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Crossword Clues for SCORED

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Clue Source Date
Got the point? LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2021
Gained points Irish Times Simplex 13 Mar 2021
Put points on the board LA Times Daily 12 Oct 2020
Composed/arranged music for film or TV The Guardian Speedy 07 Jun 2020
Marked The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2020
Kept record that's scratched The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2020
Was able to acquire, informally New York Times 23 Apr 2020
Disheartened after Spurs finally got a goal The Telegraph Toughie 12 Dec 2019
Orchestrated Newsday 15 Sep 2019
Kept count The Telegraph Quick 20 Aug 2019
Beat the goalie The Washington Post 22 Apr 2019
Got on the board New York Times 27 Oct 2018
Gained points in a game Irish Times Simplex 24 Oct 2018
Crossed home plate, say New York Times 05 Feb 2018
Made it home, say The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Orchestrated and recorded The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Aug 2017
Got to the point? Jonesin 18 Jul 2017
Gutted after opening for Spurs got a goal The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jun 2016
Came home safely Universal 05 May 2016
Made a point LA Times Daily 04 May 2016
Broke a tie The Washington Post 27 Mar 2016
Got a basket or a run Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2016
Made a basket Universal 04 Apr 2015
Like sports games and musical works New York Times 11 Jan 2015
Crossed the plate
Ruined a shutout
Came home
Wrote for an orchestra
Put up points
Made a touchdown
Made a basket, say
Made it home safely
Homered, say
Picked up a point or two
Made baskets, for example
Made baskets
Got the puck past the goalie
Reached home
Didn't get nothing
Slid home safely
Made it home
Ran home, perhaps
Marked with lines
Achieved a goal, perhaps
Got a touchdown, for example
Went home
Made creases
Broke up a shutout
Marked with lines or grooves
Crossed home plate
Came home, at Shea
Made points
Made a point.
Made notches, lines, etc.
Made points.
Made a TD.
Crossed the goal line.
Made a run.
Gained an advantage.
Made a basket.
Won points.
Achieved as a gain.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.