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Word "RUB" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an unforeseen obstacle
hang-up, hitch, snag

Part of Speech:
the act of rubbing or wiping
he gave the hood a quick rub

Part of Speech:
cause friction
chafe, fray, fret, scratch

Crossword Clues for RUB

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Clue Source Date
Barbecue spice mix Universal 26 Feb 2021
Central difficulty New York Times 25 Feb 2021
Chafe The Times Concise 21 Feb 2021
Burnish New York Times 27 Jan 2021
Make like a cricket's legs Jonesin 12 Jan 2021
Massage Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2020
Barbecue application Newsday 13 Nov 2020
'There's the ___' New York Times 30 Oct 2020
Tofu steak coating USA Today 07 Jul 2020
Barbecue seasoning Eugene Sheffer 30 Jun 2020
Barbecue pro’s seasoning Wall Street Journal 13 Jun 2020
Use an eraser Family Time 10 May 2020
Coax (out), as a genie The Washington Post 16 Mar 2020
Cause chafing, perhaps
Spice mixture
Graze a rock Canadiana 25 Nov 2019
Polish a surface Family Time 28 Oct 2019
Word after "belly" or "spice" Universal 06 Oct 2019
Copy (a church brass) The Times Concise 02 Sep 2019
Apply polish Family Time 18 Aug 2019
Spice mix for ribs The Washington Post 06 Aug 2019
Abrade The Times Concise 30 Jun 2019
Barbecuing concoction Newsday 20 Jun 2019
Obstacle Newsday 07 Jun 2019
Get the genie out of the lamp Family Time 26 May 2019
Try to get a genie out of a lamp Family Time 28 Apr 2019
Flavor source for grilling Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2019
Impediment The Washington Post 16 Dec 2018
Spice mix for barbecuing Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2018
Give a massage Family Time 30 Sep 2018
Steak coating New York Times 09 Aug 2018
Bone of contention Universal 09 Jun 2018
Summon a genie, perhaps USA Today 04 May 2018
Polish, e.g Premier Sunday 18 Feb 2018
Ointment; chief difficulty The Times Concise 20 Jan 2018
Barbecue chef's mix USA Today 20 Jan 2018
__ the wrong way (annoy) Newsday 08 Jan 2018
Cookout coating Newsday 20 Oct 2017
Back stroke? Premier Sunday 24 Sep 2017
Polish or massage Family Time 17 Sep 2017
Barbecue chef's spice mixture Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2017
Cause friction Newsday 04 Aug 2017
Marinade alternative New York Times 17 May 2017
Barbecue spice mixture The Washington Post 19 Apr 2017
Apply wax to furniture Family Time 16 Apr 2017
Barbecuer's spice mix Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2017
Roll-up blind opens for Pat Irish Times Crosaire 18 Feb 2017
Be a masseuse Family Time 07 Nov 2016
Knead Premier Sunday 23 Oct 2016
Bit of barbecue Newsday 30 Jul 2016
Sticking point LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2016
Apply friction Irish Times Simplex 08 Apr 2016
Wipe Premier Sunday 03 Apr 2016
Barbecue add-on Newsday 25 Feb 2016
Summon a genie, in a way Universal 25 Feb 2016
Polish in a way Canadiana 08 Feb 2016
Apply liniment USA Today 05 Feb 2016
Move over something with pressure Irish Times Simplex 26 Jan 2016
Emulate a masseuse Universal 20 Dec 2015
Hitch New York Times 19 Nov 2015
Prepare for a grilling LA Times Daily 07 Nov 2015
Hamlet's catch Universal 20 Sep 2015
Advice to Aladdin creates difficulty The Times Cryptic 19 Aug 2015
Buff Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2015
Apply ointment Family Time 17 May 2015
Emulate Aladdin USA Today 23 Mar 2015
Prince "Clouds" line "Just ___ it on her back"
Barbecue sauce alternative
Hitch, per Hamlet
Polish, say
Obstacle, to Shakespeare
Hamlet's hang-up
Pressure + friction
Barbecuing application of herbs and spices
"Ay, there's the ___" (words from Hamlet)
Tug partner
Try to work the knots out of, as a muscle
Spice massaged onto raw food
Meat seasoning mixture
Cause friction, in a way
___ elbows with
Pre-grilling application
Pre-barbecuing mixture
Soothe, perhaps
Make like a masseur
Cause some friction
"Ay, there's the ___"
Emulate a masseur
Obstacle, to Hamlet
Hamlet's obstacle
Give a massage to
Pregrilling application
Hitch, for Hamlet
Do some massaging
"... ay, there's the ___"
Steak seasoning
Erase, with "out"
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