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Crossword Clues for SHINS

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Clue Source Date
Lower leg parts USA Today 18 Jan 2021
Protected body parts for goalies and baseball catchers New York Times 05 Jan 2021
What shorts don't cover Newsday 28 Jun 2020
Tibia settings Thomas Joseph 21 Mar 2020
Climbs, as a pole USA Today 26 Sep 2019
They're guarded in numerous sports Newsday 09 Feb 2019
Video blogger's aid New York Times 02 Aug 2018
Tibias' locales USA Today 15 Jul 2018
They go up to the knees
Guarded body parts in soccer USA Today 15 Sep 2017
They might need guards New York Times 06 Nov 2016
They often have guards LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2016
What some guards protect Newsday 22 Sep 2016
Letters on dreidels The Washington Post 10 Apr 2016
Where some athletes need guards New York Times 09 Feb 2016
Kickboxing weapons Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2016
Not good places to get your kicks USA Today 17 Jun 2015
Hebrew letters on dreidels New York Times 19 Mar 2015
Kickers' targets
Targets of some kickers
Kickers' targets, maybe
Kicker's targets
Scrape spots
Knee-ankle connectors
Kickers' targets?
Femur neighbors
They get kicked, in soccer
Body parts that might need guards
Band that will change your life, according to Natalie Portman in "Garden State"
Place for a kick?
Targets of some kicks
They may be kicked in a soccer match
They're under the patellae
Bad places to get your kicks
Leg parts
Climbs, in a way
Lower forelegs
They may get splints
Leg bones
These get kicked in soccer
They need guards sometimes
Climbs a rope
Kicker's target?
Some kick targets
Climbs a pole
Works one's way up
Splint sites
Leg areas
Climbs with hands and legs
They may need guards
Climbs monkey-style
They're under the patella
Patella locales
They have guards in soccer
They're occasionally barked
Climbs a palm tree
Kick locale
Thin-skinned places
Climbs up
Climbs in a way
Climbs a tree
Climbs, in a way.
Parts of legs.
Climbs (with "up").
Climbs (a rope, pole, etc.)
Climbs (a rope).
Climbs (up).
Tibia edges.
Parts of the legs.
Climbs, as a rope.
Climbs in a certain way.
They may be guarded in soccer
"New Slang" band, with "The"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.