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Word "SING" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
make a whining, ringing, or whistling sound
the kettle was singing

Part of Speech:
divulge confidential information or secrets
babble, babble out, blab, blab out, let the cat out of the bag, peach, spill the beans, talk, tattle

Part of Speech:
deliver by singing

Crossword Clues for SING

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Clue Source Date
Act as informer The Telegraph Quick 03 Apr 2021
Perform with a choir USA Today 08 Mar 2021
Do karaoke USA Today 12 Feb 2021
Belt it out, say USA Today 11 Feb 2021
Go caroling Eugene Sheffer 21 Dec 2020
Perform in a choir Newsday 07 Dec 2020
Vocalize Newsday 25 Oct 2020
Perform in a glee club Universal 26 Sep 2020
Warble Eugene Sheffer 08 Sep 2020
Act the informant Wall Street Journal 05 Sep 2020
Offend good, and confess The Telegraph Toughie 01 Sep 2020
Do some karaoke USA Today 21 Jul 2020
Chant The Telegraph Quick 24 Jun 2020
Spill the beans LA Times Daily 25 May 2020
Perform 'Happy Birthday,' say USA Today 18 May 2020
*Storied New York prison New York Times 29 Apr 2020
Show off some pipes USA Today 22 Apr 2020
Name names Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2020
Act the fink The Washington Post 10 Feb 2020
Join the choir Thomas Joseph 20 Jan 2020
Carol is upset getting a poor grade Irish Times Crosaire 21 Dec 2019
Perform (a song) The Times Concise 25 Nov 2019
Be melodic, in a way Family Time 24 Nov 2019
With 13-Down, do some karaoke, e.g Premier Sunday 10 Nov 2019
Croon Universal 02 Nov 2019
Perform on "The Voice" Universal 20 Oct 2019
Deliver a 2 Down Newsday 09 Oct 2019
Join the chorus Family Time 04 Aug 2019
Tweet from a tree, say Universal 03 Jul 2019
Let secrets out New York Times 21 May 2019
Belt out a tune New York Times 18 Mar 2019
Vocalise The Telegraph Quick 16 Feb 2019
Grass may be evil -- and good The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jan 2019
Perform a ballad Newsday 24 Dec 2018
Perform in a chorus Newsday 05 Nov 2018
Do "American Idol" Universal 22 Oct 2018
Join a choir, say Newsday 25 Sep 2018
Snitch New York Times 29 May 2018
Confess The Telegraph Quick 02 Apr 2018
Do more than hum Universal 01 Apr 2018
Carol is upset getting one of those poorer grades Irish Times Crosaire 21 Mar 2018
Join a chorus Newsday 04 Mar 2018
Squeal on the mob USA Today 28 Feb 2018
Emulate Mercury or Mars The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
Make like a rat Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2018
Save-the-theater animated film of 2016 The Chronicle of Higher Education 22 Sep 2017
Rat on the Mafia USA Today 06 May 2017
Illumination Entertainment's other 2016 film (besides 'The Secret Life of Pets') Jonesin 11 Apr 2017
Do a ditty USA Today 15 Dec 2016
With 72-Across, noted maximum security prison New York Times 09 Aug 2016
With 71- and 72-Across, classic Louis Prima tune New York Times 09 Aug 2016
Participate in karaoke LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2016
Spill one's secrets New York Times 26 Jun 2016
Perform on Karaoke Night Newsday 19 Jun 2016
Be in a choir Premier Sunday 19 Jun 2016
Deliver some notes? The Washington Post 27 May 2016
Spill all Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2016
Turn state's evidence Universal 03 Apr 2016
Half a prison? LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2016
Carry a tune USA Today 09 Feb 2016
Belt one out Universal 04 Jan 2016
Perform a tune Newsday 16 Dec 2015
Birds do it Newsday 04 Dec 2015
Do a number Newsday 29 Nov 2015
Carol is upset by one of the poorer grades Irish Times Crosaire 17 Nov 2015
1973 hit by the Carpenters The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Oct 2015
Vocalize a melody Family Time 21 Sep 2015
Serenade New York Times 27 Jul 2015
Take the lead, perhaps
Give the cops names, say
Supply a number
Be a stool pigeon
Make a note of?
Be a prima donna, e.g.
Perform, in a way
Be a squealer
Tell all
Belt it out
When doubled, a New York prison
Tell the cops everything
Enjoy some karaoke
"Of Thee I ___"
What frontman will do
Work some cords
Rat on someone
Perform in the choir
Try out for "American Idol"
Perform with the choir
Perform a ditty
Vocal Carpenters song?
Sound really good
Perform on "Glee," perhaps
Be in a 32-Down, e.g.
Croon a tune
Compete on "American Idol"
Perform an aria
Vocal Travis hit?
Perform a cantata
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.