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Crossword Clues for SEL

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Clue Source Date
Gallic seasoning Universal 18 Feb 2021
Cannes condiment Universal 24 Jan 2021
Frites seasoning LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2020
Salt in Saguenay Canadiana 21 Dec 2020
French salt LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2020
French seasoning that's a French article backward Universal 01 Nov 2020
Parisian condiment Newsday 25 Sep 2020
French seasoning Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2020
Salt for Marie Antoinette Universal 06 Jul 2020
Salt in St Pierre Canadiana 06 Jul 2020
Omelette seasoning The New Yorker 01 Jun 2020
Salt, in Verdun Canadiana 02 Mar 2020
French fry seasoning? Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2020
French for 'salt' New York Times 13 Oct 2019
French for "salt"
50-Across, in French Jonesin 08 Oct 2019
Poivre counterpart Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2019
Pommes frites seasoning New York Times 28 Aug 2019
'La mer' salt Jonesin 09 Jul 2019
Salt on the Seine The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
Seasoning for une omelette New York Times 09 May 2019
Salt, to Serge Canadiana 06 May 2019
Café shaker contents Newsday 02 May 2019
Poivre partner The Washington Post 11 Mar 2019
Salt, to Simone Thomas Joseph 05 Mar 2019
Pommes frites sprinkle Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2019
Salt, in Sherbrooke Canadiana 31 Dec 2018
Pommes frites condiment The Washington Post 25 Nov 2018
French dash Newsday 24 Nov 2018
Salt, to Stephane Canadiana 19 Nov 2018
Seasoning for un oeuf New York Times 25 Oct 2018
Fleur de __: sea salt The Washington Post 19 Oct 2018
Ingredient de l'eau de mer Wall Street Journal 02 Aug 2018
Pinch from le chef The Washington Post 25 Jun 2018
Salt, in France New York Times 17 Apr 2018
Salt, in Paris Premier Sunday 28 Jan 2018
Chlorure de sodium
Ingredient of eau de mer Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2017
Poivre's partner Thomas Joseph 01 Sep 2017
Salt for le chef de cuisine Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2017
Montreal steak seasoning? Jonesin 13 Jun 2017
Condiment for pommes frites New York Times 30 Apr 2017
Salt, in Saguenay Canadiana 10 Apr 2017
Poivre companion LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2017
Salt, in Saint Hyacinthe Canadiana 28 Nov 2016
Pommes frites sprinkling LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2016
Poivre's tablemate LA Times Daily 01 Sep 2016
French shaker contents The Washington Post 29 May 2016
Condiment blanc Newsday 13 Feb 2016
Pinch for le chef Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2016
Sprinkling on French fries? LA Times Daily 23 Jan 2015
Fleur de ___ (gourmet seasoning)
Salt, in Sêvres
Salt: Fr.
French bread ingredient
Pinch for Pépin
Pierre's pinch?
French chef's seasoning
What's shaking in Cannes?
French condiment
Salt, in Sedan
Soissons seasoning
Paris seasoning
It's found in la mer
Common "assaisonnement"
Somme salt
Salt, on the Seine
Salt, in Quebec
Oeuf seasoning
Eau de mer ingredient
Overseas seasoning
Grains in French bread
7-Down, to Escoffier
Sprinkle atop pommes frites
Pommes frites topping
Fleur de ___ (cooking ingredient)
Choice (abbr.)
Seasoning for pommes frites
Pommes frites additive
Salt, in Arles
Season on the Seine?
Partner of poivre, in French seasoning
Condiment in 51-Across
NaCl, in Nice
Poivre's counterpart
Seasoning in French onion soup
Salt, in Nice
"S" on a French shaker
"Poivre" partner
Salt in Cannes
Partner of poivre
A seasoning, in Savoie
Pommes frites accompanier
French fries seasoning?
French flavoring
Bifteck seasoning
Soissons salt
Salt, in Soissons
Pommes frites topper
Caen condiment
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