Word "SKATER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone who skates

Crossword Clues for SKATER

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Clue Source Date
Unexpected streak for sportsman The Times Cryptic 28 Jul 2022
Performer in both the Winter and Summer Olympics, in different sports New York Times 25 Jun 2022
One on rink maybe, sister, hugging Catherine The Times Cryptic 01 Dec 2021
One on blades The Times Concise 11 Nov 2021
One glides on wheels or blades Irish Times Simplex 10 May 2021
One doing axels The Washington Post 08 Dec 2020
One doing axels LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2020
Rink athlete Eugene Sheffer 24 Oct 2020
Winter sportsperson The Times Concise 07 Feb 2020
Winter Olympics competitor The Washington Post 21 Jul 2019
Winter Olympics competitor LA Times Daily 21 Jul 2019
Rink patron Thomas Joseph 05 Feb 2019
Winter Olympics competitor
Ice dancer The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2018
Water insect keeps ahead of river fish The Sun Two Speed 24 Dec 2018
Figure eight figure New York Times 29 Nov 2018
Performer on ice The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2018
Ice dancer The Guardian Speedy 27 Oct 2018
One treading on thin ice perhaps switching river fish The Telegraph Toughie 12 Oct 2018
One who works with figures? Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2018
Performer on ice The Telegraph General Knowledge 25 Feb 2018
One who works with figures?
Figure eight figure
One slipping on ice takes off, ending on floor The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Dec 2017
Person needing sharp blades Newsday 16 Dec 2017
One sliding on ice is fish, right? The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2017
Cousins maybe ask about time with Queen The Telegraph Toughie 21 Sep 2017
One moving on ice The Times Concise 23 Aug 2017
Expert with figures? Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2017
Person who works with figures Wall Street Journal 25 May 2017
Rink glider The Guardian Quick 28 Apr 2017
Run after swimmer or ice-hockey player, say The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Apr 2017
One could be on thin ice revealing takers Irish Times Crosaire 14 Nov 2016
Winter sports person The Times Concise 21 Jun 2016
One good at figures? LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2016
Athlete on blades The Guardian Speedy 31 Jan 2016
Any pro hockey player USA Today 07 Dec 2015
Rink user Thomas Joseph 04 May 2015
Ice Capades performer Universal 01 Jan 2015
Evgeni Plushenko or Elvis Stojko
Ice Capades performer
Any pro hockey player
Certain Winter Olympics performer
Rink user
X Games competitor
Winter Olympian
Ice Capades performer
Bonnie Blair, e.g.
Rink slider
Button, notably
Button, notably
One who's good with figures
Hans Brinker, for one
Roller rink patron
Hans Brinker, for one
Lutz performer
Rink frequenter
One using double blades?
Winter Olympian
Apolo Anton Ohno, notably
Lutz performer
Certain Winter Olympics competitor
See 33-Across
Roller Derby entrant
Ulrich Salchow, for one
Figure-eight maker, perhaps
Rink patron
Winter Olympian
Rollerjam participant
Button, for example
Henie was one
Elvis Stojko, for one
Kwan or Cousins
Ito, for one
Kwan or Cousins
81 Down is one
Sarah Hughes, e.g.
Rink user
Ice lander?
One who works with figures
Winter Olympics participant
Olympics competitor
Ice Capades performer
Hockey player
Winter Olympics participant
Elvis Stojko, for one
Brian Boitano, e.g.
Witt or Yamaguchi, e.g.
Kerrigan or Ito
Bonnie Blair, e.g.
Peggy Fleming, e.g.
Debi Thomas is one
Brinker, e.g.
Jayne Torvill, e.g.
Zayak is one
Brinker, for one
Fleming or Hamill
Flying-camel expert
Winter athlete
Rink performer.
Olympics contestant.
Water strider.
Long-legged bug on the water.
Tenley Albright is one.
Hockey player, for instance.
Tenley Albright, for instance.
Dick Button, for instance.
Man on wheels.
Barbara Ann Scott.
Ice hockey player.
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