Word "ROWER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone who rows a boat

Crossword Clues for ROWER

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Clue Source Date
One in a dory LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2022
Crew member Thomas Joseph 09 Sep 2022
Crew member Universal 11 Aug 2022
Crew member LA Times Daily 29 Jul 2022
Athlete such as Esther Lofgren USA Today 27 Jul 2022
Oar user The Times Concise 16 Jul 2022
Crew competitor USA Today 08 Jul 2022
Sculler The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2022
Redgrave perhaps first in rehearsal after argument with European The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jun 2022
Holder of blade, one fighting? The Times Cryptic 02 Dec 2021
Crew team member USA Today 13 Nov 2021
Argumentative type on the river? The Times Cryptic 21 Oct 2021
Redgrave perhaps initially receives Oscar with sign of hesitation The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Sep 2021
Person using oars Newsday 31 Aug 2021
Oar handler The Washington Post Sunday 29 Aug 2021
Crew member The Washington Post 25 Jul 2021
Crew member LA Times Daily 25 Jul 2021
Person using oars Newsday 01 Mar 2021
Crew team member Universal 11 Feb 2021
Oarsman or oarswoman The Times Concise 10 Dec 2020
Dinghy mover Universal 19 Aug 2020
Athlete with an oar USA Today 05 Aug 2020
Crew competitor USA Today 12 Jun 2020
One in eight perhaps bank on Queen The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jun 2020
Crew member Thomas Joseph 28 May 2020
Crew team member New York Times 18 Dec 2019
Crew team member
Crew member Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2019
Regatta participant Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2019
Oar wielder Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
To whom a coxswain calls New York Times 19 Mar 2019
Crew member Eugene Sheffer 18 Jan 2019
Regatta participant
To whom a coxswain calls
One using paddle The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2018
Oarsman back among nature worshippers The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2018
Oarswoman or oarsman The Times Concise 20 Dec 2018
One making waves Universal 09 Oct 2018
One in a shell Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2018
Member of the crew Universal 11 Aug 2018
Scull mover
One in a shell
One making waves
Member of the crew
Someone involved in boating commotion on East River The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Dec 2017
Boat mover Universal 03 Jul 2017
Regatta competitor USA Today 04 Jun 2017
Regatta competitor
Boat mover
Crew member Universal 18 Oct 2016
One who obeys a coxswain's commands The Washington Post 24 May 2016
Oarsman The Times Concise 24 Feb 2016
Shell occupant New York Times 06 Feb 2016
Galley worker Universal 06 Jan 2016
Oarsman The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2016
Oarsman carried by hero, we recall The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2016
Shell occupant
Galley worker
Crew team member
Member of a racing crew Wall Street Journal 15 Dec 2015
Oarsman The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2015
One wielding a blade, belligerent? The Times Cryptic 09 Nov 2015
Crew member USA Today 12 Jul 2015
Crew team member Newsday 06 May 2015
Galley worker Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2015
Member of the crew USA Today 28 Jan 2015
Crew team member
Crew member
Regatta participant
Member of a racing crew
Member of the crew
Galley worker
Galley drudge
Person using oars
One ordered to have a stroke
Trireme mover
Trireme mover
Person making waves?
One in a shell
Henley sportsman
Dinghy propeller
Dinghy propeller
Crew member
Galley figure
One in a shell
Crew-team member
Galley toiler
Crew member
Member of the crew team
Scull occupant
Crew member, often
Crew member
Scull occupant
Crew team member
Coxswain's charge
Crew member
Henley participant
Member of a crew team
Crew member
Crew member
Crew team member
Not the coxswain
Member of the crew
Galley worker
Galley drudge
One in a scull
Seaman in a gig
Galley slave.
Stroke oar.
Contender on the Thames.
Crew man.
Member of a crew.
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