Word "SILICA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a white or colorless vitreous insoluble solid (SiO2); various forms occur widely in the earth's crust as quartz or cristobalite or tridymite or lechatelierite
silicon dioxide, silicon oxide

Crossword Clues for SILICA

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Clue Source Date
___ gel (drying agent that comes in small packets) New York Times 17 Aug 2022
A bishop about to leave RC church? This matter is insoluble The Guardian Cryptic 10 Aug 2022
Compound in quartz The Times Concise 16 Jul 2022
Quartz, e.g Premier Sunday 10 Jul 2022
Sand substance Thomas Joseph 04 Jul 2022
Mineral found in first two of six limestone caves The Guardian Cryptic 15 Mar 2022
Opal, essentially Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2022
Glassy substance in quartz and sand Irish Times Simplex 13 Nov 2021
Stuff in sand Premier Sunday 04 Jul 2021
Glass ingredient Wall Street Journal 05 Jun 2021
No art in satirical piece coming from The Stones perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 25 May 2021
Ingredient of sand The Times Concise 21 May 2021
Sand component Newsday 11 Apr 2021
Flint is a form of it New York Times 20 Dec 2020
Compound located in Basilicas The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2020
Quartz component The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2020
Sand substance Thomas Joseph 19 Nov 2020
___ gel packets USA Today 23 Jul 2020
Glass ingredient Newsday 14 Jun 2020
Glassy substance in quartz and sand Irish Times Simplex 18 May 2020
Glass component Universal 05 Dec 2018
Stuff in some vitamin packets Newsday 26 Jul 2018
Inorganic substances Canadiana 18 Jun 2018
Opal, e.g Wall Street Journal 31 May 2018
Glass component New York Times 25 Apr 2018
Glassmaker's material Family Time 23 Apr 2018
Is back, as there's a fair amount of lichen on a rock formation Irish Times Crosaire 08 Mar 2018
Glass component
Glass component
Opal, e.g.
Glass component LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2017
Glass component The Washington Post 02 Jul 2017
Constituent of sandstone and quartz The Times Concise 28 Jun 2017
Stuff in a pack labeled 'Do Not Eat' Wall Street Journal 26 Apr 2017
Crystal, essentially Newsday 07 Apr 2017
Is upset with most of the parasites on a piece of glass Irish Times Crosaire 01 Mar 2017
Glass manufacturing dioxide LA Times Daily 08 Feb 2017
Glass component
Glass manufacturing dioxide
Dehumidifying gel Universal 16 Jul 2016
Compound in quartz The Times Concise 05 May 2016
Glass constituent in all but top quarter of spacious church The Times Cryptic 29 Mar 2016
Dehumidifying gel
Mineral used in glassmaking LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2015
Cement ingredient Eugene Sheffer 05 Sep 2015
Spain says yes to Latin women's institute with glass component Irish Times Crosaire 28 Aug 2015
Sand, basically Thomas Joseph 01 Jul 2015
Quartz, chalcedony or opal The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Mar 2015
Mineral used in glassmaking
Glass ingredient
Desiccant gel
Component in glass
Glassy mineral found in sand
Stuff in sand or quartz
Glassmaker's material
Glass ingredient
Glassmaker's material
It's used in making glass
Glassmaker's material
Mineral used in glassmaking
Quartz compound
Sand, essentially
Quartz component
Quartz compound
Stuff in those packets you're not supposed to eat
Agate mineral
Glass ingredient
Glass component
Sand stuff
Cement ingredient
Glass component
Sand component
Flint, e.g.
Quartz or flint
Glass component
Flint is a form of it
Agate mineral
Kind of gel
Ingredient in ceramics
Glass component
Glass ingredient
It's in the sand
Sand, basically
Glass ingredient
Glassmaker's raw material
Glass component
Sand or quartz
Opal, essentially
Glassmaker's need
Sand, essentially
Quartz material
Quartz sand
Glass ingredient
Dehumidifying gel
It's used in making glass
Quartz component
Glass-maker's powder
Quartz material
Glassmaker's substance
Sand basically
Mineral in quartz
Material for ceramics
Kind of brick or cement
Glassy mineral
Ingredient of glass
Quartz ingredient
Quartz constituent.
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