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Crossword Clues for SID

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Clue Source Date
Caesar or Vicious Eugene Sheffer 26 Jan 2021
Grauman of Chinese Theatre fame LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2021
''Science Kid'' toon Newsday 22 Jan 2021
___ the Kid, nickname for N.H.L. star Crosby New York Times 17 Jan 2021
"Toy Story" bully LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
'Toy Story' bully The Washington Post 10 Jan 2021
''Science Kid'' of TV Newsday 31 Dec 2020
Songwriter Sriram USA Today 08 Dec 2020
Funny Caesar LA Times Daily 04 Dec 2020
Sketch comedy performer Caesar The Washington Post Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Vicious on stage LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2020
Comic Caesar Thomas Joseph 17 Nov 2020
Kid who is 'epic!' [S] Jonesin 20 Oct 2020
-- James, star of many 'Carry On' films The Telegraph General Knowledge 13 Sep 2020
PBS 'Science Kid' The Washington Post 01 Sep 2020
PBS "Science Kid" LA Times Daily 01 Sep 2020
"Ice Age" sloth Universal 30 Aug 2020
Caesar of TV Premier Sunday 03 May 2020
Half brother of Tom Sawyer New York Times 01 May 2020
Throwing away New York Times 26 Apr 2020
Vicious in the punk scene The New Yorker 13 Apr 2020
PBS ''Science Kid'' Newsday 26 Mar 2020
Punk rocker Vicious Universal 06 Dec 2019
Vicious with a bass The Washington Post 17 Nov 2019
Andy's ''Toy Story'' neighbor Newsday 05 Oct 2019
Dull-witted sloth in 'Ice Age' New York Times 25 Aug 2019
'Science Kid' of PBS Premier Sunday 23 Jun 2019
Vicious of punk rock New York Times 15 May 2019
'___ the Kid' (NHL star Crosby's nickname) The Washington Post Sunday 28 Apr 2019
Vicious perhaps in seaside The Sun Two Speed 02 Mar 2019
Shortened male name The Sun Two Speed 02 Mar 2019
Game designer Meier The Washington Post Sunday 24 Feb 2019
PBS's 'Science Kid' Jonesin 12 Feb 2019
Bully in the 'Toy Story' films The Washington Post 15 Jan 2019
Bully in the "Toy Story" films LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2019
Dull-witted sloth in "Ice Age"
Caesar born in 1922 New York Times 14 Dec 2018
The person who had to be told about the 1986 privatisation of British Gas The Times Specialist Sunday 04 Nov 2018
Bassist Vicious The Washington Post Sunday 21 Oct 2018
Caesar of 'Your Show of Shows' Wall Street Journal 24 Sep 2018
Sloth in the 'Ice Age' movies Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2018
Main antagonist in 'Toy Story' New York Times 11 Aug 2018
'Ice Age' sloth Thomas Joseph 19 Jul 2018
Vicious with a guitar Wall Street Journal 16 May 2018
Entertaining Caesar The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
Vicious part in this idea! The Sun Two Speed 04 May 2018
Man's name The Sun Two Speed 04 May 2018
Rocker Vicious Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2018
Caesar on TV Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2018
Tom Sawyer's half brother New York Times 09 Mar 2018
Crosby, for one Canadiana 05 Mar 2018
Bad boy in "Toy Story" USA Today 04 Mar 2018
Sloth in the "Ice Age" movies
Caesar on 1950s TV
Caesar of "Your Show of Shows"
Main antagonist in "Toy Story"
Tom Sawyer's half-brother USA Today 15 Sep 2017
Caesar of old TV Premier Sunday 06 Aug 2017
Funnyman Caesar The Washington Post 11 Jul 2017
''Toy Story'' brat Newsday 29 Jun 2017
Vicious of the Sex Pistols The Washington Post 01 Jun 2017
Mean kid in "Toy Story" USA Today 10 Dec 2016
PBS's '___ the Science Kid' New York Times 02 Oct 2016
Caesar of 1950s TV USA Today 17 Aug 2016
Imogene's comedy partner LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2016
Caesar known for being funny LA Times Daily 21 Jul 2016
__ Vicious of rock's Sex Pistols Universal 29 May 2016
TV's "Science Kid" Universal 14 May 2016
Comical Caesar LA Times Daily 24 Apr 2016
Caesar of comedy LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2016
PBS's "___ the Science Kid"
Miltie's early TV rival Newsday 20 Nov 2015
Comic Caesar of 1950s TV Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2015
With 45 Across, early Woody Allen employer Newsday 17 Jul 2015
PBS's "Science Kid"
The Science Kid
Slipknot turntablist Wilson
Non-Roman Caesar
"My Way" Vicious
Punker Vicious
Caesar of old comedy
___ the Kid (N.H.L. nickname)
Clumsy "Ice Age" guy
Caesar whose forum was television
Caesar or Luckman
A famous Caesar
Vicious of Sex Pistols
PBS's Science Kid
Ice Age sloth
Hockey Hall of Famer Abel
Naughty boy in "Toy Story"
Grauman of Grauman's Chinese Theater
Comedian Caesar
Sex Pistols bassist Vicious
Vicious in a punk rock band
Mr. Vicious
Punk rocker ___ Vicious
Caesar whose forum was TV
Imogene's partner
Hollywood entrepreneur Grauman
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.