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Word "SEMINAR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a course offered for a small group of advanced students

Part of Speech:
any meeting for an exchange of ideas

Crossword Clues for SEMINAR

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Clue Source Date
Discussion group The Telegraph Quick 10 Mar 2021
Lecture alternative New York Times 05 Mar 2021
Teaching meeting The Times Concise 20 Feb 2021
Training session Newsday 07 Feb 2021
Princesses welcoming me being upset in class The Telegraph Toughie 02 Feb 2021
Artist covered by revolutionary academician's discussion group The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Dec 2020
Study group The Sun Two Speed 04 Jun 2020
Hurried back to house conference The Sun Two Speed 04 Jun 2020
Marines disrupted conference The Sun Two Speed 14 Oct 2019
Training meeting The Times Concise 08 Oct 2019
Advanced study group Eugene Sheffer 06 Aug 2019
Ran up behind house for class The Sun Two Speed 08 Oct 2018
Conference The Sun Two Speed 08 Oct 2018
Hurried up after house discussion group The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Sep 2018
Exchange-of-ideas meeting Universal 04 Aug 2018
Workshop marines destroyed The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2018
Conference, meeting The Times Concise 31 Jul 2018
Hurried back to house for conference The Sun Two Speed 05 Jul 2018
Business workshop USA Today 18 Jun 2018
University discussion The Telegraph Quick 10 Jun 2018
Training vehicle Newsday 31 Mar 2018
Meeting for students remains disrupted The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2018
Discussion meeting The Times Concise 21 Nov 2017
Meeting for exchange of ideas Irish Times Simplex 11 Jul 2017
Half shot, held up class The Telegraph Toughie 06 Jun 2017
Training conference The Times Concise 03 Feb 2017
Upset arranged appointments, missing opening discussion The Times Cryptic 03 Nov 2016
Workshop LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2016
Colloquy New York Times 24 Sep 2016
Sort of house went quickly when up for discussion The Telegraph Toughie 22 Jun 2016
Advanced course New York Times 02 Jul 2015
Group studying ruined remains The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jun 2015
Marines disrupted session The Telegraph Toughie 06 May 2015
It may be a credit to you
Advanced college course
Informational gathering
Educational activity
It'll teach you a thing or two
University study group
University class
Job skills sharpener
Meeting for exchanging information
Small study group
Informative session
Learning conference
College offering
University group discussion
Limited course
Focused course
Kind of course
Convention session
Graduate course, often
Round table
College setting
Academic meeting
Advanced discussion-group course
Graduate course
Ph.D. course
Class of a sort
Research conference
Research group
College group
Advanced-study group
Advanced class
University course.
Study group.
Discussion group.
Campus project.
Student group.
Type of college class.
Course of study.
Type of college course.
Group of students.
College group.
Research group in college.
Group of research students.
Student research group.
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