Crossword Clues for SEVEN

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Clue Source Date
Upside-down L, on a calculator New York Times 13 Jan 2022
Common dice roll Thomas Joseph 30 Dec 2021
More than half a dozen trees found in Kent The Guardian Cryptic 15 Nov 2021
Number The Times Concise 03 Nov 2021
International telephone prefix for Russia New York Times 25 Sep 2021
Number of world wonders The Telegraph Quick 11 Sep 2021
______swans a'swimming Canadiana 30 Aug 2021
Number of seas Universal 17 Aug 2021
Typical second-grader's age Newsday 02 Aug 2021
Lucky number Eugene Sheffer 02 Aug 2021
Small prime number Newsday 19 Mar 2021
______ Sisters Mountain, British Columbia Canadiana 25 Jan 2021
Sum of this clue's digits Universal 07 Jan 2021
Early evening Newsday 31 Dec 2020
Constitution's last Article Newsday 05 Dec 2020
Dwarfs' count Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Mickey Mantle's number The Washington Post 19 Nov 2020
Mickey Mantle's number LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2020
Fourth prime Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2020
Early evening hour Newsday 21 Oct 2020
Low card in Sheepshead Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2020
Most common roll with two dice Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2020
Middling card Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2020
Ancient Wonders complement Newsday 06 Sep 2020
Common dice roll Thomas Joseph 26 Aug 2020
Cardinal in south quits The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2020
Number The Times Concise 05 Aug 2020
Number of items in each set featured in this puzzle Premier Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Initial number of cards in an Uno hand Universal 03 Jun 2020
___ Wonders of the Ancient World Universal 27 Dec 2019
Water polo team Newsday 15 Dec 2019
Quidditch team complement Newsday 06 Dec 2019
Number understood to be about five? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Dec 2019
Most common roll of two dice The Washington Post 22 Oct 2019
Most common roll of two dice LA Times Daily 22 Oct 2019
Fourth prime number Newsday 17 Oct 2019
{See Notepad}
{See Notepad} New York Times 07 Oct 2019
Heptagon's side count Universal 30 Sep 2019
Fourth prime number Universal 02 Sep 2019
This clue's number divided by this clue's answer New York Times 12 Jul 2019
Prime number The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2019
Airmail letter count? Universal 13 Jun 2019
Maximum World Series game count Newsday 12 Jun 2019
Atomic number of nitrogen LA Times Daily 30 May 2019
Atomic number of nitrogen The Washington Post 30 May 2019
Square root of 49 Universal 22 May 2019
Fourth prime Premier Sunday 12 May 2019
Number that inaptly ends with 11-Down Universal 12 May 2019
Number of novels in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' Jonesin 23 Apr 2019
Number of Pleiades Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2019
Good craps roll Premier Sunday 03 Mar 2019
Mantle's retired number USA Today 24 Feb 2019
Common craps throw Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2019
Number of Pleiades
Most common roll of two dice
Atomic number of nitrogen
Airmail letter count?
Fourth prime number
Heptagon's side count
Number that inaptly ends with 11-Down
Square root of 49
Mantle's retired number
Common craps throw
Fourth prime
This clue's number divided by this clue's answer
Originally serene and smooth, number of swans a-swimming The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Dec 2018
Low prime The Washington Post 13 Dec 2018
Low prime LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2018
Commonest craps roll New York Times 04 Dec 2018
Number of dwarfs Premier Sunday 28 Oct 2018
Word with sisters and wonders The New Yorker 22 Oct 2018
Deadly sins count USA Today 05 Sep 2018
Articles in the Constitution Newsday 06 Jul 2018
Generations chronicled in the two ''Roots'' miniseries Newsday 02 Jun 2018
22-Across, with respect to this answer's location New York Times 26 Apr 2018
'Swans a-swimming' count USA Today 17 Apr 2018
Most common dice roll USA Today 11 Jan 2018
Low prime
Most common dice roll
Deadly sins count
"Swans a-swimming" count
Commonest craps roll
Number of times it's marking time (plus you could add a big one at the end)
22-Across, with respect to this answer's location
With 47-Across, a third way to make 60-Across New York Times 20 Dec 2017
Lucky number Eugene Sheffer 13 Dec 2017
Lucky number Premier Sunday 13 Aug 2017
Roman hills complement Newsday 23 Jul 2017
Most common throw with two dice (D6es, for those of you playing at home) Jonesin 18 Jul 2017
This is odd � without leader, it's the opposite The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Apr 2017
Number that's small, like six or eight The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jan 2017
A natural in craps USA Today 15 Jan 2017
Roman Hills total Universal 09 Jan 2017
With 47-Across, a third way to make 60-Across
Roman Hills total
A natural in craps
Fourth prime The Washington Post 17 Nov 2016
Quidditch team complement The Washington Post 06 Nov 2016
Prime time not needed by such as Spielberg The Telegraph Toughie 16 Sep 2016
Likeliest roll USA Today 31 Jul 2016
Number of deadly sins Universal 11 Jul 2016
Mantle's number USA Today 10 Jun 2016
Typical second-grader's age Newsday 25 Apr 2016
Vegas natural The Washington Post 23 Apr 2016
Number associated with the ends of answers to the starred clues LA Times Daily 21 Mar 2016
Hearst monthly New York Times 17 Mar 2016
Number of deadly sins Premier Sunday 28 Feb 2016
Lucky number at the slots USA Today 01 Feb 2016
Lucky number Wall Street Journal 22 Jan 2016
Likeliest roll
Number of deadly sins
Lucky number at the slots
Mantle's number
Number of 'swans a-swimming' Thomas Joseph 24 Dec 2015
Evening hour Universal 15 Jun 2015
Cardinal virtues finally believe it or not The Times Cryptic 11 Jun 2015
1992 Prince song or its peak position in Billboard New York Times 06 Jun 2015
Cristiano Ronaldo's longtime jersey number LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2015
Las Vegas natural Universal 08 Mar 2015
Common craps roll New York Times 01 Feb 2015
A lucky number Universal 27 Jan 2015
Dwarfs' number USA Today 17 Jan 2015
Vegas natural Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2015
A natural in Reno Universal 11 Jan 2015
A lucky number
Cristiano Ronaldo's longtime jersey number
1992 Prince song or its peak position in Billboard
Common craps roll
Craps natural
Las Vegas natural
Dwarfish contingent
Lucky number
Vegas natural
Natural roll
Early evening hour
Dwarfs' number
Fleetwood Mac "___ Wonders"
Evening hour
A natural in Reno
Mickey Mantle's number
'92 James album
'92 numerical Prince song
Dice-roller's winner or loser
Evening hour
Water-polo team
26-Across's retired number
Likeliest roll
Pleiades number
Wonders number
Vegas natural
94-Down x 14
Full complement for a Quidditch team
Full complement of dwarfs
See 71-Across
Number of dwarfs
Lucky roll, usually
Number of Disney miners
Dwarf contingent
Early evening
Complement of Disney dwarfs
Lucky roll, usually
Number of consecutive letters without 2-Down in this puzzle's four longest answers
"Magnificent" movie number
Atomic number of nitrogen
A natural, in Vegas
__ Hills of Rome
Most common craps roll
Number of "Wonders" Fleetwood Mac sang about
Number in a full space shuttle crew
Lucky number, to some
Mantle's number
Lowest card in klaberjass
Lowest card in klaberjass
See 45-Across
Allmans' comeback "___ Turns"
Number under an ampersand
... of a 1938 Jackson stamp
One might get rolled for money
Mantle's number
Deadly sins number
"Magnificent" movie number
Start of all Oklahoma ZIP codes
Most common two-dice roll
Brad Pitt thriller
Number of Sinbad's voyages
__-card stud
__-card stud
With 32-Across, feature of a noted New England home
Number of Sinbad's voyages
With 32-Across, feature of a noted New England home
___ Sisters (daughters of Atlas)
Lower septet of black squares in this grid, typographically
Common number of spots on a ladybug
Samurai number?
It's a natural?
Deadly Sins number
One may be rolled for money
Morgan Freeman thriller of 1995
___ of Nine ("Star Trek: Voyager" character)
Sum of any two opposite faces on a standard die
A natural, in Vegas
John Elway, for the Broncos
Dwarfs count
Deadly Sins number
Early evening
Good roll, for starters
A "natural" dice toss
Craps natural
Dwarfs' count
Most common craps roll
Mickey Mantle's number
Box count on a calendar line
Las Vegas natural
Dinnertime for some
Magnificent number, in film
Crapping out throw
Dice-table natural
Casino natural
Brad Pitt thriller
Common dice roll
Mantle's jersey number
Most common throw with two dice
Craps natural
Low card in euchre
Number of Roman hills
Vegas winner
Vegas winner
Dwarf complement
Dwarf count
Common dice roll
Samurai number
Vegas natural
Dwarf complement
Number of Sinbad's voyages
Common dice roll
"Magnificent" movie number
Common roll
Deadly sins number
Most common dice roll
1995 Brad Pitt thriller
Dice roll
Lucky roll
Number of U.S. presidents born in Ohio
Early evening hour
Water polo squad
Little Foys count
Lucky number, for some
Prime number
It's a natural
Brad Pitt thriller
Dwarf complement
Roman hill count
Lucky roll
Seas count
Vegas natural
A natural, in craps
It's a natural
Lucky roll
"Four score and ___ years ago ..." (Gettysburg Address opener)
Seas count
Evening hour
Number of deadly sins
Theme of this puzzle
Water polo squad
Magnificent number
1995 Brad Pitt chiller
Crew members on the space shuttle
Low card in euchre
"The ___-Per-Cent Solution" (Sherlock-meets-Sigmund flick)
Morgan Freeman thriller
Mercury astronaut complement
Mantle's number
Commonest roll
1995 Brad Pitt thriller
"Deadly sins" number
Evening time
Evening time
"Snow White and the __ Dwarfs"
Mantle's number
A natural
Early evening
Big Dipper star count
Little Foys number
Wonders number
Dinner time for many
A natural, at the craps table
"The Magnificent _____"
___ X (Coca-Cola's secret ingredient)
Lucky ___
Early evening
Crapping-out throw
Ted Williams number
Samurai number
Las Vegas winner or loser
Deadly sin count
Pleiades number
Number of figures in some athletes' income
Number of Disney miners
Brad Pitt film
Brad Pitt thriller
Siete or sept, stateside
Doc's group count^SEVE
Lucky number
Deadly sins number
Common roll
Vegas natural
Common dice roll
Pleiades number
Seas or sins
Crap-shooter's winner or loser
A natural
"Magnificent" number
1995 Pitt flick
Number of dwarfs or deadly sins
*Height of the N.B.A.'s Gheorghe Muresan
Mickey Mantle, on the ballfield
Dwarfs' group
Number of seas or deadly sins
Number of Sindbad's voyages
Complement of dwarfs
Low card in skat
A natural
Little Foys number
Important fan-tan card
Deadly-sin count
"The ___Year Itch"
A natural at Reno
Las Vegas natural
"___ Keys to Baldpate"
Number of Little Foys
Kipling's "The ___ Seas"
Aeschylus's "___ Against Thebes"
Number against Thebes
___ hills of Rome
Reno "natural"
Number of "swans a-swimming"
Las Vegas winner
Thebes's opponents
Dice thrower's "natural"
Las Vegas winner or loser
Double-bogey on a par-five hole
"___ Days in May"
Common roll at Reno
Little Joe plus three
"Natural" at Reno
A natural in Reno
Rome's ___ Hills
__ against Thebes
"___ Samurai," 1954 film
Christie's "The ___ Dials Mystery"
Number of Roman hills
Las Vegas "natural"
Lucky number?
Water-polo team
Wonders number
Dicer's natural
Dwarfish number
Lowest écarté card
Number of wonders
Most likely dice throw
Dicer's "natural"
Number of Rome's hills
"___ Brides for . . . "
"Morning's at ___": Browning
Wonders' number
"Stretch" inning
See 32 Across
Natural, at Reno
Lucky number
"___ Days In May"
Key dice throw
Rising time for many
Most common throw in dice
Dice number
Junior-high grade
Most common dice throw
___ Seas
Seas or wonders
"Fourscore and ___ . . . "
Playing card
"___ against Thebes"
Dice throw
Seas or Wonders
"___ come eleven"
___ ages of man
Number for hills or wonders
Eleven's partner
Six bells.
"Mornings at ___ . . . "
Dice throw.
Mystic number.
See 76 Down.
"Morning's at ___."
Glove size.
When the alarm rings.
See 37 Down.
Mickey Mantle's number.
Score in a dice game
Third word of Gettysburg Address.
Lucky number.
Cardinal number.
"Morning's at ___; The hillside's dew-pearled . . . "
___ Seas.
Number of perfection, in scripture.
Square root of 49.
___ Hills of Rome.
"Morning's at ___ . . . "
___ up.
Score for touchdown plus goal kick.
Alarm time.
The hills of Rome.
One trick over a book.
Rising hour.
The football line.
The sabbatical year.
The Pleiades, for instance.
Goodly number.
Time to get up.
Number of red stripes in Old Glory.
___ Heavens.
Number of the Pleiades.
How many hills around Rome?
Rome's hills.
Jaques' ages of man.
"___ is a good handy figure."—Mann.
How many wonders of the world?
The number of the oceans.
___ minute workout
Lamar Odom on the Lakers
Mickey Mantle, on the Yankees
Team size in ultimate frisbee
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