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Word "SENATE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the upper house of the United States Congress
u.s. senate, united states senate, us senate

Part of Speech:
assembly possessing high legislative powers

Crossword Clues for SENATE

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Clue Source Date
Capitol group Thomas Joseph 01 Apr 2021
Capitol Hill group USA Today 16 Dec 2020
What the president pro tem presides over The Washington Post Sunday 06 Dec 2020
US Upper House Irish Times Simplex 21 Nov 2020
Hill group LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2020
Worsen a tendency to expose politicians The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Oct 2020
House of Representatives counterpart USA Today 06 Oct 2020
Capitol Hill body Universal 04 Aug 2020
Roman political body LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2020
House of the Oireachtas Irish Times Simplex 02 Jul 2020
It has 30 pages Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2020
Congress part USA Today 13 Apr 2020
Where Klobuchar and Warren serve Universal 12 Apr 2020
Elizabeth Warren's house The Washington Post Sunday 05 Apr 2020
100-member group The Washington Post 28 Mar 2020
House's counterpart Universal 20 Mar 2020
Locale for Ernst and Young
Shady type slips up in view of the house Irish Times Crosaire 20 Dec 2019
Assembly with six-year terms Universal 05 Nov 2019
Legislative group Eugene Sheffer 31 Oct 2019
Political body Newsday 27 Sep 2019
Legislative body Newsday 18 Sep 2019
Body of 100 Universal 20 Aug 2019
Topic of Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution New York Times 18 Aug 2019
100-lawmaker group The Washington Post 07 Aug 2019
The big house? Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2019
You must be 30+ to join it Universal 12 Jul 2019
Biden's place, 1973-2009 USA Today 05 Jul 2019
House rules may not apply here New York Times 04 Apr 2019
Where Obama once served USA Today 10 Mar 2019
Pick out shady type turning up similar to 27 across Irish Times Crosaire 31 Jan 2019
America's has 100 seats The Washington Post 03 Dec 2018
Century in American politics New York Times 04 Nov 2018
Cabinet-checking group? The Washington Post Sunday 14 Oct 2018
Pick out shady type turning up inside the house Irish Times Crosaire 11 Sep 2018
It first met in 1789 Newsday 05 Aug 2018
Its members serve six-year terms New York Times 02 Jul 2018
Body of politics The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Upper assembly The Times Concise 13 Jun 2018
House of Government Irish Times Simplex 02 Jun 2018
D.C. 100 Thomas Joseph 01 May 2018
Upper house of Congress Newsday 23 Apr 2018
House neighbor Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2018
Assembly in D.C Universal 22 Feb 2018
Legislative body seen at odds The Sun Two Speed 19 Feb 2018
Governing body The Sun Two Speed 19 Feb 2018
Assembly in D.C.
Second house of Government Irish Times Simplex 01 Dec 2017
Kaine's workplace Newsday 14 Jul 2017
Part of Congress Universal 14 Jul 2017
Pick out shady type backsliding inside the house Irish Times Crosaire 26 Jun 2017
Group of 100 people New York Times 17 Jun 2017
Shady type upset in bishopric with Roman council Irish Times Crosaire 01 May 2017
Filibuster site The Washington Post 09 Apr 2017
Group of 100 in Washington Universal 23 Feb 2017
Half of Congress New York Times 23 Mar 2016
Upper house of the US Congress The Guardian Quick 12 Mar 2016
Hill body The Washington Post 28 Feb 2016
Upper House Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2016
Bill makers Thomas Joseph 23 Jan 2016
Where John Kerry and Bob Kerrey served New York Times 19 Jan 2016
Seen at building above the house? Irish Times Crosaire 19 Jan 2015
On its facade, "the living symbol of our union of states"
House on the Hill
Mitch McConnell's milieu
Republicans failed to take it over in 2010
100-member group in Washington
Many run races to get here
Hundred on the Hill
Where PMRC had their hearings
Upper house
"Julius Caesar" setting
Article 1, Section 3 constitutional subject
"I come to fetch you to the __-house": Decius Brutus
Ancient Roman ruling body
Seattle acoustic rippers
Hill house
Galactic ___ ("Star Wars" setting)
Treaty ratifier
Obama left it in November, 2008
Advice-and-consent body
100-lawmakers group
House companion
Seattle acoustic rockers
Capitol body
State legislature
Diet cousin
100-member legislature
It has 100 seats
Place where Joe Biden is president
Caesar's body?
Where the vice president presides
Setting for some oratory
See 33-Down
Ambassador confirmer
Supreme council of old Rome
100-member group in Washington, D.C.
Assembly of 100
Faculty advisory group
Where Caligula reputedly tried to seat his 67-Across
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.