Word "SAND" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
French writer known for works concerning women's rights and independence (1804-1876)
amandine aurore lucie dupin, baroness dudevant, george sand

Part of Speech:
fortitude and determination
backbone, grit, gumption, guts, moxie

Part of Speech:
rub with sandpaper
sandpaper the wooden surface

Crossword Clues for SAND

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Clue Source Date
Beach material Family Time 21 Apr 2024
Quartz grains (4)
Writer George in Silk Road city missing an old bit of Germany
Beach blanket? LA Times Mini 13 Apr 2024
What old timers held in their thousands (4)
Stuff in an hourglass
Beach composition Commuter 09 Apr 2024
Mass of rock grains (4)
Hourglass ingredient?
Tiny rock grains (4)
Seafront as well as beach (4)
Golf trap material Commuter 22 Mar 2024
Dan's prepared to become like George (4)
Granular material composed of finely divided mineral particles (4)
Beach makeup
Beach blanket LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2024
Smooth with emery paper, ... the timber
Beach makeup Commuter 11 Mar 2024
"The ___ Pebbles"; film for Steve McQueen
Unhappy, coming across last of uneaten stuff on beach The Times Quick Cryptic 07 Mar 2024
Dune makeup
Basis of arenaceous soil (4)
Beach grains
Smooth with grit paper (4)
It gets in your shoes at the beach Commuter 29 Feb 2024
George ___, French novelist who became Chopin's lover
Stuff on beach originally seen at north dune (4)
Castle material, maybe New York Times 25 Feb 2024
Golf bunker content The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2024
___ sculpture, structure built by pufferfishes to show their love
Smooth beach surface The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2024
"To see a World in a Grain of ... / And a Heaven in a Wild Flower" (Blake)
Hourglass filler
Dune makeup USA Today 15 Feb 2024
Spartacus: Blood And _, 2010 drama series with John Hannah (4)
Found on most beaches
Beach sediment (4)
Beach material taken home in a bottle
Some in turn avoided nasty part of a beach? (4)
George ___, female 19th-century French novelist (4)
Hourglass content
Polish author who loved Chopin The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jan 2024
Polish author who loved Chopin (4)
Smooth Wall Street Journal 04 Jan 2024
Finely ground rocks
Smooth grains (4)
Beach cover Wall Street Journal 27 Dec 2023
Hourglass contents Commuter 22 Dec 2023
It covers the 5-Down Universal 19 Dec 2023
It covers the Sahara
Beach volleyball court surface
Polish smooth (wood)
Beach grains Mirror Classic 08 Dec 2023
Seaside grit
Grainy stuff on the beach USA Today 28 Nov 2023
Pale yellow seaside particles (4) Puzzler 01 Nov 2023
Take the edge off?
Glassmaking material Newsday 19 Oct 2023
Beach castle material
Unhappy, having to import new grains The Times Quick Cryptic 06 Oct 2023
Beach surface Family Time 25 Sep 2023
Beach grit New York Times 11 Sep 2023
Word with dollar or bank New York Times 03 Sep 2023
Beach trip grains Universal 04 Aug 2023
True grit Newsday 03 Aug 2023
Playground box content
__ Antonio LA Times Daily 14 Jul 2023
Hourglass filler
You'll find plenty on the beach Family Time 09 Jul 2023
Trap contents Wall Street Journal 07 Jul 2023
French novelist, Amantine Dupin, d. 1876 The Guardian Quick 03 Jul 2023
Hourglass fill Thomas Joseph 23 Jun 2023
Beach grains The Telegraph Quick 17 Jun 2023
Surface for volleyball matches Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2023
Rub down The Telegraph Quick 09 Jun 2023
Grit Eugene Sheffer 08 Jun 2023
Bunker fill Eugene Sheffer 27 May 2023
Hourglass fill Eugene Sheffer 23 May 2023
It lies on the beach Family Time 21 May 2023
Desert granule
Beach grains The Telegraph Quick 07 May 2023
Contents of a beach or a playground box
Bank deposit Newsday 16 Apr 2023
Where you may find footprints on the beach
Beach volleyball surface
Beach castle material
Smooth, in a way New York Times 09 Mar 2023
Hourglass content
Hourglass stuff LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2023
Grains that aren't part of a healthy diet LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2023
Hourglass ingredient or beach contents
Beach cover Thomas Joseph 24 Jan 2023
Grit Eugene Sheffer 21 Jan 2023
Smooth in a woodshop Universal 12 Jan 2023
Beachfront property? LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2023
It's found at the beach Family Time 25 Dec 2022
Castle material at the beach USA Today 22 Dec 2022
Smooth, as wood Universal 20 Dec 2022
Surface for beach volleyball LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2022
Hourglass fill Eugene Sheffer 28 Nov 2022
Take the edge off, in a way New York Times 22 Nov 2022
Material used to make glass and silicon USA Today 21 Nov 2022
Bunker fill Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2022
Beach grains USA Today 15 Nov 2022
Golfers don't want to go into it New York Times 18 Oct 2022
Hourglass filler
Beach cover Thomas Joseph 14 Oct 2022
Hourglass stuff LA Times Daily 13 Oct 2022
Beach pailful LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2022
Ocean liner? New York Times 24 Sep 2022
Hourglass contents Newsday 14 Sep 2022
Something brought home unintentionally from the beach New York Times 12 Sep 2022
Temporary castle material LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2022
Hourglass grains USA Today 06 Sep 2022
Smooth, in a way New York Times 25 Aug 2022
Rub down with a bit of spit to begin with The Guardian Cryptic 22 Aug 2022
Makeup of castles by the sea USA Today 19 Aug 2022
Raw material in glass production USA Today 11 Jul 2022
The stuff of ocean liners Family Time 10 Jul 2022
Bunker contents Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2022
Beach cover Thomas Joseph 27 May 2022
Contents of some traps Wall Street Journal 18 May 2022
Dune makeup Thomas Joseph 09 May 2022
Bunker material Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2022
A beach is full of the stuff Family Time 04 Apr 2022
Glass ingredient The Times Concise 06 Mar 2022
Bunker fill Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2022
Grit Canadiana 14 Feb 2022
Grit Eugene Sheffer 07 Feb 2022
Grit Canadiana 07 Feb 2022
Hourglass fill Eugene Sheffer 03 Jan 2022
Beach cover LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2021
Grains in concrete USA Today 19 Dec 2021
Material for a fragile castle Family Time 12 Dec 2021
Hourglass filler
Contents of an hourglass New York Times 07 Dec 2021
Gritty grains Wall Street Journal 01 Dec 2021
Hourglass stuff USA Today 29 Nov 2021
Hourglass filler
Grains on a beach towel USA Today 13 Nov 2021
Grit Eugene Sheffer 11 Nov 2021
It's black at Punalu'u Beach Universal 02 Nov 2021
*Shallow water hazard Universal 14 Oct 2021
Hourglass filler Universal 13 Oct 2021
Beach castle material?
"Foreign ___," 1994 song released by Roger Taylor and Yoshiki
Navajo art medium Newsday 02 Oct 2021
What gets into a beachgoer's shoes Universal 01 Sep 2021
You'll find it at the beach Family Time 23 Aug 2021
Dupin's alter ego in Silk Road city ignoring a character The Telegraph Toughie 17 Aug 2021
Hourglass filler
Beach volleyball surface USA Today 03 Jul 2021
Hourglass content
Material melted to make glass The Washington Post Sunday 30 May 2021
Bunker content The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2021
Initially slippery and smooth The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2021
Construction material that covers 1a, used for building a type of castle
Regularly stained construction material 
Capital of Somalia, with typical desert feature
Ocean liner Newsday 27 Feb 2021
Navajo art medium Newsday 26 Feb 2021
Beach composition New York Times 08 Feb 2021
Beach composition Family Time 08 Feb 2021
Polish hospital close to overcrowded The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jan 2021
Ocean liner bearing those in 17 across returning Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jan 2021
Hourglass stuff USA Today 28 Dec 2020
Beach The Telegraph Quick 25 Dec 2020
Hourglass fill Eugene Sheffer 23 Dec 2020
It's used to make glass Irish Times Simplex 21 Dec 2020
Ocean liner going around Sao Tiago Island Irish Times Crosaire 27 Nov 2020
Golf bunker contents LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2020
Golf bunker contents The Washington Post 17 Nov 2020
Beach grit Premier Sunday 15 Nov 2020
Dune makeup USA Today 12 Nov 2020
Polish, like one of my lovers, might one suppose?
Beach blanket? Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2020
Polish end of button in blue
Smooth down The Times Concise 03 Oct 2020
Egg timer filler Universal 27 Sep 2020
Unhappy eating starter of nutritious grains
Bank deposit? Family Time 17 Aug 2020
"Blood and ___," 1941 romantic film in which George Reeves played Captain Pierre Lauren
Beach bucketful New York Times 21 Jul 2020
Makeup of a beach New York Times 20 Jul 2020
Tiny moving parts visible in old timepiece
Beach grains
Smooth beach surface The Sun Two Speed 01 Jul 2020
Beach cover Thomas Joseph 26 Jun 2020
Make smooth, as wood Universal 07 Jun 2020
Sandown doesn't have its own beach?
Ontario lake Canadiana 25 May 2020
Hourglass contents Newsday 19 May 2020
Writer George dresses knight in blue
Bear has no time to be smooth The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Apr 2020
Beach makeup Wall Street Journal 31 Mar 2020
Dune makeup Thomas Joseph 24 Mar 2020
Found in the mix of 21 down from ocean liner Irish Times Crosaire 02 Mar 2020
Hourglass filler
"Sandcastles in the ___," song released by Robin Sparkles in "How I Met Your Mother"
Bunker contents Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2020
To smooth The Telegraph Quick 25 Dec 2019
Bunker filler USA Today 19 Nov 2019
It's on the beach Family Time 03 Nov 2019
Beach trip souvenir? Universal 26 Sep 2019
Ocean liner is presumably supposed to support 19 down Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2019
Fine grains of rock The Times Concise 17 Aug 2019
Time measure LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2019
Time measure The Washington Post 03 Aug 2019
103 Down surface Newsday 28 Jul 2019
Timer contents, perhaps USA Today 10 Jul 2019
French novelist George ___ (pen name) whose volume of work includes novels like "Indiana" and "Valentine"
Smooth, starts to sing awfully, needling daughter
Beach grit The Times Concise 25 Jun 2019
Castle-building stuff USA Today 18 Jun 2019
George ----, novelist (aka Amantine Dupin), associated with Chopin The Guardian Speedy 16 Jun 2019
Hourglass content
Name written in blue or yellowish-brown The Telegraph Toughie 11 Apr 2019
Egg timer filler USA Today 27 Mar 2019
George --, French female novelist The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 Mar 2019
Beach castle makeup USA Today 11 Feb 2019
. Spades and construction material
Grit Eugene Sheffer 10 Jan 2019
Hourglass contents The Guardian Quick 09 Jan 2019
What you'd get in your shoe if you go to a beach
Timer contents, perhaps
Beach castle makeup
Bunker filler
Time measure
Beach trip souvenir?
Egg timer filler
Castle-building stuff
Dune makeup
Beach stuff Universal 24 Dec 2018
Smooth New York Times 13 Dec 2018
Bank deposit Universal 06 Dec 2018
Duffer's challenge Newsday 23 Nov 2018
Won't you want a piece of this place to take back home? Time to pick a souvenir! (1/5) Beach material used to make castles
What is filled inside an hourglass?
Work on wood Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2018
Beach surface Newsday 15 Oct 2018
Component of concrete USA Today 27 Sep 2018
Desert grit The Telegraph Quick 15 Sep 2018
Trap filler Wall Street Journal 06 Sep 2018
Son with contents of hourglass?
Xhosan desert has plenty of this The Telegraph Toughie 04 Sep 2018
Vast bank deposit Universal 28 Aug 2018
Castle type Universal 24 Aug 2018
Hourglass contents New York Times 20 Aug 2018
Last of cornflakes with mass of grains The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2018
Gritty French writer …
Unhappy about new beach The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Aug 2018
Pile in some pails Newsday 27 Jul 2018
Beach makeup Thomas Joseph 02 Jul 2018
Beach grains The Telegraph Quick 11 Jun 2018
Egg-timer filler USA Today 05 Jun 2018
Glass component Newsday 01 Jun 2018
Writer's article appearing in Standard, devoid of substance
Smooth, low, captivating note
Makings of a castle at the beach New York Times 23 Apr 2018
It's beachy keen Universal 18 Apr 2018
Hourglass fill Premier Sunday 08 Apr 2018
Ocean-liner going around Sao Tiago Island Irish Times Crosaire 07 Apr 2018
Yellow-brown colour The Times Concise 27 Mar 2018
Beach makeup New York Times 07 Mar 2018
Bunker fill Wall Street Journal 14 Feb 2018
Beach dust The Sun Two Speed 05 Feb 2018
You left 1000 little grains The Sun Two Speed 05 Feb 2018
___ trap The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jan 2018
Hourglass contents
Work on wood
Trap filler
Egg-timer filler
Component of concrete
Bank deposit
Beach stuff
Castle type
It's beachy keen
Beach makeup
Makings of a castle at the beach
Vast bank deposit
Grains in concrete USA Today 11 Dec 2017
George --, pen name of Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin The Telegraph General Knowledge 10 Dec 2017
It's spread on snowy roads Wall Street Journal 07 Dec 2017
Beach blanket? Eugene Sheffer 07 Dec 2017
Beach stuff Thomas Joseph 08 Nov 2017
Dune makeup Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2017
Very fine rock The Telegraph Quick 13 Oct 2017
Hourglass filler
Cement ingredient Newsday 17 Sep 2017
What some castles are made of New York Times 05 Sep 2017
Hourglass fill
Hourglass filler
De-ice, in a way USA Today 17 Aug 2017
There is plenty of it on a beach Family Time 14 Aug 2017
You must leave a cube smooth The Times Cryptic 05 Jul 2017
Smooth down (surface) The Telegraph Quick 05 Jul 2017
You must leave a cube smooth
Hourglass particles The Telegraph Quick 24 Jun 2017
Hourglass filler USA Today 22 Jun 2017
Zen garden grains Wall Street Journal 30 May 2017
Found on beaches
Collection of tiny moving parts in old-fashioned timer The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Apr 2017
It's found lying on the beach Universal 08 Mar 2017
White ___ beaches
Fine stone particles The Times Concise 17 Feb 2017
Hourglass fill Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2017
Grit; powdered rock The Telegraph Quick 30 Jan 2017
Timer filler USA Today 24 Jan 2017
Composition of dunes New York Times 10 Jan 2017
De-ice, in a way
Composition of dunes
What some castles are made of
Timer filler
Grains in concrete
It's found lying on the beach
Hourglass filler
Egg-timer contents Newsday 22 Dec 2016
Smooth, in a way USA Today 14 Dec 2016
Timer drizzler LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2016
Unhappy about new seaside feature
Hourglass contents USA Today 26 Oct 2016
Where some wedges are used The Washington Post 23 Oct 2016
Contents of a kid's box Wall Street Journal 08 Oct 2016
Smooth, as a plank Newsday 04 Sep 2016
Gritty stuff Newsday 25 Aug 2016
Measure of passing time LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2016
Smooth, in a way New York Times 04 Aug 2016
Author, 'On the Beach'? The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jul 2016
Beach cover LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2016
Beach material Family Time 25 Jul 2016
Centre to massage with rub down The Guardian Cryptic 14 Jul 2016
Centre to massage with rub down
Yellowish-brown hospital department
Material for some castles LA Times Daily 31 May 2016
This is square, also smooth
Bunker stuff Wall Street Journal 11 May 2016
Bunker filler Universal 10 May 2016
Concrete ingredient Universal 08 May 2016
Smooth on the workbench USA Today 27 Apr 2016
Bunker fill New York Times 12 Apr 2016
Golf bunker filler The Washington Post 22 Mar 2016
Smooth, in a way The Washington Post 28 Jan 2016
Beach formation New York Times 21 Jan 2016
Make smooth Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2016
Material for some castles
Smooth, in a way
Beach formation
Smooth, in a way
Timer drizzler
Measure of passing time
Beach cover
Hourglass contents The Washington Post 03 Dec 2015
Hourglass filler Eugene Sheffer 17 Nov 2015
Contents of some banks New York Times 28 Oct 2015
Plaster ingredient Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2015
Cement mixer input New York Times 30 Sep 2015
Painting medium LA Times Daily 27 Sep 2015
Shore thing LA Times Daily 23 Aug 2015
Beach, basically USA Today 20 Aug 2015
Timer innards Newsday 30 Jul 2015
Beach, basically Universal 28 Jul 2015
Smooth bed lining
Beach blanket? New York Times 02 Jul 2015
Beach, essentially Universal 26 Jun 2015
Reddish-yellow Newsday 21 Jun 2015
Polish or French novelist The Telegraph Toughie 29 May 2015
Fine rock grains The Times Concise 28 May 2015
What's often brought home from the beach Newsday 24 May 2015
Goes around Saint-Tropez with tailwind in ocean liner? Irish Times Crosaire 09 May 2015
Hourglass fill Thomas Joseph 19 Feb 2015
It's used in glass-making Irish Times Simplex 26 Jan 2015
Cement mixer input
Beach, basically
Beach blanket?
Shore thing
Hourglass material
Grit in a golf trap
Beach, essentially
Contents of some banks
Beach, basically
Beach surface
Timer innards
What's often brought home from the beach
Hendrix "Castles Made of ___"
Box material?
Stuff in the Sahara
Painting medium
Hourglass contents
Plaster ingredient
Smooth   French author
It runs out in time
Beach blanket?
Hourglass contents
Golfer's challenge
Bunker filler
Glassmaking need
Hourglass filler
1989 R.E.M. single
Hourglass filler
Hourglass material
A natural abrasive
Beach sight
Hourglass fill
Word with bag, blast or box
A line may be drawn in it
Type of trap
True grit
Beach pailful
Beach blanket?
Gritty French novelist?
Beachy Damien Rice song?
Construction material for some castles
A line may be drawn in it
Bank deposit
Bar material?
Hourglass particles
Pailful at the beach
A line may be drawn in it
Bank deposit
Golf bunker filler
Gritty grains
Shore grains
Santana "Written in ___"
What Plant and Krauss were "Raising"
Beach towel grains
Quick finish?
Volleyball surface, at times
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Wet ___"
The Who "Sea and ___"
Kind of bag, bank or bar
Beach feature
Beachy Phish song?
What Hendrix' "Castles" are made of
Beach castle material
Beach-castle material
Take the edge off?
Hourglass stuff
Beachfront property?
Beach makeup
Bunker fill
Golf trap substance
Hourglass fill
Beach volleyball surface
Beach makeup
Beachfront property?
Hourglass trickler
Grains at the shore
Hourglass stuff
Hourglass trickler
Type of castle
Aerosmith "Remember (Walking in the ___)"
Use abrasive on
Castle material
Grains at the shore
Beach Boys floor seats?
It lies on the beach
Beach feature
Trap fill
Castle-building material
Neutral hue
Take the edge off?
Pail pile
Golf trap substance
Prepare for painting, perhaps
Beach grains
Make smooth
It lies on the beach
Take the edge off?
Golf hazard, often
Hourglass fill
Beach makeup
Beach material
Golf hazard, often
Desert, mostly
Beach makeup
Shore-castle material
Shore thing
Hourglass flow
It lies on the beach
Hourglass filler
Contents of some banks
Cement mixer input
Glassmaking ingredient
Between-your-toes grains
Ephemeral castle material
Prepare for staining
Beach surface
Between-your-toes grains
Hourglass flow
Smooth in the shop
Smooth in the shop
Dune material
Beach surface
Hazard on the golf course
Beach blanket?
Bank deposit?
It may cover a lot
Levee material
Castle material, perhaps
Make smooth
Beach blanket?
Beach composition
Gear impediment
Glass ingredient
Beach stuff
Prepare wood for painting
Shore sign?
Beach abundance
Ocean liner?
Bunker stuff
Innards of some clocks
Trap material
It may be shifting
Glass ingredient
Castle makeup
Starter for bar or bag
Word before hill or dollar
Ocean liner?
Coastal covering
Hourglass fill
Glass component
Soft rock?
Dune makeup
Dune material
Beach composition
Bunker grains
Kind of castle
Glassmaking material
Dune stuff
Beach pileup
Beach blanket?
Hourglass contents
Hourglass sight
Kind of trap
Hourglass contents
Smooth wood
___ box: playground feature
Hourglass contents
Chopin's companion
Castle material?
Beach, mostly
Contents of some banks
Chopin's paramour
Remove the rough spots
"The Devil's Pool" novelist
Bunker filler
Quick follower
Cement ingredient
Navajo art medium
Beach, mostly
Even wood
Golf trap contents
Castle construction material
Castle material, perhaps
Trap filler
Smooth down
Make smooth
Castle material, perhaps
Concrete component
It may be shifting
Quick finish?
Timer filler
Painting medium
Bank deposit?
Rub with rough paper
Material for a bank?
Storm particles
Hourglass contents
Work across the board?
Castle stuff
Word with bag or box
Dune composition
Hourglass filler
Desert makeup
Bank deposit
Beach towel coating
Trap filler
Castle material
Make smooth
It's on the beach
Desert surface
Dune makeup
Box filler
Beach covering
1966 Steve McQueen film, "The ___ Castles"
Ocean liner?
Golf trap
Beach abundance
Dune makeup
Box filler
Beach covering
Gritty grains
Cement mixer input
Castle material
It may be driven during a storm
Beach covering
It might be quick
Hourglass innards
Kind of flea or dollar
Shore thing
Make smooth
Ocean liner?
Paper type
Do a road crew's job
Hourglass stuff
"The Haunted Pool" novelist
Type of paper
Smooth, as wood
Kind of dollar
Beach volleyball surface
With 110-Down, a beach sight
Timer innards
Beach makeup
Dune material
French novelist
Beach blanket?
Smooth down
Beach blanket?
Smooth wood
Dune fodder
Ocean liner?
Trap material
Hourglass fill
Word with castle or box
She wrote 80 novels
Novelist once romantically linked to Chopin
Hourglass filler
Analog for time
Hourglass filling
Hourglass filler
Smooth down
Hourglass innards
Prepare wood for painting
Castle composition
A natural abrasive
___ dollar
Amandine Aurore Lucile
Old timer filler
Chopin companion
Smooth wood
Would-be glass
Hourglass filler
Glass' ancestry
Beach feature
Dudevant's nom de plume
Dune material
With 12-Down, hill formed by the wind in the 31-Down
Lelia author George
True grit
Contents of a kid's box
Even wood
Pulverized rock
Take the edge off
It may cover a lot
Castle material
Hourglass grain
Smoothen, in a way
Word before bag or box
Box fill
Mens sana in corpore ____
Kind of flea or dollar
Kind of trap
Contents of a kid's box
Beach need
Chopin's friend
Beach blanket?
Beach, basically
Contents of a playground box
Aka Dupin
Golfer's trap
Word before bar or box
Make smooth
Bar material?
Kind of trap
Castle material
Beach souvenir
Beach wear often
Torero's work surface
Author George
Glass source
Dudevant's pseudonym
Dudevant's pen name
"Elle et Lui" author
Amandine Dupin's pen name
Novelist George
Smooth wood
"Lélia" author
Waikiki constituent
"Castle" material
Concrete ingredient
Dupin's nom de plume
Part of concrete
Mortar ingredient
Kind of sculpture
Word with paper or piper
Beach material
Kind of dollar or storm
Hourglass material
Mojave feature
True grit
Hourglass filling
Castle material?
Beach cover
Chopin's amie
Kind of lot
Colorado's Great ___ Dunes
Tot's box-filler
Cape Cod sight
Color or novelist
She wrote "Indiana": 1832
Work on wood
Kind of bar or bank
Famous nom de plume
Tan shade
Ingredient of mortar
Word with castle or bar
Kind of paper or box
Hosiery shade
Kind of box or bar
Trap material
Box or blast
Contents of a child's box
Kind of paper or trap
Type of paper
Spinach feature
Kind of castle
Hourglass need
Novelist George ___
Work on floors
Arena material
Writer George
Do the floors.
French novelist.
Hourglass part.
Hosiery shade.
Yellowish color.
Beach feature.
Neutral color.
Shifting granules.
Word used with paper or piper.
Aurore Dupin's pseudonym.
Word with box or lot.
Kind of bag or box.
Component of concrete.
Pluck: Colloq.
Mortar ingredient.
Reddish-yellow color.
Kind of trap on links.
Reddish yellow.
Hourglass material.
A large part of 41 Across.
Dull reddish-yellow color.
Substance for castle-building.
Hourglass filling.
Part of a famous nom de plume.
Makings of a dune.
What "arena" means.
___ dollar, a sea urchin.
Part of concrete.
Contents of certain boxes.
Novelist Dudevant's nom de plume.
Aurore Dupin.
___ trap.
Beach coat.
Contents of an hourglass.
Famous literary pen name.
Reddish-yellow shade.
Famous pen name.
Author of "Léila."
Playground equipment.
Famous literary pseudonym.
Pseudonym of novelist Dudevant.
Building material.
Hourglass substance.
George ___, novelist.
George ___, Mme. Dudevant's pseudonym.
Nom de plume of Armandine Dupin.
"Aeolian harp of her times."
Lucille Dupin.
Literary friend of Chopin.
Pseudonym of Mme. Dudevant.
Particles of the desert.
Found on the seashore.
Do some woodworking
Trap's makeup
Stuff in some bricks
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