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Word "SAX" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore

Part of Speech:
a Belgian maker of musical instruments who invented the saxophone (1814-1894)
adolphe sax

Crossword Clues for SAX

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Clue Source Date
Parker's wind LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2021
Jazzy horn Newsday 21 Apr 2021
Jazzy wind instrument Newsday 07 Apr 2021
Long-bodied jazz instrument, for short New York Times 22 Mar 2021
Jazz instrument LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2021
Jazz horn, for short Newsday 02 Feb 2021
Jazz combo staple Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2021
Stan Getz inst Canadiana 11 Jan 2021
Swing band instrument Eugene Sheffer 25 Dec 2020
Common doo-wop solo instrument LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2020
Alto or tenor instrument, informally Universal 24 Nov 2020
Kenny G's instrument Eugene Sheffer 09 Oct 2020
Big Band instrument, for short Canadiana 14 Sep 2020
YolanDa Brown's instrument USA Today 10 Sep 2020
Kenny G’s instrument Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2020
Wailing wind instrument, for short Newsday 27 Jul 2020
Wailing woodwind The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jul 2020
Part of many film noir scores Newsday 18 Jul 2020
Jazz combo instrument Eugene Sheffer 08 Jul 2020
'Wailing' instrument New York Times 30 Jun 2020
Branford Marsalis' instrument, informally Universal 22 Jun 2020
Jazz horn The Washington Post 17 Jun 2020
Combo instrument Thomas Joseph 25 May 2020
Part of a jazz combo Universal 24 Apr 2020
Getz's instrument Thomas Joseph 01 Apr 2020
Horn for Parker The Washington Post 21 Mar 2020
Tia Fuller's instrument USA Today 07 Mar 2020
Prominent feature of ''Rhapsody in Blue'' Newsday 29 Feb 2020
Part of a horn section USA Today 17 Dec 2019
Early rock horn The Washington Post 01 Dec 2019
Horn for Bird or Trane USA Today 12 Nov 2019
Charlie Parker's instrument, informally New York Times 25 Sep 2019
Wailing instrument Newsday 06 Sep 2019
Kamasi Washington’s instrument Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2019
Instrument featured on Springsteen's 'Born to Run' New York Times 28 Aug 2019
It's heard in the ''Simpsons'' theme Newsday 03 Aug 2019
Clinton plays one USA Today 11 Jul 2019
Cannonball Adderley's instrument Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2019
Jazz horn (abbr.) The Sun Two Speed 20 Jun 2019
Instrument used by callous axeman The Sun Two Speed 20 Jun 2019
Wayne Shorter's instrument Jonesin 28 May 2019
Lisa Simpson's instrument, briefly Universal 13 May 2019
Wailing instrument, informally Universal 26 Mar 2019
Big band instrument Family Time 11 Feb 2019
Kamasi Washington's instrument
Instrument featured on Springsteen's "Born to Run"
"Wailing" instrument
Jazz-combo instrument The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Dec 2018
'Baker Street' instrument Jonesin 30 Oct 2018
Instrument with a notable solo in Springsteen's 'Born to Run' New York Times 17 Oct 2018
Bluesy woodwind New York Times 27 Aug 2018
Single reed instrument Canadiana 09 Jul 2018
Kenny G's horn The Washington Post 21 Jun 2018
Instrument that wails Universal 03 Jun 2018
Instrument on film noir soundtracks
Instrument with a notable solo in Springsteen's "Born to Run"
'Yakety __': rock-'n'-roll novelty hit The Washington Post 14 Dec 2017
"Yakety __": rock-'n'-roll novelty hit LA Times Daily 14 Dec 2017
Jazzy instrument Universal 07 Dec 2017
Jazz band staple The Washington Post 26 Oct 2017
See 63-Across USA Today 19 Oct 2017
Kenny G plays it Premier Sunday 14 May 2017
Jazz wind instrument Newsday 13 Mar 2017
Instrument that can "wail" Universal 25 Feb 2017
Jazz combo horn LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2017
Lisa Simpson's instrument Newsday 19 Jan 2017
___ and violins (music pun) New York Times 13 Jan 2017
Instrument in swing New York Times 12 Jan 2017
Jazzy woodwind, briefly Universal 03 Dec 2016
Classic doo-wop horn LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2016
'Tequila' instrument Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2016
Jazz band participant Newsday 18 Sep 2016
See 15-Across LA Times Daily 31 Mar 2016
Colloquial word for a jazz instrument The Telegraph General Knowledge 28 Feb 2016
Wailer at a jazz club The Chronicle of Higher Education 22 Jan 2016
"Careless Whisper" instrument
Single-reed instrument Family Time 16 Nov 2015
Coltrane's instrument Newsday 29 Oct 2015
Wail producer New York Times 03 Oct 2015
Jazz band instrument LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2015
''Just the Way You Are'' soloist Newsday 28 Aug 2015
Coltrane's instrument, informally USA Today 09 Jun 2015
Doo-wop horn LA Times Daily 18 May 2015
Instrument for Stan Getz Jonesin 14 May 2015
Common doo-wop soloist LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2015
Instrument for Bill Clinton, informally New York Times 16 Feb 2015
Clinton's instrument LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2015
''Pink Panther Theme'' soloist Newsday 02 Jan 2015
"Pink Panther Theme" soloist
"Just the Way You Are" soloist
Kenny G instrument
Horn in the front row of a big band
Bird's instrument
Bleeding Gums Murphy's instrument
"Wailing" instrument, briefly
Instrument in Glenn Miller's "Pennsylvania 6-5000"
Adolphe with an instrument named after him
Adolphe who developed a horn
Raphael Ravenscroft's featured instrument in the song "Baker Street"
Prominent horn in jazz
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