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Word "SASH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers
cincture, girdle, waistband, waistcloth

Part of Speech:
a framework that holds the panes of a window in the window frame
window sash

Crossword Clues for SASH

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Clue Source Date
Type of sliding window Irish Times Simplex 18 Feb 2021
Elite soldiers behind hotel window The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2021
Cummerbund The Sun Two Speed 13 Feb 2021
Salt marsh banks seen from the window Irish Times Crosaire 05 Feb 2021
Obi Eugene Sheffer 28 Jan 2021
Merit badge holder New York Times 27 Jan 2021
Window framework LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2021
Wide belt Newsday 25 Jan 2021
Waist accessory USA Today 20 Jan 2021
Shoulder-to-hip accessory USA Today 05 Jan 2021
Robe feature Thomas Joseph 04 Jan 2021
Band for an awards ceremony, maybe New York Times 02 Jan 2021
Merit-badge holder Newsday 23 Dec 2020
Band worn over shoulder The Times Concise 27 Nov 2020
Baldrick perhaps found among Mensa's highbrows The Telegraph Toughie 25 Nov 2020
Girl Scout's accessory USA Today 18 Oct 2020
Band worn diagonally USA Today 07 Oct 2020
Window part Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2020
Dress uniform part The Washington Post 19 Sep 2020
Kate Middleton's wear Universal 01 Sep 2020
Garment around Steve Nash? Universal 27 Aug 2020
Spot for a merit badge Universal 25 Aug 2020
Shoulder band Newsday 20 Aug 2020
Band; window frame The Times Concise 20 Jul 2020
Belt The Telegraph Quick 10 Jul 2020
Girl Scout uniform part Universal 08 Jul 2020
Bathrobe securer Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2020
Pageant adornment LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2020
Band when inside say nothing The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2020
Accessory for a Girl Scout USA Today 11 Jun 2020
Pageant accessory Universal 08 Jun 2020
Bachelorette party accessory LA Times Daily 03 Jun 2020
Tiara go-with Premier Sunday 31 May 2020
Shoulder-to-hip band USA Today 19 May 2020
Strip for a pageant Wall Street Journal 13 May 2020
Wrap at a pageant The Washington Post Sunday 10 May 2020
Winner's accessory New York Times 17 Apr 2020
Part of Miss America's attire New York Times 13 Apr 2020
Part of a window Newsday 10 Apr 2020
Merit badge spot LA Times Daily 25 Mar 2020
Garment for Miss America Universal 08 Mar 2020
Girl Scout accessory Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2020
Window frame
Pageant wear
Part of a window thrown up in 'A Visit From St. Nicholas' New York Times 25 Dec 2019
Part of a window thrown up in "A Visit From St. Nicholas"
Kimono closer Newsday 22 Dec 2019
A sliding window frame The Times Specialist Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Band draped around Miss America Family Time 01 Dec 2019
Kimono tie Premier Sunday 24 Nov 2019
Item worn diagonally New York Times 22 Nov 2019
Band worn over the shoulder The Times Concise 20 Nov 2019
Scout uniform adornment USA Today 20 Nov 2019
Spot for merit badges Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2019
It's a cinch! New York Times 09 Nov 2019
Military band New York Times 07 Nov 2019
Ceremonial shoulder-to-hip band The Washington Post 23 Sep 2019
Kimono belt Premier Sunday 15 Sep 2019
Frame for panes Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2019
Place for merit badges USA Today 10 Sep 2019
Bachelorette party band? Universal 10 Sep 2019
Frame band The Telegraph Toughie 06 Aug 2019
Band from school and 21 down Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jul 2019
"Miss America" might be printed on one Universal 30 Jun 2019
Shipmaster loses permit for military band Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jun 2019
Pageant entrant's wrap USA Today 24 Jun 2019
Robe closer USA Today 22 Jun 2019
Miss America's band Family Time 17 Jun 2019
Something my father wore in Africa? Keep that under your hat! Irish Times Crosaire 17 Jun 2019
It's a cinch New York Times 10 May 2019
Pageant entrant's wear USA Today 05 May 2019
Framework of panes The New Yorker 29 Apr 2019
Sliding window frame The Telegraph General Knowledge 31 Mar 2019
Bit of pageant attire The Washington Post 19 Mar 2019
Part of a pirate costume
Pageant body band The Washington Post 17 Dec 2018
Pageant ID Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2018
Leon --, American jazz accordionist The Telegraph General Knowledge 19 Nov 2018
Scout uniform part USA Today 12 Nov 2018
Holder of many a merit badge The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Nov 2018
Part of a Legion of Honor uniform The New Yorker 05 Nov 2018
Lead among singers brought in controls backing band The Telegraph Toughie 01 Nov 2018
Holder of merit badges Family Time 29 Oct 2018
Ornamental band The Washington Post 20 Sep 2018
Lisa's hoodie features a belt The Sun Two Speed 05 Aug 2018
Runway adornment Universal 24 Jul 2018
Merit badge site The Washington Post 22 Jun 2018
Accessory for a mayor with 'Mayor' printed on it, stereotypically The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Elite soldiers by hotel window The Sun Two Speed 16 Jun 2018
Part of Miss America's outfit Family Time 21 May 2018
Regiment first to have band The Telegraph Toughie 17 May 2018
Special Air Service by hospital window The Sun Two Speed 14 May 2018
Son remains in frame The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Mar 2018
Crack soldiers by house's first sliding window The Sun Two Speed 21 Mar 2018
Beauty pageant accessory USA Today 11 Mar 2018
Band of specially trained troops on top of hotel The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2018
Robe part Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2018
Miss America accessory USA Today 27 Jan 2018
It may say "Miss USA"
Beauty pageant band The Washington Post 17 Dec 2017
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.