Word "SAUCE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
add zest or flavor to, make more interesting
sauce the roast

Part of Speech:
behave saucily or impudently towards

Part of Speech:
dress (food) with a relish

Crossword Clues for SAUCE

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Clue Source Date
Hollandaise, e.g LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2022
Apple product? LA Times Daily 19 Jun 2022
Pasta topper Eugene Sheffer 10 Jun 2022
Impertinence The Times Concise 09 Apr 2022
Spaghetti topping Universal 20 Mar 2022
Marinara or pesto Newsday 07 Mar 2022
Pasta cover Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2022
See 11 Across The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Dec 2021
Gravy's kin Thomas Joseph 26 Nov 2021
Word after 'hot' or 'peanut' USA Today 17 Jul 2021
Flavourful accompaniment Irish Times Simplex 26 Jan 2021
Basic pizza topping Universal 01 Jan 2021
Filling in between lasagna layers The Washington Post Sunday 13 Dec 2020
Barbecuing need Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2020
What's ... for the goose is ... for the gander Irish Times Simplex 13 Oct 2020
Tomatoey pasta topping Newsday 21 Sep 2020
Pasta topping Universal 21 Sep 2020
'I got hot ___ in my bag, swag' (Beyonce lyric) USA Today 15 Aug 2020
Clam or lobster The Washington Post 11 Jul 2020
Clam or lobster LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2020
Pasta topper Thomas Joseph 27 May 2020
Tortellini topping Universal 22 May 2020
Hoisin, e.g USA Today 04 Mar 2020
Cheek (informal) The Sun Two Speed 06 Feb 2020
Booze causing impudence The Sun Two Speed 06 Feb 2020
Ristorante potful LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2019
Ristorante potful The Washington Post 10 Nov 2019
Cheek; condiment The Telegraph Quick 02 Nov 2019
Side for dipping Newsday 13 Sep 2019
Topping for spaghetti Newsday 26 Aug 2019
Coating for ribs Newsday 18 Aug 2019
Pasta topper Eugene Sheffer 13 Aug 2019
Impudence The Times Concise 18 Jul 2019
Booze, slangily USA Today 06 Jul 2019
Tortellini topping Wall Street Journal 04 May 2019
Pizza topping Newsday 06 Mar 2019
Alfredo or marinara Universal 01 Mar 2019
Secret ___ (metaphoric key to success) New York Times 18 Feb 2019
Impertinence (informal) The Sun Two Speed 12 Feb 2019
Lip or cheek showing ketchup? The Sun Two Speed 12 Feb 2019
Deep-dish pizza filler Universal 31 Jan 2019
Alfredo, for one Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2019
Alfredo or marinara
Booze, slangily
Alfredo, for one
Tortellini topping
Deep-dish pizza filler
Secret ___ (metaphoric key to success)
See 26 Across The Telegraph Toughie 25 Dec 2018
Zest provider Wall Street Journal 11 Oct 2018
Pasta topping Newsday 09 Oct 2018
Impertinence The Sun Two Speed 06 Aug 2018
Flavoursome addition to food — and booze! The Sun Two Speed 06 Aug 2018
Insolence The Telegraph Quick 21 Jun 2018
Bottle at a barbecue Newsday 14 Jun 2018
See 79-Across Premier Sunday 10 Jun 2018
Big Mac ingredient Universal 31 Mar 2018
Liquid on food The Times Concise 09 Feb 2018
Booze, slangily The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Feb 2018
Wings coating USA Today 26 Jan 2018
Big Mac ingredient
Zest provider
Wings coating
Booze, slangily
Barbecue need USA Today 25 Dec 2017
Hooch The Washington Post 29 Oct 2017
Marinara or pesto Newsday 11 Sep 2017
Barbecue, for one Universal 27 Aug 2017
The casual cheek of Marie Rose Irish Times Crosaire 08 Aug 2017
Spaghetti topping Universal 07 Jul 2017
Marinara or pesto USA Today 01 Jun 2017
Regular specks of ketchup also put over dressing The Telegraph Toughie 31 Mar 2017
Chef's creation The Washington Post 02 Mar 2017
Chef's creation LA Times Daily 02 Mar 2017
Meatball medium LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2017
Chef's creation
Meatball medium
Barbecue, for one
Spaghetti topping
Barbecue need
Marinara or pesto
It may stick to your ribs Newsday 16 Oct 2016
Cranberry product Universal 25 Jul 2016
Pasta cook's potful LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2016
Angel hair topper New York Times 15 Apr 2016
Impertinence The Telegraph Quick 15 Apr 2016
Ketchup, for one USA Today 29 Mar 2016
Impudence of author on the radio The Times Cryptic 03 Mar 2016
Steak condiment Universal 02 Mar 2016
Bottleful on a rib joint table The Washington Post 12 Feb 2016
Hooch New York Times 11 Feb 2016
Ragu, for one Universal 22 Jan 2016
Cranberry product
Ragu, for one
Pasta cook's potful
Cranberry concoction Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2015
Bordelaise or tartar Universal 15 Dec 2015
Spaghetti topper LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2015
Brass and copper amongst most of rest turning up The Telegraph Toughie 12 Aug 2015
Spaghetti accompaniment USA Today 27 Jul 2015
Soy or tomato USA Today 17 Jun 2015
Hard stuff New York Times 20 Mar 2015
Ketchup, e.g Premier Sunday 01 Mar 2015
Mornay, e.g Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2015
Local booze presumably on gravy train Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jan 2015
Hollandaise, e.g.
Spaghetti topper
Spaghetti accompaniment
Soy or tomato
Bordelaise or tartar
Booze, in slang
Hard stuff
Ketchup, e.g.
Cranberry concoction
Ketchup is one
Béarnaise or hollandaise
Ristorante potful
See 41-Across
Bordelaise or mornay
Alfredo, for one
"Two all-beef patties, special ___ ..."
Cutlet covering
Marinara or pesto
Spaghetti topper
Barbecue baste
Pasta topping
Bechamel, e.g.
Culinary topping
Alfredo, for one
Coating for ribs
It may stick to your ribs
Barbecue or cranberry
Spaghetti topping
Buffalo wing coating
Pesto or aioli
Spaghetti topping
Pesto, for example
Barbecue or tomato
Pesto or aioli
Worcestershire ___
Impudent display
Mole, for one
Hard stuff, in slang
It may stick to your ribs
Cranberry condiment
Soy or duck
Hollandaise or Béarnaise
Mole, for one
Chef's creation, perhaps
Tartar or white
Barbecuing need
Pesto or Provençale
59-Down coverer
Tomato product
Steak topping
Cranberry ___ (Thanksgiving staple)
"Two all-beef patties, special ___ ..."
Pesto, for one
Beurre blanc, e.g.
Barbecue baste
Cranberry condiment
Special fast-food ingredient
Pasta topping
Barbecue baste
Spaghetti accompaniment
Spaghetti topper
It covers your ribs
Pasta topping
Pizza topping
Apple or tomato, e.g.
Rémoulade, for one
Pesto, for one
Food decorator
It could be made from apples
Tasty embellishment
Bechamel, e.g.
Barbecue, for one
Ziti topper
Hollandaise, e.g.
Ziti topper
Soubise, e.g.
Hollandaise, e.g.
Hard stuff
Goose go-with, in a saying
Cranberry, e.g.
Booze, slangily
Béchamel, for one
Pasta topper
Pasta topper
Béarnaise, e.g.
Bearnaise, e.g.
Cranberry product
Pesto, for one
Coating for ribs
Barbecuing need
Pesto or aioli
Béarnaise, e.g.
Liquor, slangily
Pesto, for one
Cranberry condiment
Dessert topping
Tomato, e.g.
Pasta topper
50-Across, e.g.
Hollandaise, for one
Velout. or b.arnaise
Marinara, e.g
Marinara, for one
Entrée topper, often
Veloute, e.g.
Hollandaise, e.g.
Spaghetti topping
Pesto, e.g.
Bordelaise or mornay
A.1., for one
Barbecue for one
1-Across, e.g.
Tartar, for one
See 10-Across
Veloute or bechamel
B arnaise or Hollandaise
Tartar _____
Hollandaise is one
Chef's specialty
Soubise, e.g.
Rémoulade, e.g.
Hollandaise, e.g.
Ziti topping
Culinary creation
Catsup, e.g.
Cause anagram
Barbecue topping
French chef's forte
Apple or cranberry follower
Soubise is one
Relish served at 1 Across?
Goose-gander fare
Gander's due
Food garnish
Béchamel, e.g.
Food additive
Hollandaise or marinara
Kind of pan
Fare for goose and gander
Fare for the gander
Béchamel, for one
Chef's concern.
Soubise, for one.
Chef's specialty.
Chef's forte.
Give zest to.
Barbecue ___.
Chef's concoction.
Pert talk.
Food accompaniment.
Gander dressing.
Béarnaise, for example.
Soubise, for example.
Hollandaise or Bordelaise.
Mashed, stewed fruit.
Add piquancy.
Composition of condiments.
Impudence: Colloq.
Dressing for meat.
Booze, with "the"
Back talk
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