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Word "SCROOGE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend
churl, niggard, skinflint

Crossword Clues for SCROOGE

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Clue Source Date
Tightwad Canadiana 28 Dec 2020
Bloke under the influence of spirits creosoting draining can, drunk The Telegraph Toughie 09 Dec 2020
Miser The Telegraph Quick 02 Sep 2020
Hunks unfortunately score, letting in own goal The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jun 2020
Dickens miser Eugene Sheffer 07 Mar 2020
Skinflint New York Times 15 Jun 2019
Stage musical written by Leslie Bricusse The Telegraph General Knowledge 03 Jun 2019
Nickel-and-diming sort New York Times 28 Oct 2018
Ebenezer, a mean or miserly person The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 Feb 2018
"Keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine" speaker
Marley's business partner Wall Street Journal 01 Mar 2017
Mean character's goose cooked with credit being restricted The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Feb 2017
His Christmas present was one of three The Telegraph Toughie 23 Dec 2016
Marley's partner The Washington Post 05 Jun 2016
Fictional curmudgeon Wall Street Journal 21 May 2016
Miserly curmudgeon The Telegraph Quick 26 Apr 2016
Repentant miser of fiction The Washington Post 13 Mar 2016
Miserly sort The Washington Post 10 Nov 2015
Donald Duck's uncle Newsday 17 May 2015
Paragon of penuriousness
Disney's miser McDuck
Miser visited by ghosts
One who's grouchy and miserly
Cratchit's employer
Uncle of Disney comics
Ultimately wiser miser
"Bah, humbug" is his catchphrase
Notorious skinflint
Marley partner
*Disney's ___ McDuck
Repentant miser
Dickens' heavy
One visited by 26-Downs
Role for Finney or Stewart
Tight one
1970 Albert Finney role
Miser McDuck
Dickens character
Miserly person
Miserly one
Man who had a triple Xmas
Dickens character.
Miserly one.
Symbol of niggardliness.
Christmas symbol.
Man who saw the Christmas light.
Symbol of a miserly curmudgeon.
Literary curmudgeon.
Annual Barrymore role.
Lionel Barrymore's famous role.
A character from Dickens.
Lionel Barrymore's Christmas role.
Character in Dickens' "Christmas Carol."
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