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Crossword Clues for SIMILES

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Clue Source Date
Poetic devices The Washington Post 07 May 2021
Poetic devices LA Times Daily 07 May 2021
'Smart as a whip' and 'sharp as a tack' New York Times 29 Dec 2020
Figures of speech Newsday 08 Dec 2019
Literary comparisons Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2019
Many ''as''-in-middle phrases Newsday 04 Aug 2019
Rhetorical comparisons Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2019
Rhetorical comparisons
Literary comparisons
Poetic analogies Universal 29 Dec 2018
'Thick as a Brick' and 'Solid as a Rock,' e.g The Washington Post Sunday 14 Oct 2018
'Good as gold' et al USA Today 19 May 2018
"Good as gold" et al.
Poetic analogies
'She's Like the Wind' and others New York Times 23 Dec 2017
Looks happy picking up current figures of speech The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Dec 2017
"Good as gold" et al USA Today 25 May 2017
Comparative phrases Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2017
"She's Like the Wind" and others
Fit as a fiddle and tough as nails LA Times Daily 18 May 2016
"Mad as a hatter" et al USA Today 11 Mar 2016
Fit as a fiddle and tough as nails
'Happy as a clam' and 'blind as a bat' The Washington Post 07 Nov 2015
Like expressions? LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2015
Like expressions?
"Happy as a clam" and "blind as a bat"
"Good as gold" and "fresh as a daisy"
Animal analogies, often
Some 101-Downs
Some 101-Downs
Theme of this puzzle
"Like" things?
Like words?
Phrases with "as a" in the middle
"Fresh as a daisy" and others
Like expressions?
Metaphors' relatives
Comparative phrases
Like things?
"Good as gold" and the like
Figures of speech
Like words
"Good as gold" and "right as rain"
"Mad as a hatter" and "crazy as a loon"
"My Luve's like a red red rose" and others
Poetic analogies
Plath ploys
Rhetorical comparisons
Some tropes
Figures of speech
Good as gold, and others.
99 Across and others.
Figures of speech.
Poets' comparisons.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.