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Word "SEEDY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
somewhat ill or prone to illness
ailing, indisposed, peaked, poorly, sickly, under the weather, unwell

Part of Speech:
shabby and untidy
he was soiled and seedy and fragrant with gin

Part of Speech:
morally degraded
seamy, sleazy, sordid, squalid
a seedy district

Crossword Clues for SEEDY

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Clue Source Date
In dire need of improvement Newsday 17 Apr 2021
Disreputable, as a bar Newsday 30 Mar 2021
Run-down Eugene Sheffer 08 Mar 2021
Opposite of posh The Washington Post Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Squalid Thomas Joseph 19 Jan 2021
Poorly kept New York Times 18 Dec 2020
Like a disreputable bar Universal 26 Nov 2020
Like dive bars The Washington Post 14 Sep 2020
Like a fleabag motel The Washington Post 30 Aug 2020
In run-down condition Newsday 14 Jul 2020
Poorly kept view from heartless duchy Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jul 2020
Sleazy date with daddy after vacation The Telegraph Toughie 19 May 2020
Kept poorly Newsday 16 May 2020
Like some bagels The Washington Post 23 Apr 2020
Showing signs of neglect New York Times 19 Apr 2020
Far from posh LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2020
Shabby looking Newsday 26 Nov 2019
Neglected The Washington Post 15 Nov 2019
In a run-down condition Newsday 30 Oct 2019
Like a flophouse USA Today 03 Aug 2019
Dilapidated The Times Concise 31 Mar 2019
Like a dive bar USA Today 31 Jan 2019
Scruffy grain before start of year The Telegraph Toughie 15 Jan 2019
In sorry shape USA Today 13 Nov 2018
Far from swanky The Washington Post 07 Nov 2018
With caraway, as some breads Newsday 21 Aug 2018
Like a fleabag USA Today 29 Jun 2018
Descriptor for breads or pubs Newsday 26 May 2018
Ramshackle The Washington Post Sunday 20 May 2018
Like ratty hotels Universal 07 Apr 2018
Unkempt Canadiana 02 Apr 2018
Unseemly Universal 21 Dec 2017
Disreputable New York Times 10 Nov 2017
Poorly maintained, as a hotel Newsday 03 Oct 2017
Run down , in a way Canadiana 25 Sep 2017
Run-down in appearance Newsday 30 Aug 2017
Run-down, as a bar USA Today 22 Aug 2017
Like a fleabag hotel USA Today 27 Jul 2017
Squalid, sordid The Times Concise 26 Jun 2017
Not well-kept Premier Sunday 12 Feb 2017
Poorly kept view from empty duchy Irish Times Crosaire 08 Feb 2017
Ill-kept, as a hotel USA Today 06 Oct 2016
Like kiwi fruits New York Times 24 Sep 2016
Squalid picture's extremely dirty The Telegraph Toughie 08 Sep 2016
Ramshackle, as a watermelon? Universal 29 Aug 2016
Shabby LA Times Daily 04 Jul 2016
Slummy New York Times 03 Jun 2016
Far from four-star Newsday 09 Apr 2016
Moth-eaten Universal 27 Mar 2016
Rundown Eugene Sheffer 19 Mar 2016
Run-down in appearance, as a motel Universal 21 Feb 2016
Down-at-the-heel USA Today 19 Feb 2016
Off-colour The Telegraph Quick 29 Jan 2016
Not at all swank LA Times Daily 18 Jan 2016
Hardly luxurious
Sordid, squalid The Times Concise 19 Nov 2015
Unlikely to make the Michelin Guide Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2015
Like fleabag hotels Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2015
Run down Canadiana 06 Jul 2015
Morally degraded USA Today 06 Apr 2015
Note by accredited agency ultimately providing run-down? The Times Cryptic 23 Mar 2015
Like a run-down motel LA Times Daily 10 Mar 2015
Sordid Premier Sunday 22 Feb 2015
Hardly posh
Unkempt and run-down
Like a pomegranate
Like a fig
Hardly swanky
Like some rye bread
Unlikely to be in the travel guides
Far from swank
Run-down in appearance, as a hotel
Not on the up-and-up
Zero-star, say
Not really nice
Five-star opposite?
Suspect, as some hotels
Shabby, as a motel
Rundown in appearance
Adjective for Burpee's business?
Like many film-noir settings
Shabby followers of a bee
Like a disreputable hotel
Like a sesame bagel
Down at the heels
Unattractive, as a neighborhood
Not yet gentrified
Shabby and squalid
Not exactly elegant
Like skid row
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