Word "ROCK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
move back and forth or sideways
shake, sway
the ship was rocking
She rocked back and forth on her feet

Part of Speech:
hard bright-colored stick candy (typically flavored with peppermint)
rock candy

Part of Speech:
pitching dangerously to one side
careen, sway, tilt

Crossword Clues for ROCK

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Clue Source Date
___- cake or ___climbing (4)
Sure foundation for music? (4)
Be awesome, informally New York Times 11 Apr 2024
Queen broadly happy about origin of cool musical genre (4)
Sway to some music (4)
Stone; music genre The Times Concise 25 Mar 2024
The ____, informal name for Gibraltar (4)
Totally jam to music, say
Move (cradle)
"30 ___," 2006 satirical sitcom featuring Jon Hamm that earned him a Primetime Emmy nomination
Stone, or genre for the Stones
Music from The Stones, presumably! The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2024
Granite, say
Boulder The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2024
Sort of music carrying message right the way through? (4)
"____ of Ages"
Seaside feature, cellophane-wrapped or barnacle-encrusted! (4)
Amaze the person you most rely on (4)
Crag to show signs of instability (4)
Boulder or pebble Newsday 26 Feb 2024
"30 ___," sitcom starring Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan that's won a record 12 SAG Awards
Someone you can rely on to surprise (4)
Picnic at Hanging ___, classic Australian film (4) Puzzler 17 Feb 2024
___ and roll, music genre for Elvis Presley, which originated in Cleveland, Ohio, in the early 1950s
Worthless sort initially dumped for reliable sort The Telegraph Toughie 01 Feb 2024
It's steady but you make it sway (4)
Chris ___, recipient of an infamous slap (4)
Laterally swing big stone The Times Quick Cryptic 18 Jan 2024
Van Halen genre Commuter 17 Jan 2024
It's very hard to make wobble (4)
"The Queen of ___," honorific given by National Public Radio to Janis Joplin
To sway
Surprise with a diamond (4)
Seaside stick (4)
Retro funk's back -- my kind of music
Wear confidently
Boulder to move gently back and forth (4)
Makeshift doorstop Newsday 31 Dec 2023
Seaside sweet – fish – swing The Guardian Quick 22 Dec 2023
Fraggle - title of a Muppet series (4)
Hard sweet (4)
- - - - garden, stone-structured plot designed for displaying alpines (4)
Huge gem, slangily New York Times 06 Dec 2023
"I Am a ___" (Paul Simon tune) (4)
Shake – music genre The Guardian Quick 25 Nov 2023
Shake - music genre (4)
Dwayne Johnson's nickname or a type of salt
Seaside stick The Telegraph Quick 22 Oct 2023
Sway The Telegraph Quick 03 Oct 2023
Boulder Eugene Sheffer 02 Oct 2023
___, paper, scissors (game)
Type of music for "The Rolling Stones"
NBC comedy series starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin New York Times 31 Aug 2023
Gibraltar claim to fame Newsday 27 Aug 2023
Little ___ New York Times 25 Aug 2023
Genre with many subgenres LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2023
What beats scissors?
Word before 'bottom' or 'opera' USA Today 19 Jun 2023
Mined material Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2023
Swing, an alternative to jazz The Telegraph Toughie 26 May 2023
Diamond's type of music? The Telegraph Cryptic 09 May 2023
Music genre Thomas Joseph 27 Feb 2023
Make last possible contents of cellar? The Guardian Cryptic 24 Feb 2023
Stone The Telegraph Quick 12 Feb 2023
Boulder The Telegraph Quick 11 Feb 2023
Genre for Styx and the Stones Universal 11 Jan 2023
Roll's partner, in music Family Time 09 Jan 2023
What Bobby Helms says "Jingle Bell" does, in a 1957 Christmas song?
Dwayne Johnson's alias, with "The"
Music genre Thomas Joseph 11 Nov 2022
Are awesome New York Times 11 Nov 2022
One supplying strong emotional support, metaphorically New York Times 08 Nov 2022
Dependable partner, metaphorically Universal 31 Oct 2022
Word before "star" or "band" Family Time 16 Oct 2022
Stagger back to the rear as big bird comes over
Stagger back to the rear as big bird comes over The Guardian Cryptic 07 Oct 2022
What some toy horses do New York Times 22 Sep 2022
It beats scissors New York Times 04 Sep 2022
It beats scissors Universal 04 Sep 2022
See 1 The Guardian Cryptic 13 Jul 2022
Genre influenced by Sister Rosetta Tharpe USA Today 12 Jul 2022
Paper loser The Washington Post 11 Jun 2022
Paper loser LA Times Daily 11 Jun 2022
It beats scissors, in a game
Popular music sees female abandoning dress The Times Cryptic 15 Mar 2022
Project ___ Collection, fitness line that is a collaboration between actor Dwayne Johnson and Under Armour
Music genre; diamond The Times Concise 04 Mar 2022
Scissor's counter, in a game
Chris ___, comedian who has won three Grammy Awards for his comedy albums
Genre with a Hall of Fame in Ohio New York Times 19 Jan 2022
Solid as a ___ USA Today 06 Jan 2022
"Party ___ Anthem," dance song by LMFAO that turned ten years old in 2021
& 14 Mercury, say, is unstable next to black stuff
Sweet, dependable type
Jam on an axe, say Family Time 15 Nov 2021
Fish stick bought at seaside The Guardian Cryptic 12 Nov 2021
Folk or punk follower The Washington Post Sunday 07 Nov 2021
Boulder Eugene Sheffer 05 Oct 2021
"30 ___," satirical sitcom series starring Andy Samberg as himself
__ 'n' roll LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2021
__ 'n' roll The Washington Post 02 Aug 2021
Sweet sound of mythical bird
*The lowest one can go Universal 25 Jun 2021
Hollywood's Dwayne Johnson, with 'the' New York Times 23 Jun 2021
Marciano to lose his footing and sway from side to side
Playback covered Limerick/Cork type of music Irish Times Crosaire 26 May 2021
Geologist's sample USA Today 22 Apr 2021
Quarry commodity Newsday 15 Apr 2021
Sway gently Newsday 08 Apr 2021
Boulder The Sun Two Speed 29 Mar 2021
Music from The Stones? The Sun Two Speed 29 Mar 2021
Loser to paper Universal 23 Mar 2021
Reliable type of souvenir from Blackpool?
Type of music mixed in Cork Irish Times Crosaire 26 Feb 2021
Pebble, e.g Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Be really impressive, informally New York Times 31 Jan 2021
Boulder The Times Concise 24 Jan 2021
"30 ___," sitcom where "Seinfeld" is featured in the episode "Seinfeldvision"
The ___, Dwayne Johnson's moniker
"Robot ___," 2005 song by Daft Punk with a sci-fi themed music video, that features a sample of "Release the Beast" by Breakwater
Disturb something hard to move? The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Nov 2020
Brittany Howard genre USA Today 06 Nov 2020
"School of ___," movie in which Jack Black trains his students to form a band
Music genre for Led Zeppelin and Queen
___, paper, scissors (game)
Boulder or pebble Newsday 29 Sep 2020
Diamond tip
Shake someone who can't be shaken? The Telegraph Toughie 18 Aug 2020
Music genre Thomas Joseph 26 Jun 2020
Seaside sweet The Telegraph Quick 19 Jun 2020
With 7-Across, the name of one of Led Zeppelin's greatest hits, "___ & ___"
"The ___," ring name for the actor who plays the new Mitch Buchannon in "Baywatch"
"30 ___," American television show that won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2007
"30 ___," sitcom starring Tina Fey which won three consecutive Emmy awards for Outstanding Comedy Series
Scissors beater, in a game Family Time 11 May 2020
Type of pitch popular with all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 02 May 2020
"We Will ___ You," 1977 song by Queen which is a part of the album "News of the World"
Mesa's makeup The Washington Post Sunday 12 Apr 2020
___ climbing, extreme sport that is the central theme of the documentary film "Free Solo"
Stagger from film finishing early The Telegraph Toughie 12 Feb 2020
Lull to sleep with this music
"The ___," 1996 movie starring Ed Harris which was one of the highest-grossing action films of the '90s
Pitch sure to be covered in stones
It beats scissors Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2019
Lava, after cooling USA Today 03 Nov 2019
Paper beats it Thomas Joseph 03 Oct 2019
Up ___, hip hop style with dance moves like shuffling and spinning
"___ Star," 2001 musical comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Herek starring Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg
Boulder Newsday 16 Sep 2019
Decrepit old thing fails to start music
Alternative to rap and R&B New York Times 13 Aug 2019
Music; diamond The Times Concise 26 Jul 2019
Stone cut film
Shake stone
__ the boat: make waves The Washington Post 08 Jul 2019
__ the boat: make waves LA Times Daily 08 Jul 2019
The Who's genre USA Today 25 Jun 2019
Kingdom of the ___, independent kingdom of Westeros that is ruled by House Lannister in "Game of Thrones"
Newfoundland, AKA The _____ Canadiana 03 Jun 2019
Boulder Eugene Sheffer 29 May 2019
Dwayne "The ___" Johnson
We hear Big Bird to be highly enjoyable
Topless dress to startle
Some music to lull a baby to sleep
After my turns, knee's beginning to wobble
Music of The Stones? The Sun Two Speed 02 Feb 2019
Defeater of scissors
Alternative to rap and R&B
The Who's genre
Lava, after cooling
It beats scissors
__ the boat: make waves
Support act at Glastonbury may play this The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2018
Brighton sweet? The Telegraph Quick 15 Sep 2018
Dwayne Johnson's nickname (with "The") Universal 04 Sep 2018
"How does Dwayne Johnson greet his fans? With a ___-solid handshake!"
Boulder; music The Times Concise 22 Aug 2018
Dwayne Johnson's ring name "The ___"
Genre for Prince or Queen USA Today 17 Aug 2018
Music from The Stones, presumably! The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2018
Scissors beater Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2018
One radio format New York Times 12 Jul 2018
Stagger very loyal person
Type of music for Cork medley Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jun 2018
Rolling Stones genre, aptly USA Today 19 May 2018
Loser to paper Wall Street Journal 15 May 2018
Makeshift doorstop Newsday 15 Mar 2018
Reliable sort of music
Turnip ___, natural attraction which is a turnip-shaped island located in Lake Huron, Michigan
Make an ax squeal Universal 29 Jan 2018
Rolling Stones genre, aptly
One radio format
Genre for Prince or Queen
Dwayne Johnson's nickname (with "The")
Make an ax squeal
Scissors beater
Loser to paper
It's steady to be unsteady The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2017
Move side to side The Times Concise 19 Dec 2017
Music genre for The Eagles and Aerosmith
Dwayne Johnson's WWE name, The ___
____ me Gently (Andy Kim Hit) Canadiana 26 Jun 2017
Plymouth landmark Newsday 28 May 2017
Woman's dress sets off fine diamond
Shake tower of strength
Large stone The Times Concise 11 May 2017
Shake tower of strength
Shift in one's seat, perhaps New York Times 03 Mar 2017
Lady's dress topped off with diamond
Shift in one's seat, perhaps
Scissors beater Thomas Joseph 18 Nov 2016
Magma, after cooling USA Today 01 Nov 2016
Work an ax on stage Universal 05 Oct 2016
Music genre Newsday 02 Oct 2016
Piece of landscaping material The Washington Post 05 Sep 2016
__ bottom LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2016
Lull to sleep, in a way Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2016
Plymouth landmark Universal 24 Jun 2016
Scissors topper, in a game New York Times 13 Jun 2016
5 fine to slip out of dress
Lull in a cradle LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2016
Are wonderful, in modern slang Newsday 24 Mar 2016
Old dodderer, not initially a reliable type The Times Cryptic 21 Mar 2016
Style of music; shock The Times Concise 08 Mar 2016
Stone Premier Sunday 17 Jan 2016
Plymouth landmark
__ bottom
Work an ax on stage
Scissors topper, in a game
___ of Gibraltar Universal 27 Nov 2015
Elvis' music Newsday 15 Sep 2015
Crack found in diamond
Hard confection in style of music
Wear, and look great doing it New York Times 30 Apr 2015
Sway LA Times Daily 16 Apr 2015
Toss stone
U2's genre Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2015
Relax on a porch chair, perhaps LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2015
Comical Chris Eugene Sheffer 07 Feb 2015
Elvis' music
___ of Gibraltar
It beats scissors
Led Zeppelin's genre
Shake up
U2's genre
Wear, and look great doing it
Relax on a porch chair, perhaps
Wrestler/actor Dwayne "The ___" Johnson
Fist, in a game
Female slipping out of dress for a diamond
Loser to paper
Cradle motion
Plymouth landmark
The White Stripes' genre
Grammys category
Grammy category
Geologist's collectible
Affect deeply
What a fist sometimes represents
What a fist might represent
Tommy is this kind of opera
Sway gently
Geologist's collectible
Genre of 23/56-Across
Hard stuff
Go to and fro
Genre on "American Bandstand"
Sway to and fro
Solid as a ___
Roll's partner
Music style
Jam with Aerosmith
Aerosmith's music
Gibraltar landmark
Gibraltar landmark
Geology sample
Loser to paper and winner over scissors
Gibraltar landmark
Heavy metal is a subgenre of it
Stone made from cork?
Music genre
"Jailhouse ___" (Presley hit)
Move back and forth
Heavy metal is a subgenre of it
Loser to paper and winner over scissors
Music with many subgenres
Petrologist's specimen
Music style
Relax on the porch
Kind of candy or music
Relax on the porch
Music with many subgenres
Scissors beater, in a game
Word with solid or steady
AC/DC output
Musical genre
Paul Simon was one, in song
Music genre
Mr. Hudson
Big ring stone, slangily
Radio format
Geology sample
Geology sample
Item in Charlie Brown's trick-or-treat bag
Fossil encaser
Aerosmith's music
Swing alternative
Plymouth or punk follower
Acid or hard follower
Acid or hard follower
Kind of hound
Little __
Nickname of Alcatraz, with "the"
Scissors beater
Word with salt or garden
Little __
Shake up
Music genre
Radio-station format
Plymouth landmark
Try to put baby to sleep, maybe
Geology subject
Prudential symbol
See 21 Across
Lull to sleep, in a way
Music style
Hard __ Cafe
Loser to paper, in a game
Musical genre pioneered by Bill Haley and His Comets
Big diamond
Type of candy
Hudson in "Giant"
See 10-Down
Hard __ Cafe
WWE superstar, with "The"
Type of candy
Gibraltar landmark
Scissors beater, in a game
Closed fist, in a game
Much modern popular music
Roll partner
Led Zeppelin's music
Led Zeppelin's genre
Word before salt or garden
Aerosmith's genre
Move the cradle
Stone made from CORK?
Move the cradle
Joan Jett's genre
One of three game choices
Move back and forth
Radio format
Jam with Van Halen
Sling missile
Kind of hound or lobster
MTV's "___ the Vote"
See 41 Across
Alcatraz, with "the"
19-Across has reopened the Dome of the ____ after a four-day shutdown
Affect deeply
Scissors beater, in a game
Firm foundation
Popular music sees female abandoning dress
Gibraltar landmark
Roll's companion
Comic Chris
Put to sleep, in a way
Led Zeppelin's genre
Music genre since the 50's
3rd ____ from the Sun
Genre of 46-Across
A Hudson
Type of music
Chayanne's specialty
"Jailhouse ___," Presley hit
Mick Jagger's forte
"Hard place" associate
Music type
Pop-music type
A famous Hudson
Madonna's music
Michael Jackson's forte
This may be punk
Musical form
Some of this is punk
This might be punk
What Sisyphus pushed
Astronaut's find
Plymouth or bed
Certain music
Bottom or salt
Move back and forth
Contemporary sound
Name for Alcatraz
Stupid mistake
Activate a cradle
Firm support.
Symbol of strength.
Swaying motion.
Greenstone, for one.
Half today's music.
Hudson of Hollywood.
Companion of 46 Down.
A kind of hard candy.
Symbol of stability.
A firm foundation.
Lullaby word.
The foundation of Gibraltar.
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