Word "SCIENCE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
ability to produce solutions in some problem domain
the sweet science of pugilism

Part of Speech:
a particular branch of scientific knowledge
scientific discipline
the science of genetics

Crossword Clues for SCIENCE

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Clue Source Date
Academic journal with a "Breakthrough of the Year" award New York Times 20 Mar 2022
High school department Newsday 17 Mar 2022
Systematic study Newsday 27 Feb 2022
Institute focus Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2021
Astronomy, for example USA Today 09 Mar 2021
Rocket __ The Washington Post 06 Mar 2021
Rocket __ LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2021
Part 3 of today's quote Canadiana 30 Nov 2020
'___ is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it': Einstein New York Times 18 Oct 2020
Something that's 'true whether or not you believe in it,' per Neil deGrasse Tyson New York Times 23 Sep 2020
'A profound source of spirituality,' per Carl Sagan The Washington Post Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Technology The Telegraph Quick 08 Jul 2020
Nieces raging about carbon technology The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Apr 2020
See 2 Down The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Feb 2020
Physics, e.g USA Today 19 Jan 2020
__ fair LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2019
__ fair The Washington Post 02 Nov 2019
School subject Thomas Joseph 25 Oct 2019
School subject The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2019
Discipline since corrected by church The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2019
Electromagnetic field? The Washington Post Sunday 26 May 2019
Branch of knowledge The Telegraph Quick 12 Mar 2019
Eg, physics The Times Concise 26 Feb 2019
Class with a lab, often USA Today 05 Feb 2019
Class with a lab, often
__ fair
Oddly sick niece ill-disposed towards discipline The Sun Two Speed 06 Dec 2018
Christian —; — fiction The Times Concise 05 Dec 2018
Systematized knowledge Newsday 20 Sep 2018
Discipline extremely sarcastic niece perhaps The Sun Two Speed 19 Sep 2018
Physics, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 14 Aug 2018
*It may be political LA Times Daily 18 Jul 2018
*It may be political The Washington Post 18 Jul 2018
Eg, physics or biology The Times Concise 27 Feb 2018
Prestigious academic journal New York Times 24 Feb 2018
Organised body of knowledge The Times Concise 09 Feb 2018
Physics i.e Canadiana 22 Jan 2018
*It may be political
Prestigious academic journal
Researcher's field Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2017
Bill Nye's field The Washington Post 07 Nov 2017
Bill Nye's field LA Times Daily 07 Nov 2017
Spock's specialty Wall Street Journal 01 Mar 2017
Bill Nye's field
'The great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition,' per Adam Smith New York Times 09 Dec 2016
Subject such as biology The Times Concise 24 Nov 2016
High school subject Universal 14 Nov 2016
It 'never solves a problem without raising 10 more,' per George Bernard Shaw New York Times 17 Jul 2016
Specialised knowledge The Times Concise 10 Jul 2016
"The poetry of reality": Dawkins LA Times Daily 19 Jun 2016
Nieces excited about first bit of chemical knowledge The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2016
High school subject
It "never solves a problem without raising 10 more," per George Bernard Shaw
"The great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition," per Adam Smith
"The poetry of reality": Dawkins
Word stated in a Thomas Dolby song Jonesin 15 Sep 2015
Systematic study The Times Concise 24 Jun 2015
N*F New York Times 03 Feb 2015
Chemistry or physics
Fair subject
"The poetry of reality," per Richard Dawkins
"It's true whether or not you believe in it," per Neil deGrasse Tyson
High school subject
Class that might have a lab
Focus of some fairs
Kind of fiction
Kind of fiction
Thomas Huxley called it "common sense at its best"
Sweet ___ (boxing, to some)
Class that might have a lab
Bill Nye's area of expertise
"___ is nothing but perception": Plato
Lepidopterology, for one
"Nothing but perception," to Plato
Physics, for one
Biology or chemistry
"Nova" subject
It's not always exact
Part of B.S.
Experimental field
Physics, for one
Bill Nye's specialty
Biology or chemistry
Researcher's field
Paleontology or archaeology, e.g.
Kind of fair
Fair subject
Kind of fair
Journal with an annual "Breakthrough of the Year" award
Social __
"The language of the temporal world": Balzac
Spock's field
It may be political
"The whole of ___ is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking": Einstein
It may be political
High school subject
Fair subject
It can be social or natural, e.g.
Computer __
Computer __
Biology or geology, e.g.
Biology or chemistry
Astronomy, e.g.
Astronomy, e.g.
Systematic study
Physics or optics
Word with fiction or fair
It's not always exact
It's not always exact
Spock's specialty
Fiction type
Hydrodynamics or zoology, e.g.
Entomology, for one
Fiction or fair preceder
Optics is one
Fair focus
It "is nothing but perception," wrote Plato
It can be social or natural
Kind of fair
Premed focus
Down to a _____ (exact)
Lab subject
Organized body of knowledge
Biology or physics
High-school subject
Word with fiction or Christian
Branch of knowledge
One of Einstein's fortes
Physics or chemistry
Kind of fiction
Art's companion
"On ___" (Source of Stepquote)
School subject.
Subject for today's scholars.
Important course of study.
"Nothing but perception," according to Plato.
Systematized knowledge.
Branch of learning.
Teller's forte.
Knowledge from research.
Kingpin of the modern scene.
College course.
Astronomy, for example.
Man's servant—or master.
The world of research.
Field of Dirac or Urey.
Field of knowledge.
Knowledge from exact observation.
Exact knowledge of natural laws.
"She Blinded Me With ___"
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