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Word "SIGHT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the ability to see; the visual faculty
vision, visual modality, visual sense

Part of Speech:
the act of looking or seeing or observing
survey, view

Part of Speech:
the range of vision
out of sight of land

Crossword Clues for SIGHT

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Clue Source Date
Spectacle The Sun Two Speed 25 Feb 2021
Grand to appear in this strange vision The Sun Two Speed 25 Feb 2021
What a tourist wants to see Family Time 15 Feb 2021
Looking for a great deal The Sun Two Speed 07 Jan 2021
Spy Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2021
Vision The Telegraph Quick 10 Dec 2020
Tourist attraction Universal 13 Nov 2020
Visual perception Irish Times Simplex 12 Aug 2020
Something to behold New York Times 14 Apr 2020
Thin -- not large? That makes sense The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Feb 2020
Something to see New York Times 29 May 2019
A __ for sore eyes Newsday 27 May 2019
__ for sore eyes Newsday 16 Apr 2019
Partner-swapping in the dark is something to behold The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Mar 2019
Lot's regret voiced by Terah initially The Telegraph Toughie 31 Jan 2019
Good appears in this swirling vision The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2018
Sense of location for broadcast The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Oct 2018
Aiming aid Universal 15 Mar 2018
Sense good deal The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Mar 2018
Something viewed Newsday 09 Feb 2017
''Best Things dwell out of __'': Dickinson Newsday 28 Jan 2017
Glimpse name in report The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jan 2017
What pupils participate in Universal 03 Jan 2017
Viewed thing Premier Sunday 23 Oct 2016
Power of vision The Times Concise 29 Sep 2016
A ____ for sore eyes Canadiana 12 Sep 2016
The eyes have it Family Time 28 Aug 2016
Spot or location, so to speak The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Aug 2016
Vision of number wanting different leader The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Apr 2016
Good deal of vision? The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Feb 2016
The ability to see USA Today 04 Oct 2015
View New York Times 11 Jul 2015
Pupils take part in it USA Today 02 Jun 2015
Faculty's reference for the audience The Times Cryptic 27 May 2015
Location in sound and vision The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2015
Asking what regular elements feature in vision The Telegraph Toughie 18 Mar 2015
It's affected by retinitis pigmentosa
A sense
Rifle attachment
Visual sense
It's seeing things
Tour stop
Common sense?
Optometry concern
Rifle part
Viewing sense
Shooter's aiming aid
Surveyor's observation
Impressive spectacle
Tourist's must
Tourist stop
Optometrist's field
Word with eye or hind
Tourist guide listing
One of the senses
___ for sore eyes
13-Down function
Tourist's "must"
Aid in aiming
A ___ for sore eyes
Blind ambition?
Kind of gag
Part of a gun
Tour highlight
Make out
Kind of seer
Thing for sore eyes
Rifle component
Range finder.
Large number: Colloq.
Remarkable view.
Part of a rifle.
Device on a gun.
Surveyor's observation.
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