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Crossword Clues for SIXTY

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Clue Source Date
A mile a minute Newsday 11 Apr 2021
Mile-a-minute speed Newsday 22 Feb 2021
Several scores Newsday 08 May 2020
Three score The Telegraph Quick 01 Nov 2019
Posted speed, in places Thomas Joseph 15 Aug 2019
NWT, AKA North of _____ Canadiana 03 Jun 2019
Five dozen Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2019
Ruth's record homer count USA Today 29 Apr 2019
It's often done on highways The Washington Post 27 Apr 2019
Small and delicate New York Times 06 Dec 2018
Barely passing Newsday 05 Oct 2018
Threescore The Times Concise 12 Feb 2018
Cruising speed, maybe
Ruth's homer count in 1927 USA Today 20 Oct 2017
5 score - 2 score Family Time 09 Jul 2017
NWT, AKA North of _____ Canadiana 12 Dec 2016
Speed limit, sometimes Newsday 21 Jul 2016
Base used by the Babylonians The Washington Post 22 Mar 2016
Best possible score on a single throw in darts The Washington Post 24 Jan 2016
The smallest number divisible by the numbers 1 to 6
Base of the Babylonian number system
Babe Ruth mark broken by Roger Maris
Highest score possible with a single dart
Speed limit, at times
Seconds or minutes numbers
Maximum number of marbles at play in a Chinese checkers game
The new 40, they say
Highest score achievable by a single dart in darts
Limit, at times
Just passing
Semicentenarian's next milestone
Sexagenarian number
Nearing retirement age, maybe
Springtime temperature
Number Roger Maris beat
"When I'm ___ -four": Beatles
___-four dollar question
Risky speed.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.