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Word "SEATS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an area that includes places where several people can sit
seating, seating area, seating room

Crossword Clues for SEATS

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Clue Source Date
Movie theater things Family Time 05 Apr 2021
Theater units Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2021
Plane assignments Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2021
Political trophies? Canadiana 01 Feb 2021
House positions Universal 30 Jan 2021
Capacity count LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2020
Places to perch USA Today 20 Oct 2020
Chairs The Telegraph Quick 06 Oct 2020
Senate posts The Washington Post 17 Jun 2020
There aren't quite enough of them in musical chairs The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Theater fixtures Wall Street Journal 12 May 2020
Chairs in theaters Newsday 28 Apr 2020
Capitol Hill positions Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2020
Auditorium accommodations Newsday 29 Mar 2020
Accommodates for a show Newsday 03 Oct 2019
Some are first-class Universal 22 Sep 2019
Holds, as a theater Newsday 19 Sep 2019
Holds, as a Hummer Newsday 20 Jun 2019
Theater capacity Jonesin 18 Jun 2019
Bus units Thomas Joseph 18 May 2019
Keisters The Washington Post 09 Dec 2018
Chairs and benches Newsday 12 Nov 2018
Stock exchange memberships USA Today 31 Oct 2018
Senate spots Jonesin 16 Oct 2018
Bleachers Universal 23 Sep 2018
Candidates' goals USA Today 24 Aug 2018
Washington posts, say The Washington Post Sunday 12 Aug 2018
Theater chairs Newsday 31 Jul 2018
Installs, as a new senator USA Today 18 Jul 2018
Ushers in Newsday 27 May 2018
4-Down may be stored under them The Washington Post 21 May 2018
Delta choices Wall Street Journal 19 Apr 2018
They're crowded in cabins Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2018
Benches and chairs Newsday 26 Feb 2018
Stools, say Premier Sunday 11 Feb 2018
Stadium capacity Jonesin 09 Jan 2018
Sofas and chairs Newsday 02 Jan 2018
Stools and saddles, e.g USA Today 29 Dec 2017
Plane count Thomas Joseph 28 Oct 2017
Chairs, stools Irish Times Simplex 26 Oct 2017
Senate positions The Washington Post 05 Sep 2017
Tandem's pair USA Today 02 Sep 2017
Auditorium fill Universal 04 Apr 2017
Does an usher's job Newsday 28 Mar 2017
Stools and saddles, e.g.
Campaigners' goals USA Today 12 Sep 2016
Holds, as a 117 Across Newsday 28 Aug 2016
Exchange positions Wall Street Journal 04 Aug 2016
Capitol Hill goals USA Today 15 Mar 2016
Goals of congressional candidates Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2016
Goals for musical chairs players Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2016
They're up for grabs on Election Day The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Jan 2016
Acts the usher Universal 10 Nov 2015
They may be held for you USA Today 06 Sep 2015
Plane reservations Universal 15 Jul 2015
They may be reserved Universal 02 May 2015
Plane features Thomas Joseph 07 Apr 2015
Flight assignments Newsday 01 Apr 2015
Administrative centers USA Today 02 Mar 2015
You try to fill all of them
You can take them or leave them
Theater necessity
Capitol Hill prizes
Try to fill all of them
It's nice to have floor ones
Ticket details
Theater reservations
Sellout's lack
Dinner reservations
Accommodates, as arenas
Part of a full house
Mercy and love are two?
What bands try to fill
Barstools for example,
Party prizes?
Tandem twosome
Holds, as a stadium
Holds, as a Hupmobile
Accommodates, as an arena
Holds, as an arena
*Takes to a table, say
Exchange memberships
Ticket entitlements
Theater ticket holders' entitlements
Broke fans sit in the cheap ones
Governmental centers
Chairs and stools
Senators' holdings
Installs in office
Bench warmers?
2-Down offerings
Theater count
Shows to a table
County offices
They're on tickets
Election prizes
Spots in the senate
Congressional spots
Acts as an usher
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