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Clue Source Date
Musical notation Canadiana 03 Jan 2022
Italian for "dry" LA Times Daily 16 Nov 2021
Small city company’s artistic technique The Times Cryptic 08 Nov 2021
Dry sparkling white? Not in favour The Telegraph Toughie 20 Nov 2020
Painting on dry plaster Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2020
Dry, as Italian wine Jonesin 17 Mar 2020
Painting on plaster that's dry and firm
Son here is unaccompanied?
Dry wine left by professional The Telegraph Toughie 09 Feb 2018
Painting on dry plaster New York Times 18 Oct 2017
Opponents about to enter Colorado dry
Financiers are here on business, following special painting The Telegraph Toughie 20 Apr 2017
Painting on dry plaster
Technique of painting on dry plaster The Times Concise 28 Apr 2016
Painting exhibited by small City company The Times Cryptic 19 Oct 2015
Dry, as Italian wine Newsday 30 Aug 2015
Unaccompanied pro laid off the fizz
Painting of dry French commmanding officer The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Feb 2015
Dry, as Italian wine
Painting on dry plaster
Dry-plaster painting
Short and staccato, musically
Musician's note
Plaster painting method
Fresco ____: painting technique
Short and very staccato: Mus.
Short, to Verdi
Painting on plaster
Plaster painting (from "dry": It.)
Dry, as Italian wine
Dry-plaster painting
Plaster painting
Dry: It.
Painting done on dry plaster.
Type of painting.
Tempera painting done on dry plaster.
Painting on dry plaster: Ital.
Dry, as Italian wine.
Dry: Ital.
Painting on dry plaster, in Italy.
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