Word "SLEIGHT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
adroitness in using the hands
dexterity, manual dexterity

Crossword Clues for SLEIGHT

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Clue Source Date
Cunning tips from several rowers The Times Cryptic 10 Aug 2022
Dexterity Eugene Sheffer 13 Apr 2022
Dexterity of Liberal in southern rowing crew The Times Cryptic 14 Mar 2022
Dexterity of sweetheart in dainty embrace The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Dec 2021
Bit of deception New York Times 07 Aug 2021
Cunning little bears close to hive The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jul 2021
View about the Parisian's artful trick The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Feb 2021
Trickery from the French in great deal The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Dec 2020
Card trick dexterity Universal 28 Nov 2020
Manual dexterity The Times Concise 13 Nov 2020
___ of hand (magic illusion) Family Time 11 Oct 2020
Still needing bailing out, rowing crew in craft The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Oct 2020
Artifice Thomas Joseph 11 Sep 2020
European in small deception The Sun Two Speed 08 Jun 2020
Dexterity The Sun Two Speed 08 Jun 2020
Magician's skill New York Times 10 Jul 2019
Dexterity The Washington Post 06 Jan 2019
Dexterity LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2019
Magician's skill
Conjuror uses this cut to hold ace finally The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jan 2019
Like the "hand" of a magician? Family Time 30 Dec 2018
Hand-y trickery Universal 15 Dec 2018
Dexterity New York Times 04 Aug 2018
Dexterity The Telegraph Quick 02 Aug 2018
Vacant school needing cardinal to show manual dexterity The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2018
European ensnared in small deception The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2018
Hand-y trickery
Deftness (of hand) The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2017
Deftness of crew following second leg leaders The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2017
... skill as Conservative avoiding awkward glitches The Telegraph Toughie 26 Apr 2017
Manual dexterity of son with learner crew The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Mar 2017
___ of hand (magician's trickery) Universal 27 Jan 2017
Juggling trick that's an insult to the audience The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2016
Deceptive dexterity New York Times 01 Jun 2016
Hear of superficial trickery The Sun Two Speed 06 Jan 2016
Deceptive dexterity
Deceptive move from second crew circling lake The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Dec 2015
Deception The Telegraph Quick 30 Sep 2015
Travel over snow, with minimal temperature -� tricky stuff The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Aug 2015
Deceit of sweetheart caught in modest embrace The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Mar 2015
Deceptive dexterity
Deceptive dexterity
___ of hand (magic)
Dexterity, as of hand
Adroitness in using the hands
__ of hand (magician's forte)
___ of hand
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