Crossword Clues for SELFIE

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Clue Source Date
Picture of you by you USA Today 10 Jul 2022
Pic taken at arm’s length New York Times 27 Jun 2022
Pic taken at arm's length New York Times 27 Jun 2022
Photo of the photographer Newsday 18 May 2022
Photo of the photographer Newsday 11 Apr 2022
Arms-length image Newsday 10 Mar 2022
Picture earl with flies undone The Guardian Cryptic 28 Feb 2022
Photo taken with a front-facing camera USA Today 07 Jan 2022
Kind of photograph The Guardian Quick 15 Dec 2021
Photograph held back by police if lesions? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Dec 2021
Picture you took, obviously Family Time 25 Oct 2021
Phone photo Thomas Joseph 13 Oct 2021
Arm's-length pic Eugene Sheffer 29 Sep 2021
Photo often snapped at arm's length Universal 24 Aug 2021
Photo that might have a dog filter Universal 26 Jul 2021
Picture that often has an arm in it USA Today 12 Apr 2021
Photo taken backwards? The Washington Post 24 Mar 2021
Photo taken backwards? LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2021
Arm's-length portrait Eugene Sheffer 15 Jan 2021
Second shoemaker working the night shift that is shot The Telegraph Toughie 13 Jan 2021
Something for which knowing your angles might come in handy USA Today 10 Dec 2020
Arm's-length photo Eugene Sheffer 21 Nov 2020
Shot that's within your reach? New York Times 19 Nov 2020
Social media profile picture, often The Washington Post 01 Nov 2020
Social media profile picture, often LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2020
Pic taken with a stick, perhaps Universal 05 Oct 2020
Front-facing camera photo USA Today 20 Aug 2020
Many a phone pic USA Today 11 Jul 2020
Personal photo The Times Concise 10 Jun 2020
Pic that might be taken with a stick USA Today 26 Feb 2020
Picture framed by police if less turned up? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Dec 2019
Shot of the photographer Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2019
Smartphone shot? Jonesin 22 Oct 2019
Phone photo Thomas Joseph 17 Oct 2019
Personal photo The Telegraph Quick 16 Oct 2019
It has largely replaced the autograph The New Yorker 20 May 2019
Arms-length photo USA Today 08 Mar 2019
Vanity case Newsday 23 Feb 2019
Arms-length photo
Pic from a stick New York Times 16 Oct 2018
Many a Snapchat posting New York Times 14 Oct 2018
Photo of the photographer Newsday 25 Sep 2018
Modern pic New York Times 23 Sep 2018
Narcissistic portrait Universal 17 Aug 2018
Shot with a stick? The Times Concise 22 Jul 2018
Arm's-length product? Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2018
Pic taken alone, or together (as the name doesn't suggest) Jonesin 13 Mar 2018
Many a smartphone photo USA Today 27 Feb 2018
___ stick New York Times 13 Jan 2018
Many a Snapchat pic New York Times 08 Jan 2018
Pic from a stick
Many a Snapchat pic
Many a Snapchat posting
Arm's-length product?
Many a smartphone photo
Narcissistic portrait
___ stick
Modern pic
Something you reach out and take? New York Times 29 May 2017
Arm's-length creation Newsday 07 Apr 2017
Something you reach out and take?
Facebook profile picture, often Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2016
Pic made with a stick, perhaps Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2016
and 8: Tanned by sun, I feel like a 11 home camera accessory The Telegraph Toughie 26 Feb 2016
Many a profile picture Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2016
I feel bad after son's shot The Times Cryptic 23 Jul 2015
Many an Instagram New York Times 22 May 2015
Instagrammed item LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2015
Many a Snapchat snap New York Times 23 Jan 2015
Instagrammed item
Many an Instagram
Many a Snapchat snap
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.