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Crossword Clues for SLAMS

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Clue Source Date
Bridge coups Eugene Sheffer 01 Jan 2021
Criticizes Thomas Joseph 17 Dec 2020
Closes forcefully Universal 18 Nov 2020
Poetry competitions Thomas Joseph 17 Oct 2020
Criticizes harshly New York Times 21 Jun 2020
Closes with a bang Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2020
Shuts with a bang USA Today 16 Mar 2020
Shuts with force USA Today 13 Jan 2020
Closes forcibly The Washington Post 09 Oct 2019
Talks trash to Newsday 14 Jul 2019
Verses versus verses events New York Times 09 May 2019
Events with intermittent snapping The New Yorker 07 Jan 2019
Shuts loudly
Closes emphatically Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2018
"Grand" hits Universal 10 Dec 2018
Criticizes strongly Newsday 22 Nov 2018
Closes with force Newsday 17 Oct 2018
Closes loudly Universal 01 Sep 2018
Put-downs Universal 03 Jul 2018
Bridge feats Thomas Joseph 02 Jun 2018
Violently shuts Universal 09 Feb 2018
Tears to shreds Newsday 11 Nov 2017
Puts down The Washington Post Sunday 03 Sep 2017
Closes a door loudly Family Time 20 Aug 2017
Doesn't just close a door Universal 17 Jul 2017
Strong criticisms Newsday 25 May 2017
Shuts loudly, violently Irish Times Simplex 29 Oct 2016
Blasts verbally USA Today 03 Sep 2016
Tears into USA Today 01 Sep 2016
Verbal attacks LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2015
Gives a very poor review to USA Today 24 Oct 2015
Broadsides New York Times 14 Jul 2015
Poetry contests LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2015
Putdowns USA Today 19 Jun 2015
Insults, so to speak Newsday 19 Feb 2015
Australian Open and French Open, familiarly The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Jan 2015
Grand baseball hits
Comes to a sudden close?
Lays into
Verbally attacks
Displays of disapproval
Attacks verbally
Shuts noisily
Hard knocks
Storming-out sounds
Really bad-mouths
Rips into
Scathing insults
Condemns verbally
Shuts vehemently
Goes out with a bang
Shuts loudly, as doors
Closes in anger, as a door
Harsh insults
Closing reports?
Criticizes severely
Big bridge bids
Closes noisily
Doesn't just close
Criticizes and how!
Some are grand
Harsh criticisms
Denny's orders
Shuts angrily
Insults, slangily
Bridge events
Shuts forcefully
Puts down hard
Bridge triumphs
Shuts noisily, as a door
Grand events?
Shuts forcibly
Noisy impacts
Closes angrily
Severe criticisms
They can be grand
Duplicate events
Bridge successes
Bridge wins
Shuts abruptly
Bridge scores
Bridge bids
Bridge thrills
Killebrew clouts
Bridge bids.
Noisy impacts.
Criticizes: Colloq.
Moves noisily.
Little and grand.
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