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Word "SHORTS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
(used in the plural) trousers that end at or above the knee
short pants, trunks

Part of Speech:
underpants worn by men
boxers, boxershorts, drawers, underdrawers

Crossword Clues for SHORTS

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Clue Source Date
*Person between second and third Universal 04 Jan 2021
Garment; drinks The Times Concise 01 Jan 2021
Oral stimulants for boxers? Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2020
Part of a soccer uniform Newsday 28 May 2020
Pint-sized son in summer garment The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2019
Legwear The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2019
It would be obscene to not have them for the team photographs or films Irish Times Crosaire 09 Dec 2019
Photographs capturing Queen's clothing The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Oct 2019
15-minute films, say The Washington Post 07 Oct 2019
A sample of the football gear popular with all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 21 Sep 2019
Gym bottoms Universal 20 Aug 2019
Boxers giving jabs round centre of midriff The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jun 2019
Soccer attire Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2019
Cut-off trousers Irish Times Simplex 14 Jan 2019
Summer wear Thomas Joseph 14 Sep 2018
Films a number of those that are drunk Irish Times Crosaire 18 Apr 2018
Old-time feature film preceders The Washington Post 27 Jan 2018
Leg-revealing pants Thomas Joseph 01 Jan 2018
21 drinks The Telegraph Toughie 28 Dec 2017
Garment The Times Concise 22 Dec 2017
Warm-weather wear The Washington Post 07 Dec 2017
Basketball court garb Newsday 27 Jun 2017
Most Three Stooges films USA Today 21 Jun 2017
Some summer attire Universal 29 Aug 2016
Cutoffs, for example Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2016
20-minute movies Newsday 09 Aug 2016
Golfer's garb LA Times Daily 05 Jun 2016
Part of a runner's garb USA Today 01 Mar 2016
Bermuda wear Universal 14 Dec 2015
What to wear in Bermuda Universal 11 Nov 2015
Some are animated Universal 21 Apr 2015
Gym wear Newsday 15 Feb 2015
Worn at hot summer show
Bermuda ___
Boxers, e.g.
Some gym wear
Formal no-no
What Rilo Kiley wanted you to "Salute"
Quick Pixar flicks
"Hot Pants" subject
They're seen at court appearances
Summer outerwear
Summertime garb
Tennis garb
Tennis attire
Summer attire
Daisy Dukes, e.g.
Gives less than expected
Gym outfit, in part
Some films
Movie preceders, once
Features before main features
Cinema showings
They're worn in the ring
Household outages
Bermuda _____
Brief films
Summer garb
Athletic wear
Netman's apparel
Causes for re-fusing
Attire for Wilander
Electrical problems
Tennis wear
Circuit failures
Sports wear.
Garment sizes
Men's apparel.
Bermuda ___.
Fish below legal size.
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