Crossword Clues for SIERRAS

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Clue Source Date
California mountain range, informally The Washington Post Sunday 01 May 2022
California's ''High'' mountains Newsday 08 Feb 2022
Reno's mountains, informally Universal 21 Nov 2021
Yosemite Falls' range, informally Universal 27 Aug 2021
Mountain ranges The Times Concise 30 Jun 2021
California mountains, informally Universal 04 Apr 2021
Mountain chains The Times Concise 24 Feb 2021
High ranges LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2020
High ranges The Washington Post 23 Oct 2020
Lake Tahoe's range, informally Universal 15 Oct 2020
California peaks, with 'the' The Washington Post 18 Sep 2020
California peaks, with "the" LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2020
Western range New York Times 15 Jul 2020
Jagged mountain ranges USA Today 17 Feb 2019
Jagged mountain ranges
California range, familiarly USA Today 30 Jul 2018
Rough mountain ranges Universal 10 Jun 2018
Jagged mountain range New York Times 17 May 2018
Spanish mountains The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2018
Dossier rashly contains mountain ranges The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2018
Jagged mountain range
California range, familiarly
Rough mountain ranges
Mountain chains Universal 31 Jan 2017
Mountain chains
Mountain ranges Canadiana 14 Sep 2015
New rises involving Royal Academy -- sharp rises The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2015
Mountains named for Spanish saws
Rugged peaks
Sharply pointed mountain ranges
Saw-toothed chain
Jagged mountain range
Rugged mountain ranges
Western U.S. range
Golden State mountains
Yosemite setting
Rugged range
Mount Whitney's range
Tahoe's range
Milieu for John Muir, with "the"
Milieu for John Muir, with "the"
Mountain chains
Mountain chains
Craggy ranges
Yosemite setting
Morena, Leone and Madre
GMC trucks
Whitney's range
Mountains crossed by the Central Pacific Railroad
Range in Eldorado National Forest
Rugged mountains
Western range, with "the"
Milieu for John Muir
California mountains
Rugged mountains
Saw-tooth mountains
Rugged mountain ranges
Sawtooth mountains
Rough ranges
Mountain chain
Sawtooth mountains
Muir milieu
Nevada range, familiarly
Yosemite setting
California mountains
Craggy ranges
Nevada and Madre
High chains
Mountain chains
Western range
Spanish mackerels
Large mackerels
Mountain ranges
High ___
Jagged mountain range
U.S. mountain range
Ridges or fish
Western ranges
Western mountains
Madre and Leone
Jagged range
Mountain chain.
Western ranges.
Western mountains.
Mountain ranges.
Sawtooth ridges.
Western mountain ranges.
Rugged mountain chains.
The jagged Nevadas, for instance.
Mexico's mountain chains.
Mountains of California.
Mountains in Golden State.
Mountain ridges with irregular outline.
High, jagged range.
Kings Canyon locale, with "The"
Yosemite's setting
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