Crossword Clues for SHOWBIZ

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Clue Source Date
What Variety covers Thomas Joseph 18 Jun 2022
Theatre, films, TV, pop music etc The Guardian Quick 19 Mar 2022
Entertainment from crosswords? How bizarre! The Telegraph Toughie 14 Oct 2021
Business of entertaining The Telegraph General Knowledge 12 Sep 2021
''Variety'' coverage Newsday 21 May 2021
Entertainment world The Times Concise 14 Aug 2019
Entertainment industry The Telegraph Quick 20 Apr 2019
Film, TV etc (colloquial) The Times Concise 06 Jan 2019
Hollywood and such New York Times 31 Jul 2018
Entertainment industry The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 Mar 2018
Hollywood and such
World of entertainment The Times Concise 27 Sep 2017
World of entertainment The Telegraph Quick 25 Mar 2016
That's entertainment Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2016
*Tinseltown trade LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2016
*Tinseltown trade
Tinseltown is part of it
Performer's realm, slangily
Movies, TV, Broadway, etc.
Variety focus
Bright lights industry, casually
Tinseltown doings
Many Beverly Hills residents are in it
"That's ___!"
Hollywood buzzword
Hollywood buzzword
Tinseltown trade
Tinseltown trade
"That's ___"
Theater, TV, films, etc.
Hollywood slangily
The entertainment industry
Movies, theater, etc.
Broadway doings.
The Theatre: Slang.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.