Word "SCARECROW" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an effigy in the shape of a man to frighten birds away from seeds
bird-scarer, scarer, straw man, strawman

Crossword Clues for SCARECROW

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Clue Source Date
Soccer war stirred up by one not moving in field The Guardian Cryptic 10 Jan 2022
Singular boast about keeping figure in field The Times Cryptic 17 Dec 2021
*Role in the hay? Universal 04 Nov 2021
Concern in Worcestershire rising unsettling rural figure The Times Cryptic 19 Oct 2021
Racer frantic in sailing dinghy for bird repellent The Times Cryptic 06 Oct 2021
Frightening figure in bank after vehicle impounded in half a tick? The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Aug 2021
Field figure The Times Concise 31 May 2021
Worry in Midlands county raising character from Oz The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Mar 2021
Brainless model's second caution about racket? The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jan 2021
Field guardian Thomas Joseph 26 Oct 2019
A deterrent against murder? The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jul 2019
Field guard Thomas Joseph 31 Oct 2018
It may trigger alarm in vehicle in a flash, leading to din The Telegraph Toughie 16 Mar 2018
Untidy dresser has second thought, to talk big The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2018
Bird frightener The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2018
He doesn't have to be smart to fool the birds The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Mar 2017
Bizarre soccer war alarming one in field The Times Cryptic 19 Jan 2017
Mark City quarrel creating a terrifying sight The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jun 2016
Cornfield guardian USA Today 16 Apr 2016
Emerald City visitor Newsday 11 Feb 2016
One in 5D's party has singular trouble over Conservative line The Telegraph Toughie 24 Dec 2015
Hay-man Newsday 24 Oct 2015
Hay dummy? Jonesin 24 Sep 2015
"The Wizard of Oz" character
Crop cop
Stuffed figure in a cornfield
Paper tiger of a sort
With 36-Across, two things on a farm
Its purpose is frightening
One who can be patched together from the letters added to the theme answers
Jelly-legged traveler to Oz
Jelly-legged traveler to Oz
Cornfield guard
29-Across said to him, "I think I'm going to miss you most of all"
Cornfield "guard"
Cornfield "guard"
Crop protector
Brain seeker of film
Crop protector
Brain seeker of film
Cornfield sight (1973)
Memorable Ray Bolger role
Cornfield sight (1973)
Crop-protecting critter with feathers?
Straw man
Role for Bolger
Produce preserver
Mrs. King's partner in '80s TV
One whose clothes fit poorly
It's for the birds?
Cornfield presence
Ray Bolger film role
October 31 costume
Cornfield protector
"Oz" role
Farm sight
Rural sight.
Sentinel of a sort.
Crop insurance of a sort.
Farmer's aide.
Garden guard.
Character in children's stories.
Fred Stone's unforgettable role.
Denizen of a cornfield.
Oz character.
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