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Word "SCARE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
cause fear in
affright, fright, frighten

Part of Speech:
sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events
a war scare
a bomb scare led them to evacuate the building

Part of Speech:
a sudden attack of fear
panic attack

Crossword Clues for SCARE

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Clue Source Date
Close call LA Times Daily 11 May 2021
Frighten LA Times Daily 10 May 2021
Frightening event USA Today 26 Mar 2021
Petrify Eugene Sheffer 03 Mar 2021
Give a start New York Times 07 Feb 2021
Cause to jump, maybe LA Times Daily 14 Nov 2020
Evoke screams The Washington Post Sunday 08 Nov 2020
Panic New York Times 02 Nov 2020
Yell "boo!" at Thomas Joseph 27 Oct 2020
Dismay at second caution The Sun Two Speed 14 Jun 2020
Greatly frighten The Times Concise 12 Jun 2020
Alarm Thomas Joseph 18 Apr 2020
Make afraid Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
Alarm, as in a haunted house The Washington Post Sunday 16 Feb 2020
Do a haunted house job Jonesin 31 Dec 2019
Cause for alarm Newsday 27 Dec 2019
Cause of an adrenaline rush USA Today 28 Nov 2019
Startle The Telegraph Quick 03 Nov 2019
Do a ghost’s job Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2019
Hiccups cure, so they say The Washington Post 29 Oct 2019
Haunted house success Universal 15 Oct 2019
False alarm Newsday 04 Oct 2019
Narrow escape Newsday 12 Sep 2019
Cause of goose bumps New York Times 28 Aug 2019
Hiccup cure, it's said USA Today 24 Aug 2019
Word with quotes or pregnancy The New Yorker 05 Aug 2019
Fill with fear Newsday 16 Jul 2019
Jump ___ (fright technique in films) The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jul 2019
Strike terror into school management Irish Times Crosaire 06 Jul 2019
Aerial near-miss, e.g USA Today 11 Apr 2019
Shake up The New Yorker 18 Feb 2019
Chill to the bone Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2019
Say 'Boo!' to, say USA Today 06 Jan 2019
Do a ghost's job
Say "Boo!" to, say
Aerial near-miss, e.g.
Fright New York Times 03 Dec 2018
Push to start Newsday 03 Nov 2018
What a false alarm may cause USA Today 04 Oct 2018
Hiccups cure, it's said USA Today 06 Aug 2018
__ tactic The Washington Post 06 May 2018
Horrify Premier Sunday 14 Jan 2018
It might make you start New York Times 26 Oct 2017
Cause to jump, in a way USA Today 03 Oct 2017
Second caution causes alarm The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Aug 2017
Hiccup cure, supposedly Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2017
Work in a haunted house Family Time 18 Jun 2017
Fill with fright Newsday 14 May 2017
Close one The Washington Post 22 Apr 2017
Hiccups stopper Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2017
Make jump Universal 25 Feb 2017
Hair-raising experience New York Times 09 Nov 2016
Frighten (off) Newsday 28 Aug 2016
Cause to panic Universal 26 Aug 2016
Make quake Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2016
Anti-Communist fervor New York Times 19 Jun 2016
With 90-Across, frighten away Premier Sunday 12 Jun 2016
Say "Boo!" to USA Today 07 Jun 2016
Hiccup cure, perhaps Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2016
Sweat inducer LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2016
Near-miss, perhaps Universal 02 Apr 2016
Cow Newsday 05 Mar 2016
Tense situation Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2016
Yell 'boo!' at, say Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2015
Rustle (up) LA Times Daily 27 Sep 2015
Cause to jump Wall Street Journal 11 Sep 2015
Sudden alarm Newsday 10 Jul 2015
Close shave The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 May 2015
Cause trembling USA Today 07 May 2015
Spook Thomas Joseph 03 Apr 2015
Should have some horsepower in point to point for one of the jumps Irish Times Crosaire 10 Feb 2015
Yell "boo!" at, say
Frighten the bejeezus out of
Type of tactics
Cause alarm to
Major Lazer "___ Me"
Sudden fright
Say "Boo!" to, perhaps
Force to start
Give goosebumps to
Spooky incident
Word with "tactics" or "quotes"
Benjamin Diamond "Little ___"
Freak out
Alarming situation?
What this puzzle's theme words aim to do
Heart-pounding episode
What Dangerous Toys tried to do
Near miss, perhaps
Throw into a panic
Goosebump raiser
"Eek!" inducer
Anxious moment
Word before quotes or tactics
Find, with "up"
Give the creeps
Alarming situation
Cause to jump, perhaps
Cause goose bumps, perhaps
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.