Crossword Clues for SLIDERULE

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Clue Source Date
Calculating device The Telegraph Quick 06 Aug 2022
What was used pre-digital calculators for doing sums The Guardian Quick 11 Jul 2022
Calculation device I'll use, designed to impress friends occasionally around The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Aug 2021
Hand-held calculator of yore Newsday 15 Jul 2020
Calculator ancestor Universal 09 Jul 2019
Calculator's ancestor USA Today 24 Jun 2019
Outmoded calculator The Washington Post 21 May 2019
Outmoded calculator LA Times Daily 21 May 2019
Calculator ancestor
Outmoded calculator
Calculator's ancestor
Old calculator Universal 14 Dec 2018
Old calculator
Old engineering tool Universal 01 Dec 2017
Old calculator The Times Concise 10 Apr 2017
Old engineering tool
Tool for obtaining products made with logs Wall Street Journal 19 Mar 2016
Pre-calculator calculator Jonesin 18 Aug 2015
Pocket calculator predecessor
Antiquated calculator
Obsolete math aid
Calculator ancestor
Obsolete calculator
Obsolete math-class tool
Obsolete calculating tool
Pre-calculator calculator
Calculator predecessor
Instrument with scales
Old math calculating tool
Calculator's ancestor
Antiquated calculator
Tool once used with logs
Old tool for working on logs
Low-tech calculator
Obsolete math aid
Calculating device
Criterion for Kelly
Logarithmic instrument
Invention of 1620
Manual calculator.
Calculating instrument.
Mathematical shortcut device.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.