Crossword Clues for SAFARIS

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Clue Source Date
Game quests Thomas Joseph 12 May 2022
Drive-through tourist activities? Universal 08 May 2022
Female, one wearing dresses on expeditions The Guardian Cryptic 01 Feb 2022
Tanzanian tourist treks Premier Sunday 02 Jan 2022
Game quests Thomas Joseph 16 Oct 2021
Game quests Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2021
Some excursions in Africa Universal 07 Nov 2020
Leopards may be spotted on them Universal 25 Oct 2020
Travels à la Theodore Roosevelt in 1909-10 New York Times 13 Aug 2020
Trips where big cats are spotted LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2020
Trips where big cats are spotted The Washington Post 20 Feb 2020
African adventures The Washington Post 24 Dec 2019
African adventures LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2019
African sightseeing trips Jonesin 09 Jul 2019
Jungle jaunts Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
Opportunities to watch the big game? New York Times 03 May 2019
Kenyan expeditions Eugene Sheffer 18 Mar 2019
Opportunities to watch the big game?
Transvaal treks The Washington Post 27 Nov 2018
Transvaal treks LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2018
Exotic trips Universal 18 Jul 2018
Adventurous treks Universal 08 Jul 2018
Adventurous treks
Exotic trips
Transvaal treks
Adventurous vacations Newsday 01 Oct 2017
Exotic hunting vacations Universal 12 Apr 2017
Exotic hunting vacations
Tours in Tanzania USA Today 26 Dec 2016
Game shows? Wall Street Journal 04 Aug 2016
Bush campaigns? New York Times 31 Jul 2016
Savanna outings LA Times Daily 16 Jul 2016
Wild outings LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
Bush campaigns?
Savanna outings
Tours in Tanzania
Wild outings
Honeymoon options LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2015
Hunting expeditions USA Today 13 Oct 2015
Expeditions where you want to be ahead of the game Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2015
They go to the big game Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2015
Kenyan expeditions Newsday 28 Jun 2015
Honeymoon options
Kenyan expeditions
They go to the big game
Expeditions where you want to be ahead of the game
Hunting expeditions
Some hunting expeditions
Exotic vacations
African expeditions
Wild adventures
Game watchers' outings
Some African expeditions
Big game plans?
Adventurous journeys
Jungle adventures
Jungle adventures
African outings
Kenyan expeditions
Wild vacations?
Wild vacations?
Game pursuits
Leopards are spotted on some of them
Many of Sir Richard Francis Burton's voyages
Exotic vacations
Exotic vacations
Trips with a gnu look
African adventures
Fly-drive vacations
Game quests
Bush activities
Tanzania treks
Transvaal treks
Outback outings
Tropical vacations
Kenyan expeditions
Travels off the beaten path
Trips overseas
Trips that might give you a gnu look
Adventurous journeys
Where many people have spotted leopards
Some vacation trips
Hunting trips
Kenyan expeditions
Veldt vacations
Jungle treks
Hunting caravans
Journeys for T.R.
Kenya expeditions
Treks' relatives
Hunting trips
Hunting expeditions.
African expeditions.
Jungle jaunts.
Big game expeditions.
Places where you might catch the big game
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.