Crossword Clues for SALOONS

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Clue Source Date
Bars Thomas Joseph 20 Oct 2021
Oater bars Newsday 27 Dec 2020
Western watering holes Newsday 06 Dec 2020
Stereotypical swinging-doors sites The Washington Post 05 Dec 2020
Stereotypical swinging-doors sites LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2020
Bandits' bars The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Mining camp fixtures Newsday 07 Mar 2020
Taverns Premier Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Old-fashioned gunfight locales New York Times 20 Aug 2017
Western bars Eugene Sheffer 02 Mar 2017
Old-fashioned gunfight locales
Oater settings LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2016
Bars The Telegraph Quick 22 Jul 2016
Gin joints The Washington Post 18 Jan 2016
Oater settings
Oater bars Eugene Sheffer 06 Nov 2015
Oater hangouts
Wild West watering holes
Oater drinking holes
Old gunfight locales
Old West gathering spots
Wild West bars
Watering holes
Watering holes
Oater bars
Western watering holes
Wild West hangouts
Old settings for many out-of-tune pianos
Common locales for film brawls
Old West gathering places
Gin mills
Old West gathering places
Oater backdrops
Wild West towns had them
Wild West watering holes
Watering holes
Fixtures of the old West
Oater settings
Oater sights
Oater settings
Nation's targets
Arm-wrestling venues
Carry Nation's targets
Nation's targets
Dining halls on liners
Western movie sets
Redeye dispensers
Ship lounges
Main cabins on liners.
Dodge City locales.
Carrie Nation's target.
Carry Nation's battlegrounds.
Spacious halls.
Popular settings for Westerns.
Large social cabins on ships.
Main cabins, on steamships.
Dining rooms on ships.
Anathema in Nation's notions.
Carrie Nation's bête noire.
Cabins on ships.
Large cabins on shipboard.
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