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Crossword Clues for SHOPS

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Clue Source Date
Selling centers Newsday 02 May 2021
Visits a 26-Across USA Today 21 Apr 2021
Browses for bargains Newsday 20 Apr 2021
Goes on an Amazon tour, say? Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2021
Looks for bargains USA Today 18 Nov 2020
Betrays local criminals close to those employed in the brewing industry Irish Times Crosaire 28 Oct 2020
Mall units Universal 25 Oct 2020
Mall businesses Thomas Joseph 29 Nov 2019
Goes marketing Newsday 22 Nov 2019
Fills up a cart, say Universal 07 Oct 2019
Hits the outlets, say Universal 15 Sep 2019
Outlets, of a sort New York Times 21 Apr 2019
Patronizes a boutique The Washington Post Sunday 20 Jan 2019
Small stores The Washington Post 23 Oct 2018
Bazaar units Premier Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Hits the mall Eugene Sheffer 17 Mar 2018
Seeks bargains USA Today 15 Jan 2018
Looks for purchases New York Times 14 Jan 2018
Takes the Black Friday plunge The Washington Post 07 Jan 2018
Bazaar makeup New York Times 22 Dec 2017
Bazaar parts New York Times 16 Dec 2017
Compares prices USA Today 09 Nov 2017
Galleria array Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2017
Selling points? The Washington Post 27 Jul 2017
Visits a souk Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2017
Is in a buying mood Newsday 27 Jan 2017
Retail establishments Irish Times Simplex 29 Sep 2016
Boutiques Thomas Joseph 22 Mar 2016
Mall tenants Newsday 02 Mar 2016
Engages in some retail therapy The Washington Post 07 Feb 2016
Visits the mall
Many mall sites
Selling points
Mall features
Bakery and pharmacy
Hits the "Add to Cart" button and then continues, say
Looks for deals
Mall occupants
Main Street establishments
Patronizes the mall
Goes to market
Prepares for the holidays
Prepares for the holidays, in a way
Tourist trap businesses
Visits an e-mall
Searches for sales
Champs Élysées features
Has a ball at the mall
Most of the mall
Cash-and-carry sites
Retail stores
Parisians' charcuteries, e.g.
Buys selectively
Hunts for bargains
Buys pies or ties
Confectioneries, e.g.
Union groups
Work areas
Madison Ave. feature
Goes marketing.
Bond Street specialties.
Booteries, bakeries, etc.
Fifth Avenue specialties.
Arcade features.
Main Street buildings.
Looks for bargains.
Business places.
Places to kill time at an airport terminal
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.