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Word "SIERRA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a Spanish mackerel of western North America
scomberomorus sierra

Part of Speech:
a range of mountains (usually with jagged peaks and irregular outline)

Crossword Clues for SIERRA

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Clue Source Date
Range sent back, somewhat bizarre I see The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2021
The range of some folksier rapper Irish Times Crosaire 04 Feb 2021
Saw-tooth mountain chain Newsday 20 Dec 2020
Follower of Romeo Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2020
Western range Thomas Joseph 27 Nov 2020
Mountain chain Eugene Sheffer 24 Oct 2020
___ Leone USA Today 04 Sep 2020
Vehicle's range? The Telegraph Toughie 20 Aug 2020
Mountain range in the NATO alphabet Newsday 12 Jul 2020
Redevelopment is rare in the mountain range Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jun 2020
__ Club: conservation group LA Times Daily 20 May 2020
Mountain range The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2020
Chain letter read out on radio The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2020
Environmentalism's ___ Club Universal 11 May 2020
___ Nevada mountains USA Today 25 Apr 2020
With 39-Down, John Muir was its first president Premier Sunday 23 Feb 2020
GMC pickup Premier Sunday 29 Dec 2019
California's ___ National Forest New York Times 15 Dec 2019
Is rare cuckoo from a range of mountains? Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2019
Is rare rock from a range of mountains? Irish Times Crosaire 27 Sep 2019
Rugged mountain range USA Today 24 Aug 2019
Range of mountains The Guardian Speedy 05 May 2019
19th code letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
Environmental club name Universal 13 Apr 2019
Nato alphabet 'S' The Telegraph Quick 16 Mar 2019
Spanish mountain range Irish Times Simplex 22 Feb 2019
__ Club (environmental group) Newsday 13 Feb 2019
__ Nevadas (Mount Whitney's range) Newsday 27 Jan 2019
NATO alphabet letter after Romeo The Washington Post 30 Dec 2018
Spanish word for a mountain The Telegraph Quick 16 Dec 2018
__ Nevada: brewery The Washington Post 14 Dec 2018
— Leone Premier Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Saw-toothed range The Washington Post 23 Aug 2018
'The Treasure of the ___ Madre' Jonesin 29 May 2018
Cuckoo is rare in the foreign mountain range Irish Times Crosaire 08 May 2018
GMC truck New York Times 29 Apr 2018
GM light-duty Universal 06 Apr 2018
Range of sin: sloth's about nailing it The Telegraph Toughie 30 Mar 2018
Code word for the letter 'S' The Guardian Speedy 25 Feb 2018
Rugged range Thomas Joseph 26 Jan 2018
Letter after Romeo
Letter before Tango The Washington Post Sunday 10 Dec 2017
-- Nevadas Premier Sunday 25 Jun 2017
GMC truck model USA Today 31 Mar 2017
Romeo's follower Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2016
___ Mist (soft drink now called Mist Twst) The Washington Post 13 Sep 2016
Range Rover, initially following Queen as one shot bears The Guardian Cryptic 14 Jul 2016
GMC pickup truck Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2016
___ Madre Universal 26 Jun 2016
What John Muir named his club The Washington Post 11 May 2016
With 2-Down, West African land USA Today 11 Apr 2016
"The Treasure of the __ Madre": Bogart classic LA Times Daily 28 Jan 2016
Range seen among fussier ranges The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2015
Jagged mountain range The Telegraph Quick 02 Nov 2015
-- Nevada Premier Sunday 04 Oct 2015
___ Nevadas New York Times 24 Aug 2015
___ Nevada (mountain chain) USA Today 06 Aug 2015
Chain of mountains Family Time 20 Jul 2015
Jagged mountain chain The Times Concise 20 Jul 2015
Environmental publication name since 1893 New York Times 05 Jun 2015
Air strike drops kit from long range in Spain Irish Times Crosaire 15 May 2015
Pickup truck named for a mountain chain
___ Madre (mountain range)
Lead-in for "Madre" or "Leone"
__ Nevadas (western mountains)
High chain
"The Treasure of the __ Madre"
___ Nevada
Club that preserved Yosemite as a national park
"High ___" (Bogart film)
With 20-Across, neighbor of Liberia
Letter between Romeo and Tango
Club that preserved Yosemite
S, in a phonetic alphabet
G.M.C. truck
Peak chain
___ Nevada mountain range
Bogart film "High ___"
__ Nevada mountain range
Sawtooth mountain chain
Rugged mountain chain
Jagged chain
Communications word after Romeo
Sawlike range
___ Club (conservationist group)
Madre or Mist lead-in
-- Nevada mountains
Saw-toothed ridge
Saw-toothed formation
___ Club (conservation group)
Word in a Bogart film title
Californa mountain range: ___ Nevada
-- Mist (soft drink brand)
"High ___," 1941 film
__ Nevada
Notched range
"The Treasure of the ___ Madre"
-- Leone
Western mountain chain, with "the"
Radio code word after 47-Down
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.