Crossword Clues for SINGS

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Clue Source Date
Tells the cops everything LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2022
Gives voice The Guardian Quick 03 Nov 2021
Confesses being no good in MI6 The Guardian Cryptic 25 Oct 2021
Adds to a number, in a way? The Washington Post Sunday 02 May 2021
Does a number of moral transgressions taking in force Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2020
Croons The Telegraph Quick 27 Oct 2020
Competes on 'The Voice' USA Today 29 Jul 2020
Belts out a tune Family Time 27 Jul 2020
Does karaoke Universal 24 May 2020
Joins the chorus Wall Street Journal 13 May 2020
Snitches New York Times 12 Apr 2020
'Lady ___ the Blues' USA Today 16 Mar 2020
Poem title ends Canadiana 02 Dec 2019
Renders a number Newsday 27 Oct 2019
Tells, under pressure Canadiana 05 Aug 2019
Performs, as an 11 Down Newsday 16 Apr 2019
Croons Thomas Joseph 22 Dec 2018
Tells all The Washington Post 29 Nov 2018
Tells all LA Times Daily 29 Nov 2018
Emulates a Disney princess New York Times 08 Aug 2018
Is a canary New York Times 31 May 2018
Does karaoke USA Today 13 Jan 2018
Tells all
Emulates a Disney princess
Is a canary
Does karaoke
Goes caroling, say USA Today 13 Nov 2017
Is vocal, in a way Newsday 01 Jul 2017
Warbles Thomas Joseph 19 May 2017
Performs in a chorus Newsday 17 Apr 2017
Spills the beans Thomas Joseph 22 Mar 2017
Goes caroling, say
Comes clean Jonesin 13 Aug 2015
Does a number on? Newsday 06 Jun 2015
Does a number on?
Competes on "The Voice"
Joins the chorus
Lets the air out?
Does a number
Does some karaoke
Tells the cops everything
What the vocalist does
Belts out
Croons tunes
Provides backup, in a way
Belts out
Turns state's evidence, slangily
Renders a number
What a choir does
Joins the chorus
Does a ditty
Does a number
Croons a tune
Does barbershop work?
Tells the cops everything
Turns state's evidence, e.g.
Joins the chorus
Does a ditty
Tells all
Does a ditty
Belts out numbers
Acts as an informer
Joins the choir
Does a number
Is a rat
Tells all, gangland style
Performs in a chorus
Talks, so to speak
Acts the stool pigeon
Emulates a 43-Across
Emulates 12-Down
Does barbershop work
Does barbershop work
Talks, so to speak
Belts or croons
Is a rat
Turns state's evidence
Comes clean
Emulates Elvis
Acts the informant
Goes caroling
Turns state's evidence
Offers an aria
Comes clean
Tells all: sl.
Spills the beans
Confesses tunefully?
Whines shrilly
Emulates Melba
Emulates Eric Clapton
Confesses, gang style
Spills the beans.
Campus events.
Waxes lyrical.
Campus get-togethers.
Grows lyrical.
Musical get-togethers.
Celebrates in verse.
Musical gatherings.
Vocal college gatherings.
College choral gatherings.
Emulates Trilby.
Betrays one's pals: Police slang.
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