Word "SHAWL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
cloak consisting of an oblong piece of cloth used to cover the head and shoulders

Crossword Clues for SHAWL

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Clue Source Date
Item often wrapped after it's purchased New York Times 05 Aug 2022
Shoulder wrap Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2022
Cloak, wrap The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2022
Knitted wrap Thomas Joseph 22 Jun 2022
Draped garment USA Today 07 Jun 2022
Shoulder warmer The Washington Post 06 Apr 2022
Shoulder warmer LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2022
Shoulder wrap The Washington Post 17 Oct 2021
Shoulder wrap LA Times Daily 17 Oct 2021
Wrap over the shoulders Premier Sunday 25 Jul 2021
Draped garment USA Today 03 Jul 2021
Wrap tool quietly at first The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jun 2021
Cardigan collar style Universal 04 Jun 2021
Fabric wrap The Times Concise 26 Mar 2021
Wash unusually large item of clothing The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2021
Winter wrap Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 2021
Shoulder wrap Universal 16 Feb 2021
Pashmina product USA Today 20 Jan 2021
Wrap-like scarf The Telegraph Quick 15 Nov 2020
Prayer garment New York Times 27 Sep 2020
Wrapped garment USA Today 05 Jun 2020
Prayer garment LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2020
Prayer garment The Washington Post 19 Jan 2020
Crocheted garment The Washington Post Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Draped garment whose name comes from Persian USA Today 14 Dec 2019
Knitted wrap Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2019
Shoulder warmer Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Wrap or scarf The Telegraph Quick 06 Oct 2019
Cashmere wrap, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 01 Sep 2019
Covering for head and shoulders Irish Times Simplex 30 Aug 2019
Wrapped accessory The Washington Post 10 Aug 2019
Wrapped accessory LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2019
Shoulder wrap The Telegraph Quick 29 Jan 2019
Wrapped accessory
Serape, e.g New York Times 29 Nov 2018
Shoulder garment The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2018
Playwright left in cloak The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2018
Winter wrap Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2018
Serape, e.g USA Today 26 Oct 2018
Cloak The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2018
Cover shut up with tool The Telegraph Toughie 10 May 2018
Garment for wrapping The Times Concise 03 Apr 2018
Knitted wrap Newsday 04 Mar 2018
Stole The Telegraph Quick 18 Feb 2018
Shoulder warmer The Washington Post 11 Jan 2018
Shoulder warmer LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2018
Shoulder wrap Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2018
Shoulder wrap
Serape, e.g.
Shoulder warmer
Wrap type
Serape, e.g.
Inedible wrap The Washington Post Sunday 15 Oct 2017
Wrap for a baby The Times Concise 12 Sep 2017
Shoulder garment New York Times 11 Sep 2017
Warming wrap Thomas Joseph 23 Jun 2017
Article thrown over the shoulders New York Times 01 May 2017
Playwright left cover The Telegraph Toughie 01 Mar 2017
Over-the-shoulder garb LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2017
Shoulder garment
Article thrown over the shoulders
Nice thing after getting the cold shoulder? New York Times 31 Dec 2016
Winter wrap USA Today 23 Dec 2016
Shoulder covering Newsday 22 May 2016
Wrap belt up on top of its maker's tool The Telegraph Toughie 20 May 2016
Prayer ___ New York Times 15 May 2016
Wrap The Washington Post 14 May 2016
Cover for the shoulders The Times Concise 10 May 2016
Woolen outerwear USA Today 12 Apr 2016
Item of clothes The Telegraph Quick 26 Feb 2016
Winter wrap
Winter wrap
Nice thing after getting the cold shoulder?
Afghan USA Today 16 Nov 2015
Tallith, e.g Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2015
Shoulder covering USA Today 08 Sep 2015
Wrapped clothes item The Telegraph Quick 10 Jul 2015
Stole or wrap The Telegraph Quick 05 Jul 2015
Shoulder shielder Newsday 01 May 2015
Protection against chills Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2015
Basic wrap Newsday 07 Mar 2015
Sleeveless shoulder wrap Newsday 02 Mar 2015
Loosely worn garment LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2015
Tallith, e.g.
Loosely worn garment
Shoulder covering
Sleeveless shoulder wrap
Shoulder shielder
Shoulder covering
Basic wrap
Knitter's project
Shoulder wrap
Shoulder warmer
Pashmina, e.g.
Shoulder wrap
Knitted wrap
Shoulder wrap
Knitted wrap
Head-and-shoulders wrap
Wrapped accessory
Stole's kin
Shoulder wrap
Shoulder wrap
Cold comfort provider?
Wrap on the head
Wrap without arms
Shoulder covering
It's a wrap
It's a wrap
Shoulder shielder
Bit of attire for a carriage ride
Shoulder warmer
Knitted wrap
Clavicle cover
Cover for a grandmother
Cold shoulder preventer
Shoulder warmer
___ collar (tuxedo jacket feature)
Knitted wrap
Serape, for one
Serape, for one
Crocheted item
Head and shoulders cover
Shoulder wrap
Sleeveless garment
Head and shoulders protection
Shoulder wrap
Cool-weather wrap
Head and shoulders protection
Protection against chills
Cover for head or shoulders
Woolen outerwear
Protection against chills
Shoulder cover
Coat alternative
Shoulder covering
Article of clothing.
Simple garment.
Lincoln's garb.
Type of collar.
Relative of the fascinator.
Shoulder wrap.
Worn by Mrs. Sairey Gamp.
Gandhi's dinner jacket.
Cold comfort?
Tallit, e.g.
It's a wrap
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