Crossword Clues for SANTA

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Clue Source Date
Dancer's boss Thomas Joseph 24 Jun 2022
Father Christmas LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2022
"Ho ho ho!" speaker Universal 19 Jun 2022
Overnight delivery pro? Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2022
Ed Asner role in 2003's 'Elf' New York Times 15 Jun 2022
Sleigh ride figure The Washington Post Sunday 12 Jun 2022
Annual visitor Thomas Joseph 01 Jun 2022
Thanksgiving parade VIP Newsday 24 Apr 2022
Present-day deliveryman? Universal 12 Apr 2022
Start of three California county names Newsday 05 Mar 2022
He goes "Ho ho ho!" Universal 18 Feb 2022
Father Christmas Irish Times Simplex 19 Jan 2022
Small insect on a Christmas visitor The Times Cryptic 29 Dec 2021
Christmas Eve traveler Thomas Joseph 20 Dec 2021
It can precede eight first names in this puzzle to form the names of California cities Premier Sunday 19 Dec 2021
Who actually lives in Lapland, some say New York Times 24 Oct 2021
Annual visitor Thomas Joseph 22 Oct 2021
Satan getting confused -- he brings presents! The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Oct 2021
Name following 'secret' or 'mall' USA Today 18 Sep 2021
North Pole resident Universal 13 Sep 2021
Seasonal mall worker USA Today 09 Sep 2021
Once-a-year flier Newsday 04 Sep 2021
Fall mall hiree LA Times Daily 29 Aug 2021
Fall mall hiree The Washington Post 29 Aug 2021
Seasonal sleigh rider USA Today 27 Aug 2021
Sleigh driver LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2021
Sleigh driver The Washington Post 17 Aug 2021
He makes a list and checks it twice USA Today 26 Jul 2021
One focusing on the present day? The Washington Post Sunday 04 Jul 2021
Comet controller? Universal 29 May 2021
Seasonal delivery driver? New York Times 18 May 2021
Noel notable Newsday 09 May 2021
"Ho, ho, ho" dude Family Time 09 May 2021
___ Ana Universal 06 May 2021
Seasonal visitor Wall Street Journal 03 May 2021
North Pole boss USA Today 15 Apr 2021
One who laughs 'Ho, ho, ho!' New York Times 29 Mar 2021
Seasonal sleigh driver Wall Street Journal 01 Mar 2021
Kris Kringle USA Today 20 Feb 2021
Target of a NORAD flight tracker USA Today 14 Feb 2021
Late-fall mall temp Newsday 07 Jan 2021
Christmas list keeper USA Today 09 Dec 2020
Figure that goes through the roof in December? New York Times 04 Dec 2020
"Ho, ho, ho" big man Family Time 29 Nov 2020
Air traveler in early winter New York Times 28 Nov 2020
Sight at the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade New York Times 26 Nov 2020
He goes down chimneys Universal 17 Nov 2020
He has a famous lap Premier Sunday 25 Oct 2020
Noted sleigh rider Universal 12 Oct 2020
Once-a-year aviator Newsday 13 Sep 2020
Red-and-white suit wearer LA Times Daily 03 Sep 2020
Red-and-white suit wearer The Washington Post 03 Sep 2020
Seasonal mall worker USA Today 19 Jul 2020
Annual traveler Thomas Joseph 16 Jul 2020
Stocking stuffer New York Times 05 Jul 2020
“Smooth” guitarist Carlos Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2020
''Ho, ho, ho!'' guy Newsday 30 Jun 2020
Holiday visitor Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2020
Chimney swooper? Universal 22 Jun 2020
Bearded mall temp Universal 01 Jun 2020
Dancer's driver Newsday 31 May 2020
Seasonal visitor, hill-dweller in South Africa The Telegraph Cryptic 26 May 2020
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's recruiter USA Today 25 May 2020
Travels everywhere return on one day with dancer's boss Irish Times Crosaire 21 May 2020
Unpaid seasonal deliveryman? Universal 14 May 2020
Annual visitor Thomas Joseph 22 Apr 2020
Year-end mall temp USA Today 19 Apr 2020
Mrs. Claus' mister Newsday 08 Apr 2020
Rotund man in a bright suit LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2020
Rotund man in a bright suit The Washington Post 29 Mar 2020
Dancer's boss Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2020
December mall figure The Washington Post 17 Mar 2020
December mall figure LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2020
Rudolph's boss Universal 14 Mar 2020
Thanksgiving parade VIP Newsday 11 Mar 2020
Small beside six-footer, a delivery-man The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Dec 2019
Blitzen's boss Thomas Joseph 24 Dec 2019
With 34-Across, fellow with a sleigh Thomas Joseph 23 Dec 2019
Generous type, devil with tail up somewhat? The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Dec 2019
Start of many California city names USA Today 07 Dec 2019
"Ho-ho-ho" crier Family Time 02 Dec 2019
Blitzen's boss Eugene Sheffer 25 Oct 2019
Reindeer reins holder LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2019
Reindeer reins holder The Washington Post 14 Oct 2019
Vixen's boss Premier Sunday 29 Sep 2019
Annual visitor Eugene Sheffer 28 Sep 2019
December letter recipient Universal 27 Sep 2019
With 45-Across, hot winds Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2019
December 25 visitor Universal 19 Sep 2019
Father Christmas The Times Concise 16 Sep 2019
Gift list addressee The Washington Post 07 Sep 2019
Gift list addressee LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2019
Nick working at night? LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2019
Nick working at night? The Washington Post 26 Jul 2019
Stocking stuffer Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2019
North Pole resident New York Times 08 Jul 2019
Donald Duck persona in ''Toy Tinkers'' Newsday 01 Jun 2019
December sleigh driver Newsday 28 May 2019
Red-suited December traveler Universal 19 May 2019
Reindeer reinsman USA Today 15 May 2019
One-night-a-year flier The Washington Post 19 Apr 2019
One-night-a-year flier LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2019
Seasonal visitor The Washington Post 28 Mar 2019
Seasonal visitor LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2019
General ___ Anna Universal 07 Mar 2019
Rudolph's master USA Today 13 Feb 2019
Red-and-white hat wearer The Washington Post 05 Jan 2019
Red-and-white hat wearer LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2019
North Pole resident
Gift list addressee
December letter recipient
Man of the present?
General ___ Anna
Seasonal visitor
With 45-Across, hot winds
Stocking stuffer
One-night-a-year flier
Nick working at night?
Rudolph's master
Red-and-white hat wearer
Reindeer reins holder
December 25 visitor
Reindeer reinsman
Red-suited December traveler
Recent annual visitor Newsday 30 Dec 2018
Sleigh driver Thomas Joseph 25 Dec 2018
North Pole boss Thomas Joseph 24 Dec 2018
Stocking stuffer? Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2018
'Ho ho ho' speaker Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2018
Hoer? Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2018
December temp LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2018
December temp The Washington Post 27 Nov 2018
First word in many California city names The Washington Post Sunday 14 Oct 2018
Christmas character Universal 18 Sep 2018
Yuletide character Universal 14 Sep 2018
Christmas Eve traveler Thomas Joseph 03 Sep 2018
Holiday party figure, perhaps USA Today 22 Aug 2018
Dasher's driver Newsday 19 Aug 2018
Year-end temp USA Today 07 Aug 2018
Dasher's boss Eugene Sheffer 03 Aug 2018
Xmas visitor The Sun Two Speed 30 Jul 2018
Worker in South Africa sees Father Christmas The Sun Two Speed 30 Jul 2018
'Ernest Saves Christmas' character The Washington Post Sunday 29 Jul 2018
North Pole letter recipient The Washington Post 21 May 2018
North Pole letter recipient LA Times Daily 21 May 2018
December temp Newsday 06 May 2018
Driver of flying reindeer Newsday 16 Apr 2018
__ Clara County (Silicon Valley locale) Newsday 08 Apr 2018
Christmas visitor The Times Concise 05 Apr 2018
Dad in a red and white outfit? The Telegraph Quick 26 Mar 2018
With the first parts of 17- and 52-Across and 11- and 25-Down, four California cities USA Today 23 Feb 2018
Receiver of many letters LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2018
Receiver of many letters The Washington Post 14 Jan 2018
Red-suited reindeer driver Newsday 02 Jan 2018
Holiday party figure, perhaps
With the first parts of 17- and 52-Across and 11- and 25-Down, four California cities
Year-end mall temp
Year-end temp
Yuletide character
Christmas character
December temp
North Pole letter recipient
Receiver of many letters
"Ho ho ho" speaker
Stocking stuffer?
Yuletide visitor Canadiana 25 Dec 2017
Deliverer of Christmas packages New York Times 24 Dec 2017
Pole star? New York Times 21 Dec 2017
Speaker of the cheer in question Newsday 19 Dec 2017
Pole star? Thomas Joseph 25 Nov 2017
Answer to 'Who wears a long cap on his head?,' in song New York Times 26 Oct 2017
Canada's H0H 0H0 postal code addressee Newsday 14 Oct 2017
With 51-Down, one of three historic ships Wall Street Journal 09 Oct 2017
With 9 Across, Silicon Valley city Newsday 28 Sep 2017
Figure at a December party, perhaps USA Today 06 Sep 2017
International package deliverer New York Times 27 Aug 2017
Annual aviator Newsday 17 Aug 2017
Christmas Eve visitor Newsday 08 Aug 2017
Kris Kringle Newsday 12 Jun 2017
Seasonal temp The Washington Post 10 Jun 2017
Seasonal temp LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2017
St. Nick Universal 24 May 2017
Seasonal sack toter The Washington Post 09 May 2017
Seasonal sack toter LA Times Daily 09 May 2017
Year-end temp job Newsday 23 Apr 2017
Holiday visitor with a famous lap Wall Street Journal 18 Mar 2017
"Ho ho ho" holiday guy LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2017
'Ho ho ho' holiday guy The Washington Post 06 Mar 2017
Year-end temp Universal 23 Feb 2017
Christmas Eve aviator Newsday 24 Jan 2017
Seasonal temp
St. Nick
Seasonal sack toter
"Ho ho ho" holiday guy
Answer to "Who wears a long cap on his head?," in song
Figure at a December party, perhaps
Pole star?
International package deliverer
Deliverer of Christmas packages
Christmas VIP Newsday 25 Dec 2016
Jovial deliveryman contributing to pleasant atmosphere The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2016
Christmas decoration The Times Concise 20 Dec 2016
December temp New York Times 04 Dec 2016
Dancer driver Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2016
Noted gift-giver Universal 02 Dec 2016
Preceder of Barbara or Clara New York Times 30 Nov 2016
Flier in red and white Newsday 19 Nov 2016
Subject of an annual NORAD tracking program The Washington Post 03 Nov 2016
Leader of a group of elves New York Times 01 Nov 2016
___ Claus New York Times 17 Oct 2016
Traveler tracked by NORAD Newsday 09 Oct 2016
Dancer's leader New York Times 25 Sep 2016
Figure of veneration LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2016
North Pole notable Wall Street Journal 06 Sep 2016
Christmas Eve visitor Premier Sunday 24 Jul 2016
Chimney creeper The Washington Post 26 Jun 2016
Gifted world traveler? Premier Sunday 01 May 2016
Year-end mall worker USA Today 01 Apr 2016
Dancer's driver The Washington Post 19 Mar 2016
Cupid's boss Universal 12 Mar 2016
Noted gift giver New York Times 09 Mar 2016
Word in many California cities The Washington Post 01 Mar 2016
Seasonal gift giver LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2016
Big bag carrier LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2016
___ Cruz, California The Washington Post 16 Feb 2016
Blitzen's boss LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2016
Saint Nick Universal 14 Jan 2016
Preceder of Barbara or Clara
Dancer's leader
Leader of a group of elves
Blitzen's boss
Saint Nick
December temp
Figure of veneration
Noted gift-giver
___ Claus
With 38-Across, fellow who dropped by last night The Washington Post 25 Dec 2015
With 71-Across, seasonal visitor who'd appreciate being warned about the ends of 20-, 37- and 56-Across LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2015
Christmas drop-in USA Today 18 Dec 2015
He goes on a holiday Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2015
Driver who originally had an eight-member team The Washington Post 14 Nov 2015
Nick name? USA Today 13 Nov 2015
Nick name? Universal 16 Oct 2015
Cupid's master The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Oct 2015
Small insect, a rarely seen winter visitor The Times Cryptic 15 Sep 2015
Cupid's boss USA Today 01 Jul 2015
Rudolph's driver Newsday 26 Apr 2015
Legendary sleigh rider LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2015
With 73-Across, seat of Orange County Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2015
Christmas celebrity LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2015
December list keeper New York Times 23 Feb 2015
Red-suited reindeer driver LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2015
__ Monica Mountains Newsday 25 Jan 2015
"Ho ho ho" crier Universal 06 Jan 2015
Cupid's boss
Christmas drop-in
Kris Kringle
Dancer's driver
Cupid's boss
Nick name?
Cupid's master
December list keeper
Flue negotiator
Christmas Eve visitor
Driver who originally had an eight-member team
December traveler
Nick name?
___ Cruz, California
Legendary sleigh rider
Everclear "___ Ana Wind"
"Ho ho ho" crier
With 73-Across, seat of Orange County
He goes on a holiday
With 71-Across, seasonal visitor who'd appreciate being warned about the ends of 20-, 37- and 56-Across
Legendary sleigh rider
Red-suited reindeer driver
Christmas celebrity
__ Monica Mountains
Rudolph's driver
Nick name?
Employer of many elves
Seasonal cookie eater
In verse, "His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!"
Stranger often sat on by children
Elf's employer
Christmas Eve aviator
Annual stocking suffer
Annual fly-by-nighter
"Little old driver" of a familiar verse
See 5-Down
Legendary guy traditionally wearing black boots
Present day superstar?
Dancer director?
December drop-in
With 66 Down, not-so-frequent flier
Bruce Springsteen "___ Ana"
North Pole resident
"Ho ho ho" crier
Holiday attraction at a mall
Cupid's boss
Man in a red suit
One making overnight deliveries
12/24 visitor
Year-end stocking stuffer
Present-day hero?
Annual sleigh driver
Annual wish-list recipient
Present-day personality?
Annual toy toter
December temp
Mr. Claus
Thanksgiving parade VIP
Cupid's driver
Cupid's boss
Seasonal mall worker
Dancer's prompter
Elf employer
He's coming to town soon
Christmas letter recipient
December 24th visitor
He's coming to town soon
"Jolly old elf" of rhyme
North Pole resident
Seasonal temp
See 46-Across
Dancer director
Visitor from the North
Part of UCSB
__ Monica, CA
__ Cruz, CA
Frequent December addressee
Big bag carrier
Holiday traveler
See 3-Down
One who's busy the night before opening day?
End-of-the-year fat man
Pole star
Big bag carrier
Rudolph's boss
Ana or Barbara start
Cupid's boss
North Pole resident
Nick active at night
He visits once a year
Dancer's driver
Comet's guider
Rudolph's boss
He visits once a year
He gets the sack in December
Honorific for Maria or Ynez
Comet's leader
Famous package delivery man
He gets the sack in December
After 66-Across, participant in a gift-giving activity
Present-day hero?
A man for one season
Reindeer pilot
Gift deliverer
Christmas card character
___ Rosa, Calif.
Secret ___ (seasonal office game)
Year-end mall temp
Seasonal sleigh driver
Jolly holiday visitor
Flier over 61-Across
Cupid's master?
With 45-Across, largest city in California's wine country
12/24 traditional visitor
___ Monica, Calif.
Man with a nice laugh
Cupid's master?
Flier over 61-Across
Jolly holiday visitor
Traveler who carries his own bag
"Nick" name that goes with the first names in the grid's six longest entries
Seasonal sleigh driver
Year-end mall temp
49-Across list recipient
Dancer's director
He's very elf-conscious
With 35 Down, December temp
Seasonal traveler
Flying-reindeer owner
Nick name?
Billy Bob played him badly
Dancer's manager?
Dancer's director?
Red suit wearer
Nick who comes at night
Pole star?
Annual visitor
December temp job
Vixen's master
Seasonal temp
Red suit wearer
Denizen of the North
Christmas visitor
Year-end temp
Kriss Kringle
Northern star?
Receiver of lists
Wish list receiver
Year-end temp
Present day hero?
Year-end temp
Dancer's manager?
Nick name?
Annual visitor
It may be with Monica or Clara
Stocking stuffer?
Elves' boss
Annual sleigh driver
Annual flier
Nick name?
He has a small staff
Thanksgiving Day parade VIP
Dancer's boss?
Stocking stuffer
Man in a red suit
Chimney guy
Present-day VIP
Man in a red suit
Elves' boss
Christmas list keeper
Rudolph's master
Annual traveler
Comet's guider
Seasonal visitor
Cupid's leader?
Grinch disguise
"Ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood" according to a New York Sun editorial of September 21, 1897
One who laughs a lot
Holiday visitor hidden in eight answers in this puzzle
End of the definition
It can precede the first names in six puzzle answers
Maria or Rosa preceder
Father Christmas
Cupid's boss
Elf-aware figure
Rosa or Paula preceder
"Ho ho ho" fellow
Clement Moore's "right jolly old elf"
Sleigh driver
Workshop owner of note
He comes once a year
Rosa's lead?
Stocking stuffer?
Year-end temp
__ Anna (Alamo victor)
Maria or Rosa preceder
End of the definition
It can precede the first names in six puzzle answers
Christmas regular
Clement Moore's "right jolly old elf"
He has a small work force
It may be with Monica or Clara
List recipient
One making overnight deliveries
One with a small work force
One with a small work force?
Year-end temp
List recipient
Fe antecedent
Thanksgiving parade star
Seasonal sleigh-rider
North Pole VIP
Christmas visitor
One with a pole position?
One with a pole position?
St. Nick
Seasonal temp position
Father Christmas
Bag carrier
North Pole resident, briefly
Billy Bob played him badly
Seasonal sleigh-rider
Year-end list examiner
Seasonal figure
December delivery man
Year-end list examiner
Vixen's master
___ Maria
Present day hero?
He's very elf-conscious
Dasher lasher?
Rooftop visitor
Christmas drop-in
___ Maria
Holiday wish list recipient
Jovial philanthropist
Noted sleigh driver
Fe or Catalina
Hot wind, with 8-Down
One with a small work force
Start for Barbara
One who flies south in the winter
Vixen's master
Pole star?
Present day hero?
First name in gift-giving
He delivers gifts in stockings
He gives gifts in stockings
__ Rosa, CA
Year-end temp
With 10 Down, California city
Noted sleigh driver
Jovial philanthropist
Holiday wish list recipient
Christmas decoration
Cupid's boss
___ Monica, California
Owner of eight other answers in this puzzle
He comes once a year
Annual visitor
Mr. Claus
Bag man
North Pole resident
Employer of 43A
Dancer's boss?
Comet leader?
Dancer's boss?
Man in a red suit
Jolly old elf
North Pole denizen?
Seasonal worker
Beloved man with a bag
Kriss Kringle
Comet leader?
Mr. Claus
Word with Clara, Monica, or Barbara
Man with a small workforce
"Ho ho ho" crier
Jolly old man
North Pole resident
December drop-in
Dancer director?
"Miracle on 34th Street" role
Seasonal globetrotter
Christmas symbol
December temp
Subject of an 1897 query from Virginia
With 59-Down, like some winds
With 40-Down, seat of Orange County, Calif.
Recipient of many wish lists
Producer of a famous laugh
Stocking stuffer
Oscar role of '47
Yuletide visitor
Word with each first name in this puzzle's theme
Man with a list
Stocking stuffer
Wish list receiver
December VIP
Seasonal figure
"The ___ Clause" (Tim Allen film)
Vixen's master
Team manager
Client of this puzzle's spin doctor?
Sack toter
December drop-in
Year-end list maker
Famous package-delivery man
Macy's temp
Fe front
Winter visitor
Christmas visitor
"Miracle on 34th Street" role
Seasonal gadabout
End-of-year temp
Present company?
Man in a red-and-white suit
North Pole dweller
_____ Fe, NM
A fly-by-night?
Rudolph's master
Seasonal list maker
With 15-Across, a California county
December 25 visitor
___ Lucia
Blitzen's boss
__ Clara, CA
__ Ana, CA
Present presenter
Man with a nice laugh
Before Monica
Year-end temp
Man in a suit
He knows if you've been naughty or nice
Seasonal symbol
He's busy this month
Employer of a dozen helpers hidden in this puzzle
Winter wonder man
Anna or Rosa lead-in
He comes once a year
Sidewalk ___
Popular legend of Dutch origin
Big bag carrier
Ho-ho-ho guy
Sledder in the sky
__ Fe, NM
Christmas regular
____ Lucia
Holiday visitor
List recipient
One making overnight deliveries
____ Ana winds
Clara or Claus
Clara or Catalina
Christmas party worker, perhaps
Comet's guider
He "jiggled like a bowl full of jelly"
Holiday housebreaker?
Dancer director?
Noted toy maker
12/25 visitor
Thanksgiving parade participant
Clement Moore's "right jolly old elf"
Seasonal visitor
With 61-Down, a California city
Kris Kringle
Chimney worker?
St. Nick
___ Rosa, Calif.
Worker always seen in a suit
Noted workshop chief
With 29 Down a familiar Christmas figure
Christmas vistor
Clara or Rosa
December visitor
___ Anita
___ Maria
Reindeer driver
Man with a famous lap
Gift giver
Christmas visitor
____ Maria
Barbara in California
Rudolph's master
Yuletide visitor
Cupid's master
December disguise
Man in red
Nick name
Barbara follows it
Annual visitor
_____ Barbara
Clement Moore character
A man for one season
One of the Clauses
Legendary polar inhabitant
Rudolph's reinsman
Rudolph's boss
Anita or Clara
Dancer's guide
Clara or Monica
Bag man
Ana or Barbara
Noted bag man
Subject of a famed 1897 editorial
Seasonal store worker
Univ. of Calif. site, with 10 Across
___ Cruz
Department store's seasonal temp.
Fe or Ana preceder
Fabulous stocking-stuffer
"___ Lucia" (Italian song)
The fat man in red
Catalina or Catarina
Toys man
Tots' hero
Claus or Cruz
Kiddie hero
Yule visitor
Ana or Clara
Anita or Ana
Tot's hero
Stocking stuffer
Dancer's boss?
Famed bag man
Polar resident
Gift bearer
Polar personage
Jolly one in a red suit
Word before Maria or Monica
Obese bag man
Jolly one
Anita, Monica or Clara
Annual department store employee
Hero of a famous 1897 editorial
His toys bring joys to girls and boys
Rooftop sleigher
Famed sleigher
With 2 Down, city in Brazil
"Ho, ho, ho" man
Chimney visitor
Clara or Ana
Good-children's friend
Yearly visitor
Barbara or Maria
North Pole inhabitant
Name before Barbara or Clara
Lucia or Maria
"Nobody shoots at ___ . . . " (Smith)
___ Ana
Jolly man
___ Anita
December caller
Xmas visitor
Rosa or Anna
___ Fe
Maria or Sophia
Maria or Cruz
Annual V.I.P.
Anna or Maria
Xmas V.I.P.
___ Vittoria
___ Rosa
A Nicholas
A Nick.
___ Cruz.
"The Secret of ___ Vittoria."
Seasonal symbol.
Popular man about town.
Jolly fellow.
Symbol of Christmas.
___ Ana.
December figure.
Popular saint.
Seasonal figure.
___ Maria.
Seasonal visitor.
___ Barbara.
December feature.
Red-clad figure.
Man now on leave.
Reindeer driver.
December symbol.
___ Clara.
Man in red.
Man of distinction, for December.
Maria or Clara.
"___ Lucia."
Subject of Virginia's famous query.
Yule man.
December VIP.
___ Maria, Guatemala volcano.
Seasonal saint.
Clara or Monica.
Driver of 17, 23, 26, 48 Across, 1, 26, 36, 37 Down.
Saint Nick.
___ Fé.
Xmas aeronaut.
Last week's visitor.
Yule symbol.
Comet's driver.
Christmas figure.
___ Clara, university in California.
Winter visitor.
Fé or Cruz.
Clara or Anita.
Barbara or Clara.
Anita or Monica.
Vixen's driver.
The other half of 4 Down.
Department store employee.
Hero of Clement Moore poem.
Toyland V. I. P.
The man in the red suit.
Blitzen's driver.
___ Rosa, California.
Edmund Gwenn.
Seasonal department store job.
Reindeer driver, seasonal.
Giver of gifts.
Famous sleigh ride.
Columbus' ship, "___ Maria."
Friend of good children.
Today's hero.
"A right jolly old elf."
Kiddie's hero.
___ Ana, Calif.
___ Fe.
River in Peru.
___ Fe, capital of New Mexico.
Annual visitor.
Children's friend.
Child's best friend.
Dancer's head
Present day man?
One who provides coal in December
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