Word "SINK" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly
fall off, slump

Part of Speech:
appear to move downward

Part of Speech:
a depression in the ground communicating with a subterranean passage (especially in limestone) and formed by solution or by collapse of a cavern roof
sinkhole, swallow hole

Crossword Clues for SINK

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Clue Source Date
Go down in the bathroom (4)
Decline to hold dirty dishes (4)
It will go to the bottom where washing-up is concerned (4)
Get snooker ball into pocket (4)
Have a quick drink from the basin in the kitchen (4)
Founder of NSYNC vocalised after Justin finally left The Guardian Cryptic 02 Apr 2024
An underwater basin? (4)
Heat potassium on the rocks (4)
Water basin (4)
Basin within fitments in kitchen (4) Puzzler Cryptic 07 Mar 2024
Destination for dirty dishes
Max in Stranger Things, Sadie - (4)
Be degraded by wicked act at the King's Head (4)
Go under Mirror Classic 17 Feb 2024
To go under a kitchen fitment (4)
Water container to put below ground level (4)
Stranger Things star Sadie's basin (4)
Go underwater Commuter 06 Feb 2024
Penetrate the mind, ... in
___ or swim, expression meaning 'fail or succeed by one's own efforts' (4)
____ or swim, expression meaning 'fail or succeed by one's own efforts' (4)
Go down having had skin removed (4)
Founder of a place of iniquity
Place for a dishwasher?
Countertop wash basin
What rocks do in water Family Time 01 Jan 2024
Plummet Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2023
Beginning of sale — writing material to fall in price? The Times Quick Cryptic 06 Dec 2023
Dirty dish spot in the kitchen
Sadie ----, Max in Stranger Things (4)
* Washroom fixture or a synonym for 1a
Subside The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2023
Founder of business in Knightsbridge The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2023
"___ me!" melodramatic expression used by 28a
Spot for dirty dishes
Washbasin The Times Concise 29 Sep 2023
Descend Newsday 23 Jul 2023
Drop wrong end of stick The Guardian Cryptic 11 Jul 2023
Garbage disposal spot New York Times 11 Jun 2023
For pot, go to pot? The Telegraph Toughie 06 Jun 2023
Dish or hand washing spot
Could this be hidden by residents in kitchen? The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Apr 2023
Word after "kitchen" or "time" Universal 02 Apr 2023
Subside The Telegraph Quick 23 Mar 2023
Where dirty dishes pile up
Spot for dirty dishes
Drop to the sea bed The Guardian Quick 14 Jan 2023
Place to wash up USA Today 01 Nov 2022
Go under The Guardian Quick 04 Oct 2022
Garbage disposal's place USA Today 12 Aug 2022
To swim said to be the alternative to this depression The Times Cryptic 29 Jun 2022
Emulate the Titanic Family Time 20 Jun 2022
Go under Eugene Sheffer 08 Jun 2022
Submerge The Telegraph Quick 04 Jun 2022
Kitchen fixture Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2022
Dirty dish's destination Universal 25 Mar 2022
Fixture with a faucet USA Today 25 Jan 2022
Drop, in the ocean
Roll into the hole, as a putt LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2021
Evil king to fall The Guardian Cryptic 24 Nov 2021
Evil king to fall
What fresh eggs do in water Universal 19 Nov 2021
Evil king's ruin The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Nov 2021
Wrong king's flag The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Sep 2021
What some ships and hearts do New York Times 08 Sep 2021
Spot for dirty dishes
Everything but the kitchen ___ USA Today 12 Aug 2021
Go underwater for a washing place
What some ships and hearts do New York Times 25 May 2021
Become submerged in floods in Kingston
Go under Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2021
Open 11 across or go down Irish Times Crosaire 01 Feb 2021
22 in liquid, small well's contents?
Ruin Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2020
Go down like a stone Universal 27 Nov 2020
Scuttle stays in kitchen, hidden
Kitchen fixture USA Today 07 Nov 2020
Founder The Telegraph Quick 10 Oct 2020
Swim alternative Universal 08 Oct 2020
Get submerged in washing place
Hand basin; slump The Telegraph Quick 24 Aug 2020
What things do in quicksand New York Times 27 Jul 2020
Kitchen fixture Eugene Sheffer 23 Jun 2020
Give son something to write with The Telegraph Cryptic 29 May 2020
Descend The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Descend LA Times Daily 24 May 2020
Flag adopted by Bantus in Kenya
Place for plates Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2020
Some pans in kitchen may be in this The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Apr 2020
Transgression, dark's ending in fall
One of two in a double vanity Universal 23 Feb 2020
Decline The Telegraph Quick 20 Dec 2019
Subside The Sun Two Speed 23 Sep 2019
Founder from Broadstairs in Kent The Sun Two Speed 23 Sep 2019
Approach the bottom Universal 30 Aug 2019
Bathroom fixture
Scuttle at sea USA Today 27 Jun 2019
Kitchen fixture Thomas Joseph 25 Jun 2019
Kitchen drain's locale Newsday 27 May 2019
Closing pages by the pen of old journalist perhaps in decline Irish Times Crosaire 18 May 2019
Where dirty dishes pile up
Basin The Telegraph Quick 02 May 2019
Yield to quicksand USA Today 26 Apr 2019
Fail to float Newsday 04 Apr 2019
Descend The Telegraph Quick 15 Mar 2019
Submerge Newsday 12 Mar 2019
Set, as the sun The Washington Post 01 Feb 2019
Set, as the sun LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2019
Kitchen basin Newsday 21 Jan 2019
What hearts do when things look bad New York Times 20 Jan 2019
Scuttle at sea
Set, as the sun
Approach the bottom
Kitchen fixture
Yield to quicksand
What hearts do when things look bad
Drop gradually Newsday 16 Dec 2018
Founder of stores in Kensington The Sun Two Speed 14 Dec 2018
Go down Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2018
Descend to a lower level The Telegraph Quick 24 Nov 2018
Pot, or go to pot
Place for dirty dishes in the kitchen
Small printing fluid drop
Evil king's ruin The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Oct 2018
Descend Universal 28 Oct 2018
Cleaning area The Washington Post 18 Oct 2018
Cleaning area LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2018
Go down its plughole?
Kitchen fixture Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2018
Founder that's normally given a plug The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Aug 2018
Make, as a putt USA Today 22 Jul 2018
Founder of business in Knightsbridge The Sun Two Speed 09 Jun 2018
Submerge The Telegraph Quick 25 May 2018
Go like a stone in water
Go under kitchen fixture
Swim's alternative New York Times 26 Feb 2018
Slump The Telegraph Quick 31 Jan 2018
Drop in the ocean
Kitchen fixture
Cleaning area
Make, as a putt
Go down
Swim's alternative
Feature of kitchen in decline The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Nov 2017
Go down The Washington Post 05 Nov 2017
Go down LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2017
Basin used for washing dishes The Telegraph General Knowledge 15 Oct 2017
Where things are washed up or settle on the seabed The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Oct 2017
Make, as a basketball three-pointer The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Sep 2017
Lose altitude Newsday 27 Aug 2017
Plunge down The Telegraph Quick 11 Aug 2017
Subside The Telegraph Quick 10 Aug 2017
Where dirty dishes pile up New York Times 10 Jul 2017
Drop in the ocean? USA Today 05 Jun 2017
Decline The Guardian Speedy 13 May 2017
Do like the Titanic Family Time 24 Apr 2017
Pocket, as a billiard ball USA Today 05 Mar 2017
Go under Thomas Joseph 28 Feb 2017
Emulate the Titanic Universal 16 Feb 2017
Spot for dirty dishes USA Today 13 Feb 2017
Wrong end of rack for a kitchen unit The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jan 2017
Drop in the ocean Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2017
It may go down in the kitchen
Make, as a basketball three-pointer
Emulate the Titanic
Drop in the ocean?
Pocket, as a billiard ball
Where dirty dishes pile up
Go down
Plumbing fixture Irish Times Simplex 09 Nov 2016
Go under Eugene Sheffer 31 Oct 2016
Unfortunately reach the ocean floor Family Time 30 Oct 2016
Descend to Davy Jones' locker USA Today 24 Oct 2016
Founder The Guardian Quick 09 Sep 2016
Evil king's decline
Ruin New York Times 19 Jun 2016
Kitchen drain locale Newsday 12 Apr 2016
Settle gradually Newsday 03 Apr 2016
Deteriorate New York Times 21 Feb 2016
Dip The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2016
Founder The Washington Post 09 Dec 2015
Offend king in decline
Place for plates New York Times 13 Sep 2015
Washbasin The Telegraph Quick 12 Sep 2015
Dirty dishes site LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2015
Drop agreement made verbally The Telegraph Toughie 22 Jul 2015
It's in the kitchen Family Time 19 Jul 2015
*Geologic danger LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2015
Succeed in putting some pots in kiln The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jun 2015
Reach bottom? Family Time 04 May 2015
Drop down The Telegraph Quick 28 Mar 2015
*Geologic danger
Lose altitude
Dirty dishes site
Make, as a putt
Place for plates
Bathroom fixture
Swim alternative
Go down with the ship
Smell skunky
Succumb to quicksand
Kitchen basin
Drop in the ocean
Go to the bottom
Kohler product
Kitchen fixture
Gaslight Anthem "___ or Swim"
Make, as a shot
Hole on the green
Make, as a basket in basketball
Fall slowly
Go down
Put in the hole
Go under
Succumb to quicksand
Fail to float
Spot for scrubbing
Dirty dishes collector
Prove not buoyant
Pile-of-dishes place
Pile-of-dishes place
Go under
Drop to the bottom
Hole, as a putt
Hole, as a putt
Slope downward
Laundry room item
Go down
Become clear, with "in"
Alternative to 59-Across
Make, as a putt
Make, as a putt
Become clear, with "in"
Hole, as a putt
Be more dense than water, say
Trap topper
Go down
Invest, so to speak
Drop to the bottom
Dirty dishes locale
Baby's bathtub, often
Kitchen fixture
Kitchen essential
Swim alternative
Go under
Bathroom basin
Go to the bottom
Succumb to quicksand
Emulate Atlantis
Kitchen fixture
Swim's alternative
Make a putt
Kitchen fixture
Kitchen feature
Holder of dirty dishes
Dirty dishes locale
Drop down
Send down
Laundry room item
Go down
Go under
Kitchen essential
Become understood, with "in"
Make, as a putt
Dishwasher's location, often
Dirty dishes locale
Site for soap
Emulate the Titanic
Swim's partner?
Drop to the bottom
Swim's alternative
Head for the bottom
Go under
Go under
Make, as a putt
Wash-up spot
Go under
Water trap
Hit the skids
Descend slowly
Go down
Send to the bottom
Drip catcher?
"___ the Bismarck!": 1960 film
Fall gradually
Pocket a pool ball
Kitchen fixture
Where to find a drip?
___ or swim
Kitchen sight
Kitchen feature
Darkroom fixture
___ a putt
Swim's opposite
Kitchen necessity
Kitchen feature.
Den of iniquity.
Kitchen item.
Go down.
Opposite of swim.
Kitchen fixture.
What Salton Sea is.
Kitchen necessity.
Humboldt ___.
Kitchen accessory.
Kitchen appurtenance.
Kitchen equipment.
Kitchen utensil.
Slope downward.
Give way.
Laundry room fixture
Get sent down to the lower leagues?
Basement fixture, sometimes
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