Word "SHELL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
remove the husks from

Part of Speech:
hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles
carapace, cuticle, shield

Part of Speech:
come out better in a competition, race, or conflict
beat, beat out, crush, trounce, vanquish

Crossword Clues for SHELL

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Clue Source Date
Mollusk feature Commuter 24 Apr 2024
Explosive projectile (5)
Explosive device found on the beach
Bomb case? (5)
Artillery projectile
Artillery projectile (5)
Explosive found on the beach Mirror Cryptic 13 Apr 2024
Snail's feature Mirror Quick 13 Apr 2024
Hard outer coating
Reverse genetic engineering by Graeme Smith initially (who gets harsh reprimand) produces food covering (3,5)
Nut case Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2024
Hull market restricts hotel (5)
Bombard mollusc's casing (5) Puzzler Cryptic 06 Mar 2024
She will shortly lose apostrophe, and may explode (5)
Attack from outside (5)
A hard case (5)
Bombard with conch? (5)
Turtle's enclosure Newsday 20 Feb 2024
The lady will provide cover (5)
A gutted building
Clam's exterior
Tortoise's covering
What's cracked by a nutcracker
Carapace The Sun Two Speed 04 Jan 2024
Son: nightmare case The Sun Two Speed 04 Jan 2024
Beach day souvenir USA Today 31 Dec 2023
___ corporation: legal entity with no significant assets or operations which is purely a transactional vehicle (5)
Protective outer covering of an egg
Onset of soldier's suffering, one getting 25 (5)
Its found on beaches
Beach souvenir Commuter 25 Dec 2023
Case Mirror Quick 21 Dec 2023
Explosive found on the beach Mirror Cryptic 21 Dec 2023
See 6 Down Mirror Quiz 19 Dec 2023
2017 action film starring Scarlett Johansson and Pilou Asbaek (5)
Bomb's framework (5)
Seaside souvenir Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2023
As an insect's exoskeleton is commonly referred to (5)
Outer casing The Times Concise 20 Nov 2023
Beachcomber's find
Narrow racing boat LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2023
Bit of beach house decor LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2023
Something you might hold to your ear in order to hear the first parts of 18-, 24-, 52- and 62-Across? New York Times 21 Aug 2023
Snail's enclosure USA Today 07 Jun 2023
Husk; bombard The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2023
Turtle or snail home
Turtle's enclosure Newsday 24 Jan 2023
Society suffering, but they're making record profits
Society suffering, but they're making record profits The Guardian Cryptic 31 Aug 2022
Snail's home LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2022
Carapace The Telegraph Quick 09 Jun 2022
Hermit crab's protection USA Today 17 May 2022
Beach memento The Times Concise 15 May 2022
Conch or puka, e.g USA Today 07 May 2022
Turtle's covering Newsday 13 Apr 2022
Tortoise's top Premier Sunday 20 Mar 2022
Petrochemical company with centre on London's South Bank The Guardian Weekend 26 Feb 2022
Pretty beach memento
Snail's protection USA Today 13 Feb 2022
Overton Park ___, amphitheater in Memphis where Elvis Presley performed his first paid concert in 1954
Nut case Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2021
Beachcomber's find Universal 03 Dec 2021
That lady will shortly launch an attack
Souvenir found in the sand
A shore thing New York Times 17 Oct 2021
Conch, e.g New York Times 28 Jun 2021
All the same without A-Team producing bomb Irish Times Crosaire 19 Jun 2021
Son having a nightmare sees skeleton
Listener a woman will be fond of?
Shore thing? Wall Street Journal 25 May 2021
Comber’s collectible Wall Street Journal 13 May 2021
Covering for a peanut Newsday 27 Apr 2021
This lady's going to Hull
Bombard Hull
'Heroes in a half ___' (descriptor for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) The Washington Post Sunday 07 Feb 2021
Seashore souvenir LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2021
Seashore souvenir The Washington Post 24 Jan 2021
Nut case Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2021
Mollusk's home The Washington Post 25 Nov 2020
Beach home? Family Time 02 Nov 2020
Beach find Thomas Joseph 22 Oct 2020
Blitz auction held outside hotel The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Sep 2020
Skeleton causing son a nightmare The Sun Two Speed 10 Sep 2020
Carapace The Sun Two Speed 10 Sep 2020
Beach find
Snail's protection The Washington Post 15 Jun 2020
Snail's protection LA Times Daily 15 Jun 2020
Nut part Thomas Joseph 05 May 2020
Oyster's "home" Universal 22 Apr 2020
Use artillery for cover The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2020
Hard cover, often? Universal 02 Apr 2020
Narrow racing boat LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2020
Narrow racing boat The Washington Post 01 Apr 2020
Son having nightmare sees skeleton The Sun Two Speed 10 Mar 2020
Lug case left by old president
Turtle's protection
Sea item sold by 39-Down, in a tongue-twister LA Times Daily 28 Oct 2019
Sea item sold by 39-Down, in a tongue-twister The Washington Post 28 Oct 2019
Beach souvenir Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2019
Tortoise topper The Washington Post Sunday 25 Aug 2019
What's left of building after the end of this inferno?
Beachcomber's find USA Today 06 Aug 2019
Protective case The Times Concise 17 Jul 2019
Turtle topper Premier Sunday 16 Jun 2019
That girl with two pounds gets a cartridge
Seaside souvenir LA Times Daily 30 Jan 2019
Seaside souvenir The Washington Post 30 Jan 2019
Sea item sold by 39-Down, in a tongue-twister
Beachcomber's find
Beach souvenir
Seaside souvenir
It's common to a crab and a tortoise
Metaphor for an introvert's demeanor The Washington Post Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Peanut's protector Universal 20 Nov 2018
Case husband found in market
Unfilled pie crust Newsday 21 Oct 2018
Beach house? New York Times 13 Sep 2018
Hard outer covering Irish Times Simplex 04 Aug 2018
Beach souvenir
Conch, for example The Guardian Speedy 18 Feb 2018
Big name at the pumps Universal 21 Jan 2018
Peanut's protector
Beach house?
Big name at the pumps
Pistachio part
Pistachio part Universal 01 Jan 2018
Oyster's protection Newsday 17 Dec 2017
Woman will fire shots from large gun
Cartridge The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2017
Bombard mollusc's casing The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2017
M&M's exterior Newsday 08 Dec 2017
A hard covering or a big oil company
Drop bombs on second place of torment
Tortoise's home?
Light racing boat Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2017
Case husband found in market
Turtle's covering Newsday 16 May 2017
Thimblerig object (and a link to 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 29-Down) USA Today 06 May 2017
Conch's covering The Washington Post 24 Feb 2017
Beach memento, sometimes Family Time 20 Feb 2017
Crustacean's protection The Times Concise 11 Jan 2017
Thimblerig object (and a link to 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 29-Down)
£2 printed on book cover The Times Cryptic 12 Sep 2016
Coxswain's command USA Today 10 Jun 2016
Carapace The Telegraph Quick 05 Jun 2016
Pistachio part Thomas Joseph 20 May 2016
Beach souvenir The Washington Post 04 May 2016
Hard protective case The Times Concise 25 Feb 2016
Skeleton causing son a nightmare
Coxswain's command
Hard case; projectile The Times Concise 14 Dec 2015
Pay, with ''out'' Newsday 21 Nov 2015
Explosive comment introducing next female act?
Narrow boat Newsday 12 Nov 2015
Case for the oil company
That woman will peel outside The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2015
Part of a beach house collection LA Times Daily 30 Aug 2015
Beach souvenir USA Today 30 Aug 2015
Pie case Eugene Sheffer 10 Jul 2015
Get rid of old Bob where the devil looks after his own Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jun 2015
Beach souvenir Universal 08 Jun 2015
Attack lines ending novel
Carapace USA Today 14 Feb 2015
Part of a beach house collection
Beach souvenir
Snail's protection
Pay, with "out"
Turtle's covering
Beach bum's find
Narrow boat
Beach souvenir
Pearl protector
Hard covering
Taco exterior
Pistachio covering
Beach memento
Pasta bit
Bullet casing
You come out of it when you rock out
Snail coverer
Peanut cover
Beachcomber's find
Clam cover
Beach souvenir
Nut case
Turtle covering
Turtle cover
Yellow-and-red gas station symbol
Taco exterior
Band ___ (saucer-shaped stadium)
Yellow-and-red gas station symbol
Beach memento
Turtle's protection
Beach find
Hatchling's former home
Turtle's "home"
Beach vacation souvenir
Turtle's protection
Combing find
Beachcomber's find
Beach home?
Combing find
It covers your nut
Combing attraction?
Bermuda memento, perhaps
Pasta piece
Mollusk's exoskeleton
Oyster-shucking discard
Seaside souvenir
Hard cover
Beach souvenir
Beach memento
Beachcomber's find
Snail's protection
Crime scene evidence
Clam cover
Beachcomber's find
Royal Dutch ___
Hard case
Snail feature
Turtle's enclosure
Pasta shape
Pearl protector
Shore souvenir
Beach souvenir
Clambake discard
Turtle's covering
Find at the beach
Beach find
Turtle's home
Turtle cover
Oyster cloister
Mortar missile
Beach find
Racing boat
Cowrie protector
Cowrie cover
Oyster cloister?
Bit of pasta
Turtle cover
Work on pecans
Bit of pasta
Conch, e.g.
Beachcomber find
Pie part
Henley boat
Pasta piece
Pasta shape
Pearl protector
Oyster exterior
Peanut protection
Work on nuts
Beach souvenir
Clam's home
Work on nuts
Beach souvenir
Exxon rival
Beach souvenir
Clam's house
Beach find
Hard covering
Clam's home
Part of some pastries
Clam cover
Pasta shape
Clam cover
Conch or cowrie
Seashore souvenir
Stuffable pasta
Pyrotechnic device
Bullet casing
Pasta piece
Cowrie or conch
Seaside souvenir
Something punny in this puzzle
Pyrotechnic device
Clam's home
Gun cartridge
Regatta craft
Problem for soldiers, with 37-Across
Gulf rival
Beach decoration of sorts
See 20 Across
Jacket layer
Snail's shelter
Kind of game
Racing craft
Turtle top
Boat with a crew
Oyster cloister
Woman's sleeveless blouse
Prepare peas
Wentletrap, e.g.
Pyrotechnic cartridge
Seashore find
Regatta sight
Pom-pom ammunition
Light boat
Racing boat
Oarsman's place
One kind of game
Game or shock
Cox's charge
Light racing boat
Con-game prop
Outer casing
Humpty Dumpty coat.
A game of sorts.
Regatta entry.
Kind of game.
Type of boat
Outer covering.
Unfilled pie crust.
Kind of blouse.
Periwinkle, for one.
Edible case, in cookery.
Racing boat.
Beach find.
Slight, hollow structure.
Conchologist's concern.
See 35 Down.
Item in a confidence game.
Type of light shoe, like a pump.
Long, narrow racing boat.
Regatta racing boat.
Boat used in regatta.
Peculiar to the Crustacea.
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