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Clue Source Date
Kentish society's yellow climbing flowers
'It was ___, ___, all the way' (Browning) (5)
"I will make thee beds of ___": Marlowe
"I will make thee beds of __": Marlowe Newsday 13 Apr 2024
Tournament of
Thorny, possibly sore point (5)
Bunch of romantics? LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2024
In more ways than one, they may make a fine spray
England's national emblems
Standard bloomers? (5)
Wine menu section New York Times 17 Mar 2024
These flowers have prickly stems (5)
Flowers came up at start of spring (5) Puzzler Cryptic 05 Mar 2024
Bricks (5)
Cadbury's chocolates in a box or tin (5)
Thorny plants climbed up pole (5)
Watering-can sprinklers (5)
Romantic flowers
"Jean, Jean, ... are red; All of the leaves have gone green; And the clouds are so low; You can touch them and so; Come out to the meadow, Jean"
Quality Street alternative (5)
Sprays of flowers
Romantic flowers (5)
Popular gift today (5)
They're fragrant but they can produce sores (5)
Regularly overlooked groomsmen, so making spectacular bloomers
They're fragrant but they produce sores (5)
Flowers in Comoros estate (5)
Wars of the ___, civil war in England from 1455 to 1487 (5)
Valentine's gift Eugene Sheffer 30 Jan 2024
Thorny blooms Newsday 28 Jan 2024
"___ are red, violets are blue"
Flowers on "The Bachelor" USA Today 24 Jan 2024
Valentine's Day flowers Commuter 24 Jan 2024
Wars of the ---, civil war in England from 1455 to 1487 (5)
Valentine flowers, often
Plants that include hybrid teas, floribundas and ramblers (5)
California's Tournament of ___
Flowers grew on Sunday Mirror Cryptic 03 Jan 2024
Romantic gift? Mirror Quick 03 Jan 2024
They're used to water certain flowers
Romantic flowers, red ... (picture A)
Wine's bouquet? (5)
Wars Of The _, series of civil wars in England from 1455 to 1487 (5)
Garden flowers with many varieties (5)
Flowers; ceiling fittings (5)
The Houses of Lancaster and York fought the War of the ___. (5)
Choices for sommeliers
The War of the ___, 1989 comedy starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (5) Puzzler 07 Dec 2023
Flowers handed out on "The Bachelor" New York Times Mini 26 Nov 2023
Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis
"Stop and smell the ___," idiom that means to slow down and relax
Flowers with 'hips' USA Today 30 Sep 2023
Thorny date night flowers
Some wines Newsday 25 Aug 2023
February flowers Universal 16 Aug 2023
Stop and smell the ___ USA Today 02 Aug 2023
Romantic dozen Thomas Joseph 01 Aug 2023
Romantic dozen Thomas Joseph 26 Jul 2023
Flowers put back in greenhouses, originally The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jul 2023
Valentine's Day flowers, maybe
Blooms given on Valentine's Day Family Time 25 Jun 2023
"__ are red ... " LA Times Daily 05 Jun 2023
Valentine's gift Eugene Sheffer 22 May 2023
Wine list heading New York Times 20 May 2023
Tokens of love LA Times Daily 16 May 2023
Valentine's gift Eugene Sheffer 22 Apr 2023
'___ are red, violets are blue . . .' USA Today 08 Apr 2023
Thorny flowers LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2023
Valentine's Day gift Thomas Joseph 14 Feb 2023
Valentine's gift Thomas Joseph 10 Feb 2023
Thorny flowers Universal 26 Dec 2022
Date night flowers
Blush wines LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2022
Some pink wines Universal 17 Sep 2022
Honey bunch? Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2022
"The Bachelorette" props LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2022
Romantic dozen USA Today 07 Aug 2022
Thorny flowers Universal 07 Jul 2022
Derby prize Thomas Joseph 29 Jun 2022
Bouquet from a beau Newsday 08 Apr 2022
Valentine's Day gift The Washington Post 03 Apr 2022
Valentine's Day gift LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2022
Valentine's gift Thomas Joseph 22 Mar 2022
White House garden flowers Newsday 06 Mar 2022
Nozzles with fine holes on watering cans Irish Times Simplex 12 Feb 2022
National floral emblems of the U.S. New York Times 25 Jan 2022
Derby prize Thomas Joseph 19 Jan 2022
Rockers Guns N' ___
Classic “I messed up” gift New York Times 25 Dec 2021
Date night flowers
Valentine of choice Canadiana 15 Nov 2021
"The Bachelorette" flowers Universal 03 Nov 2021
Flowers common in bouquets USA Today 26 Oct 2021
Flowers sprung up: start of spring?
Valentine's Day flowers, often
Valentine's Day bundle Universal 21 Jul 2021
Derby prize Thomas Joseph 16 Jul 2021
Valentine's Day dozen Newsday 13 Jul 2021
Bunch for one’s beloved Wall Street Journal 30 Jun 2021
Flowers came up on Sunday The Sun Two Speed 21 Jun 2021
Valentine's Day flowers?
Flowers with thorns USA Today 10 Jun 2021
Thorned flowers The Telegraph Quick 04 Jun 2021
Flowers planted in upturned vases organically
Gift to a Valentine LA Times Daily 16 May 2021
Gift to a Valentine The Washington Post 16 May 2021
Mother's Day delivery New York Times 09 May 2021
Valentine's Day flowers Newsday 26 Apr 2021
Valentine's Day gifts Family Time 12 Apr 2021
Our Valentine verse begins Canadiana 12 Apr 2021
Deliverers of fine sprays and wines The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Apr 2021
Annual Tournament of __ Parade The Washington Post 08 Mar 2021
Annual Tournament of __ Parade LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2021
Blush wines LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2021
Blush wines The Washington Post 19 Feb 2021
Romantic dozen Thomas Joseph 13 Feb 2021
Nozzles with fine holes on watering cans Irish Times Simplex 08 Feb 2021
Derby prize Thomas Joseph 03 Feb 2021
Sobers up giving a miss to pub popular with wine lovers during the summer Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jan 2021
Valentine's Day bouquet Newsday 23 Dec 2020
Flowers for a sweetheart, perhaps
Garden flowers The Times Concise 22 Dec 2020
Kentucky Derby prize Eugene Sheffer 22 Dec 2020
''They are not long, the days of wine and ...'' (Dowson) Irish Times Simplex 19 Dec 2020
"Bed of ___" (easy-peasy)
Red or white flowers Universal 05 Dec 2020
"R" in GNR
Flowers for a 3-Down USA Today 22 Sep 2020
Suitor’s dozen Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2020
"___ are red, violets are blue...."
Flowers lifted with spades The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Aug 2020
Thorny bunch Newsday 16 Aug 2020
Valentine gift Thomas Joseph 06 Aug 2020
"Days of Wine and ___," song from the 1962 film of the same name composed by Henry Mancini
Lovers' flowers Universal 13 Jul 2020
Bunch of romantics? New York Times 18 Jun 2020
Guns N' ___, hard rock band that was formed in California which had the hit song "Sweet Child o' Mine"
Grew small flowers The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Apr 2020
Valentine's gift Thomas Joseph 14 Apr 2020
Valentine's Day flowers Thomas Joseph 23 Mar 2020
Pink flowers in a van Gogh still life The Washington Post 20 Mar 2020
Pink flowers in a van Gogh still life LA Times Daily 20 Mar 2020
Red gift USA Today 12 Mar 2020
Flowers came up with spades The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Mar 2020
"___ are red, violets are blue..."
'Days of Wine and --', 1962 film directed by Blake Edwards The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 Nov 2019
Comfortable bed of metaphor Newsday 01 Nov 2019
Occupants of beds and bushes The Washington Post Sunday 22 Sep 2019
Flowers in a bouquet Universal 31 Aug 2019
Flowers on trellises New York Times 05 Aug 2019
Derby winner's garland USA Today 22 Jul 2019
Was promoted, perhaps, by southern and northern counties, symbolically The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jun 2019
Dozen for your dearest Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2019
Pasadena posies USA Today 16 Mar 2019
Thorny flowers Universal 15 Mar 2019
Sobers up giving a miss to pub for wine lovers Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jan 2019
Derby winner's garland
Flowers in a bouquet
Thorny flowers
Pasadena posies
Things to stop and smell
Flowers on trellises
Dozen for your dearest
Things to stop and smell New York Times 01 Jan 2019
Kentucky Derby winner's flowers
Bunch of lovers? New York Times 27 Dec 2018
Valentine's dozen Wall Street Journal 04 Dec 2018
Feb. 14 presents Universal 05 Nov 2018
Flowers of love Universal 05 Oct 2018
Valentine gifts Universal 01 Oct 2018
Source of a Pasadena parade aroma The Washington Post 30 Sep 2018
Source of a Pasadena parade aroma LA Times Daily 30 Sep 2018
Flowers came up on Sunday the first The Sun Two Speed 10 Sep 2018
Romantic blooms The Sun Two Speed 10 Sep 2018
They're red, according to a Valentine's Day poem
What Moses supposes his toeses are, in an old verse New York Times 19 Jul 2018
Prickly flowers The Washington Post 16 Jul 2018
Prickly flowers LA Times Daily 16 Jul 2018
Kentucky Derby prize New York Times 17 Apr 2018
The Little Prince's prized flower and others The Washington Post Sunday 15 Apr 2018
28 Down group Newsday 06 Apr 2018
Thorny flowers Newsday 28 Mar 2018
"___ are red, violets are blue..."
Romantic's flowers Universal 20 Feb 2018
See 41-Across New York Times 13 Feb 2018
Kentucky Derby flowers LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2018
Kentucky Derby flowers The Washington Post 05 Feb 2018
Makeup of the Kentucky Derby winner's blanket Wall Street Journal 17 Jan 2018
Flowers came up at start of spring The Sun Two Speed 03 Jan 2018
Fragrant flowers The Sun Two Speed 03 Jan 2018
Prickly flowers
See 41-Across
Romantic's flowers
Source of a Pasadena parade aroma
What Moses supposes his toeses are, in an old verse
Valentine's dozen
Valentine gifts
Kentucky Derby flowers
Kentucky Derby prize
Bunch of lovers?
Flowers of love
Feb. 14 presents
Lover's dozen The Washington Post Sunday 31 Dec 2017
Wooer's dozen USA Today 08 Dec 2017
Bouquet from a beau Newsday 03 Dec 2017
Sparkling wine choices LA Times Daily 27 Oct 2017
Sparkling wine choices The Washington Post 27 Oct 2017
Kentucky Derby flowers Universal 26 Sep 2017
For 21 across, special flowers
Wine list heading LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2017
Wine list heading The Washington Post 03 Aug 2017
Valentine's Day gift Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2017
Valentine bouquet Newsday 18 Jun 2017
Kentucky Derby garland Newsday 04 Jun 2017
Flowers The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2017
Dozen for a darling Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2017
Everything's coming up _____ Canadiana 27 Mar 2017
Sample bistro's espresso and get some for mum today
Wooer's dozen
Sparkling wine choices
Wine list heading
Kentucky Derby flowers
Romantic buds? LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2016
Gift from a lover LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2016
Derby winner's bouquet Newsday 09 Oct 2016
Four __ (bourbon brand) Newsday 15 Jul 2016
Kentucky Derby winner's wreath New York Times 12 Jun 2016
Thorny subjects Newsday 08 May 2016
Mid-February purchase Wall Street Journal 26 Apr 2016
Kentucky Derby winner's garland The Washington Post 18 Apr 2016
Wines needing pinch of salt in eggs The Telegraph Toughie 10 Feb 2016
Fragrant flowers USA Today 12 Jan 2016
Derby winner's prize Newsday 03 Jan 2016
Fragrant flowers
Kentucky Derby winner's wreath
Romantic dozen New York Times 21 Dec 2015
Feb. 14 gift Universal 11 Dec 2015
Valentine's Day gift Universal 06 Dec 2015
Revolted by son's bloomers? The Times Cryptic 28 Jul 2015
''My Favorite Things'' flora Newsday 25 Jul 2015
Girl's getting wines, flowers and chocolates
Pasadena parade posies LA Times Daily 31 May 2015
Suitor's purchase LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2015
Fragrant flowers Universal 28 Jan 2015
Some table wines Universal 20 Jan 2015
Fragrant flowers
Some table wines
Valentine's Day gift
Kentucky Derby prize
Feb. 14 gift
Valentine's Day gift
Shenandoah might give "Two Dozen" to their girl
Romantic dozen
Pasadena parade posies
"My Favorite Things" flora
Suitor's purchase
Valentine's Day flowers
Smithereens "Blood and ___"
Derby bouquet
Gifts for divas
Tournament flora
Pink drinks
Bouquet from a beau
Pink flowers in a Van Gogh still life
February gift
Romantic gift
See 23-Across
Bloomers almost break — what's inside is extraordinarily large
Derby blooms
Honey bunch?
Tournament of __ Parade
Best buds?
Pinkish wines
Syrup source for marshmallows
Bunch for a honeybunch
Kentucky Derby flowers
Traditional Valentine's Day gift
Blooms for lovers
What American Beauties are
Derby prize
Blooms for lovers
Valentine flowers
Pinkish wines
Anniversary order
Romantic bouquet
Blooms with hips
Gift for a sweetheart
Valentine's Day gift
Bouquet flowers
Four ___ (whiskey brand)
American Beauties
Kentucky Derby flowers
Romeo's offering
Valentine's Day gift
They hang with "Guns"
Prize ring?
Valentine's Day bouquet
Valentine bouquet
Thorny bouquet
Valentine's Day dozen
Pasadena posies
Sweet-smelling love symbols
Popular Valentine's Day gift
Valentine's Day bunch
Dozen for one's dearest
Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are two varieties of them
Kentucky Derby prize
Lover's gift
Run for the __: Kentucky Derby
Derby prize
Run for the __: Kentucky Derby
Lover's gift
Derby prize
Alternatives to reds and whites
Anniversary order
Gift for a sweetheart
Gifts for divas
Fragrant bed?
Derby prize
Rock's Guns N' ___
Beau's dozen
"God gave us memory so that we might have ___ in December": J.M. Barrie
Beau's dozen
Thorny flowers
Offerings from a swain
Thorny flowers
Some wines
See 68-Across
Gift on Valentine's Day
Certain wines
Derby winner's wreath
Tournament flora
Valentine's Day gift
They were painted red in Wonderland
Divas' tributes
Kentucky Derby bouquet
They may be run for
See 64 Down
Kentucky Derby prize
Valentine's Day dozen
Gifts to a diva
Valentine's Day dozen
Jackson & Perkins hybrids
Valentine's Day dozen
Valentine's Day gift
Valentine's Day gift
Robin Hood and Will Scarlet
Derby prize
City of ___, Portland (OR) nickname
City of ___, Portland (OR) nickname
Red bouquet
Items in beds
Robin Hood and Will Scarlet, e.g.
Kentucky Derby wreath
Tea and cabbage, for two
Kentucky Derby prize
Anniversary gift
They're typically sold by the dozen
Hawaiian Sunset and Heart's Desire
Valentine's Day gifts, often
They're often bought by the dozen
Thorny bunch
Pink wines
Derby prize
Thorny subjects
Derby garland
Thorny bunch
Florists' staples
Some wines
Honey bunch?
Kentucky Derby flowers
Kentucky Derby prize
Wooer's dozen
Red bloomers
Florists' staples
Marie and Kennedy
Bouquet flowers
Items in dozens
Derby winner's bouquet
Blush alternatives
Wooer's gift
Lover's offering
Rockers Guns N' __
Summer bloomers
Valentine favorite
Content of a derby winner's wreath
Dozen for a sweetheart
Pink table wines
Romantic bouquet
They're red in a greeting card rhyme
Valentine's Day dozen
Lover's offering
Red flowers
"The Run for the ___" (nickname of the Kentucky Derby)
Love set?
Thorny subject?
Valentine's Day gift
Run for the ___ (Kentucky Derby)
Churchill Downs decorations
Suitor's presentation
Beau's gift
Floral favorites
Valentine's Day purchase
"Everything's Coming Up ____"
Wars of the ___ (struggle between the houses of Lancaster and York, 1455-85)
Gift to a diva
Florists' staples
Derby prize
They come up in good times
American Beauties
Derby winner's wreath
Charlie and Billy
They may have their own bed
Lover's purchase
Charismatic's prize
Lover's purchase
"Raindrops on ___ and whiskers on kittens"
Derby garland
Kentucky Derby flowers
Thorny bunch
They're often purchased by the dozen
Thorny beauties
Tournament of ___
Thorn bearers
Valentine's Day buys
Valentine's Day gift
Popular bouquet
Hot commodity on February 14
Birthday gift
Tea and cabbage
Derby prize
Divas' tributes
Beau's gift
Valentine Day gift
American Beauty and Heart's Desire
Items often purchased in dozens
Beau's buy
Pasadena float flowers
England's War of the ___
American Beauty, etc.
Fragrant bed?
Kentucky Derby award
Thorny flowers
Thorny beauties
Thorny blooms
Thorny things
Pasadena parade flowers
Popular Pasadena posies
Kentucky Derby award
Popular bouquet
Valentine s Day gift
Bed occupants
England's Wars of the ___
China and Damask
"The Subject Was __" (Gilroy play)
Garden blooms
Derby bouquet
Kentucky Derby prize
Gift from one's valentine
Vintners' offerings
Table wines
Thorny bloomers
"Everything's Coming Up ___": Sondheim
Long-stemmed beauties
The Tournament of ___
Valentine blooms
Thorny subjects
Tournament flora
Bloomers with hips
Anniversary gift
Bouquet favorite
Valentine's Day gift
Derby winner's flowers
Floribundas, e.g.
War of the ___
What everything's coming up, in song
Charlie and Pete
Valentine's Day gift
February 14 purchase
Valentine's Day bouquet
Pete and Charlie
They come with bows and beaus
Romantic gift
American Beauties
Derby winner's wreath
Features of 28 Down
Strike the Gold's prize
Popular gift
Thorny bunch
Gilroy's "Subject"
Picardy bloomers
Kentucky Derby decoration
Pasadena flowers
Derby winner's garland
Picardy blossoms
Wars of the ___
Annual Pasadena display
Frank Gilroy's subject
Gilroy's "subject"
Wars of the __ (1455-85)
Subject for Frank Gilroy
Picardy sight
Violets' companions, in a verse
Pasadena parade feature
Playwright Gilroy's "subject"
Neckpiece for a Derby winner
Something for "a blue lady"
Thorny subjects of a Gilroy hit
Wars of the ___: 1455–85
"Everything's Coming Up ___"
Thorny blooms
What Genuine Risk ran for in May
"___ are red . . . "
War of the ___
Peace offering
Some ramblers
No bed of ___
Attar sources
Derby winner's neckwear
"Days of Wine and ___"
Moss and tea
Certain wines
Jan. 1 sights in Pasadena
Derby winner's wear
Moss, wild and old
Pulitzer play subject in 1965
See 1 Across
Cathedral windows
Bouquet material
Picardy output
Symbols of June.
Floral tribute.
Symbols of spring.
Bouquet choice.
"The Subject Was ___."
Hue of health, as in cheeks.
Bouquet blooms.
Pasadena's specialty.
Florist's best seller.
June symbols.
Flowering shrubs.
American Beauties.
Well-known bed-making stuff.
Hybrid tea ___.
New York State symbols.
Tea, moss, damask, etc.
Picardy's crop.
Picardy blooms.
Musical concomitant of moonlight.
Symbols of the District of Columbia.
Dorothy Perkins and Lilibet.
Polyantha, Noisette, and tea.
Bampton, Macaulay, etc.
Symbols of New York, North Dakota and Iowa.
Texas leads the world in growing these.
Billy and Eleanor.
Flowers of love.
Curtain-call bouquet.
England's 30-year civil war, 1455–85.
Flowers of Picardy.
Wars that brought Tudors British throne, 1455–85.
Floral emblem of England.
Derby prizes
Prom purchases
They're often bought in twelves
Thorny bunch
Opening night gift
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