Harbinger of spring.
___ Goodfellow.
Spring symbol.
Mr. Roberts of Philadelphia.
Roberts of the Phillies.
Goodfellow or Hood.
Subject of an opera by De Koven.
"Christopher ___."
Victim in a famous avicide.
Herald of spring.
A. A. Milne character.
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