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Crossword Clues for SLEETS

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Clue Source Date
Icy downpours Eugene Sheffer 02 Oct 2020
Precipitates unpleasantly, in a way New York Times 08 Apr 2020
Frozen rains USA Today 28 Feb 2020
Winter showers Thomas Joseph 08 Nov 2019
Precipitates pellets Premier Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Falls in winter Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2019
Comes down hard? The Washington Post 30 Jun 2019
Winter falls Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2019
Comes down in icy drops Jonesin 09 Apr 2019
Rains in icy pellets Newsday 11 Feb 2019
Rains cold pellets Premier Sunday 10 Feb 2019
Comes down kinda hard? Universal 08 Dec 2018
Wintry falls Wall Street Journal 20 Oct 2018
Wet blankets? New York Times 29 Aug 2018
Falls hard, in winter The Washington Post Sunday 01 Jul 2018
Cold showers? Thomas Joseph 16 May 2018
Chilling downpours USA Today 10 May 2018
Wintry downfalls Newsday 25 Apr 2018
Comes down hard, in winter USA Today 10 Dec 2017
Rains down cold pellets Premier Sunday 16 Jul 2017
Occurrences in the 30s, say New York Times 23 Apr 2017
Falls as ice Newsday 12 Jan 2017
Mixed forecasts? New York Times 28 Oct 2016
Comes down cold and hard USA Today 04 Oct 2016
Showers in January Wall Street Journal 29 Sep 2016
Rains as 62 Down Newsday 11 Aug 2016
Rains as ice Newsday 04 Jul 2016
Slush causes Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2016
Precipitates, in a way Universal 13 Jun 2016
Rains pellets New York Times 15 May 2016
Precipitates in a bad way? New York Times 05 May 2016
Rains ice pellets LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2016
Rains hard? LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2016
Comes down as mixed precipitation The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Dec 2015
Falls hard, in a way Newsday 26 Sep 2015
Rains in pellets Newsday 17 Jul 2015
Wintry mixes New York Times 29 Mar 2015
Falls as frozen rain Eugene Sheffer 06 Jan 2015
Comes down as ice pellets
Precipitates icily
Comes down in the cold
Almost hails
Rains down ice pellets
February forecasts
Cold showers
Comes down hard
Creates slippery conditions, in a way
Falls like 17-Across
Falls icily
Gets nasty outside
Falls in icy pellets
Comes down a bit hard?
Rains ice
Falls hard
Gets nasty outside, in a way
Precipitates at about 32 degrees F
Slippery showers
Falls in February, we hope not
Creates a glaze, in a way
Rains pellets of ice
Creates a glaze
Freezing showers
Showers, in winter
Hard rains
Winter woes
Storms, in a way
Makes roads slippery, say
Icy rains
Rains gelidly
Comes down as ice
Rains and snows
Makes driving icy
Rains down ice
Makes things slippery
Comes down pretty hard
Comes down somewhat hard?
Storms icily
Rains icy particles
Showers icily
January rains
Causes slippery roads
Rains icily
Winter coatings
Winter hazards
Storms, wintry style.
Wintry showers.
Showers in form of icy rain.
Wintry precipitations.
Winter precipitations.
Icy nights.
Icy cold showers.
Falls in frozen rain.
Icy rains.
Cold showers.
Comes down in snow and rain.
Rains icily.
Icy downpours.
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