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Word "SLIDER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction
skidder, slipper

Part of Speech:
someone who races the luge

Part of Speech:
freshwater turtle of United States and South America; frequently raised commercially; some young sold as pets
pseudemys scripta, yellow-bellied terrapin

Crossword Clues for SLIDER

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Clue Source Date
Mini burger Thomas Joseph 08 Apr 2021
Bite-size burger Wall Street Journal 18 Mar 2021
Fast pitch Thomas Joseph 01 Mar 2021
Small burger USA Today 10 Dec 2020
Small burger + bun Newsday 26 Jul 2020
Tricky pitch Premier Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Tricky pitch to hit Family Time 05 Apr 2020
Deli's new recipe for mini-hamburger Irish Times Crosaire 23 Aug 2019
Tricky breaking ball Universal 04 Aug 2018
Mini hamburger Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2018
Tough pitch to hit Family Time 25 Mar 2018
Curveball relative The Washington Post 23 Jul 2017
Pitch that isn't straight Family Time 16 Oct 2016
A breaking ball USA Today 23 Aug 2016
Small burger, slangily USA Today 28 Jun 2016
Breaking pitch in baseball Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2016
Mini-size burger Newsday 26 May 2016
Kind of breaking ball USA Today 04 May 2016
Mini-burger New York Times 18 Apr 2016
Patio door LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2016
Little burger LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2015
Part of a pitcher's repertoire, often Universal 22 Mar 2015
Happy hour sandwich
Breaking ball
Fast curve
Tiny sandwich
Curving pitch
Screwball alternative
Fast pitch with a curve
Pitcher's pitch
Breaking pitch
Fastball alternative
Hurler's offering
Mound offering
It's hard to hit
Catcher's call
Perfect pitch, maybe
Fast reverse curve
Curve's cousin
Pitcher s choice
Baseball pitch
Kind of pitch
Tricky baseball pitch
Jim Palmer specialty
One of Seaver's deceivers
Certain pitch
Baseball term.
Tricky pitch.
Pitcher's specialty.
Pitcher's forte.
Baseball pitch.
Pitcher's ball.
Fast curve ball.
Device on a trombone.
Kind of pitch.
Type of pitch in baseball.
Baseball's "nickel" curve.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.