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Word "SEEDER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person who seeds clouds
cloud seeder

Part of Speech:
a kitchen utensil that removes seeds from fruit

Part of Speech:
a mechanical device that sows grass seed or grain evenly over the ground

Crossword Clues for SEEDER

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Clue Source Date
Sowing machine Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2021
Farm equipment The Washington Post 07 Aug 2020
Farm contraption The Washington Post 18 Sep 2019
Farm machine New York Times 24 Jun 2018
Planter's apparatus USA Today 03 Jun 2018
Planter's implement USA Today 03 Dec 2017
Farmer's sowing machine Universal 03 Sep 2017
Planting machine Universal 21 May 2017
Landscaper's contraption LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2016
Farm device Thomas Joseph 23 Aug 2016
Crop-commencing contraption The Washington Post 03 Jan 2016
Machine for sowing Premier Sunday 11 Oct 2015
Furrow filler on a farm USA Today 27 Apr 2015
Piece of farm equipment
Lawn-starting tool
Farming implement
Garden apparatus
Implement for planting
Tiller follower
Planter's device
Sowing apparatus
Farming machine
Landscaping tool
One sowing
Farm gadget
Garden tool
Ranking member of a tournament committee
Farm equipment item
Furrow filler
Farm implement
Pit remover
Lawn-starting aid
Piece of farm machinery
Farmer, at times
Planting device
Planting apparatus
Lawn tool
Farmer's tool
Farmer's machine
Pit-removing device
Rainmaker, perhaps
Homophone for cedar
Cloud converter
Planting implement
Gardener's implement
Sowing implement
Gardener's gear
Lawn implement.
Farm implement.
Gadget for canners.
Farm machine.
Farmer's gear.
Sowing machine.
Farmer in the spring.
Planting machine.
Implement used in farming.
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