Crossword Clues for SENATORS

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Clue Source Date
Century of note New York Times 20 Nov 2021
They make a living from bills Universal 15 Nov 2021
Lawmaking century The Washington Post 14 Jun 2020
Lawmaking century LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2020
Tacitus and Cicero Newsday 02 Feb 2019
Canadian Tire Centre team Wall Street Journal 28 Jul 2018
Legislators The Telegraph Quick 23 Mar 2018
Canadian Tire Centre team
Hill hundred The Washington Post 02 Apr 2017
Hill hundred LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2017
Capitol Hill lawmakers LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2017
Hill honchos Wall Street Journal 21 Jan 2017
Capitol Hill lawmakers
Cato and Tacitus Newsday 15 Oct 2016
Politically significant century Newsday 09 Jan 2016
Losers in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2015
Losers in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals
"Damn Yankees" team
"Damn Yankees" team
What 1-, 19-, 34-, and 49-Across all are
They give us bills for their work
Impeachment triers
Ottawa's NHL team
They serve six-year terms
Ottawa NHLers
Ottawa NHLers
The other team in "Damn Yankees"
Capitol Hill faction
Toga wearers
Birch and Evan Bayh
Former D.C. nine
Forum honchos
Ottawa's NHL team
Hill group
State representatives
"Damn Yankees" team
Washington bigwigs
Century in politics
Six-year servers
Griffith Stadium denizens
Capitol Hill gang
Bodies in the Forum
Some lawmakers
The other team in "Damn Yankees"
"...and last in the American League" team
Capitol Hill gang
Pre-Twins baseball club
Ottawa hockey team
Paul Simon et al.
Forum honchos
Former Washington nine
Brooke, once, and Braun, now
Gore and Gramm
Wallop and Bumpers
Defunct D.C. ball team
Those in an upper house
Eagleton and two Byrds
Two Byrds and Eagleton
Bumpers and Wallop
Defunct A. L. team
Two to a state
Some candidates
Ervin et al.
Baker, Bayh and Brooke
Washington V.I.P.'s
Capitol people
Son of 43 Across et al.
Congress members
They're the Texas Rangers now
Cook and Baker
A. L. team
McGovern, Brooke, et al.
Team nickname.
The Kennedys.
Certain names on ballots.
Ball team.
Baseball team.
Mmes. Smith and Neuberger.
L. B. J.'s concern.
Group of 66 in 1860.
Major League team.
Capitol group.
American League team.
Cookie Lavagetto's team.
Washington team.
Dressen's team.
Team that beat the "Damn Yankees."
Kuchel, Griswold, Burke, etc.
Pete Runnels and others.
Washington's team.
D. C. ball team.
Frequent nemesis of the Yanks.
Mr. Brewster and Mrs. Smith, for instance.
One-third of these seek re-election.
They have the power of filibuster.
Washington ballplayers.
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